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Chapter 16
"Do You Regret It?"

Three months had passed since their party. The horrible catastrophe was well behind them now, although, Robin knew, if he dared call the get together a catastrophe, he wouldn't hear the end of it for hours. And not just from the host. Everybody!

"Robin, what are you thinking of?"

The leader turned, seeing those bright green, curious eyes that had no white in them whatsoever besides the light that always shone off them, staring at him. The owner of those eyes had their hands folded neatly on their lap while standing straight and head turned slightly to the side in an inquiring fashion. He couldn't help smile.

"Just . . . stuff, Starfire." Robin really didn't know what he'd been thinking about. His mind had been drifting for the past few hours of staring out at the window.

Starfire pressed further, nonetheless.

"Please. This 'stuff' is such of our friends new relationship?" She questioned. It was only the two of them in the main room, so she spoke freely. Even Starfire knew that mentioning it around one certain female friend involved of said relationship would result in some sort of trauma. It was not a risk she'd enjoy taking, such as the male occupying the other half of the relationship liked to do.

"Uh, not exactly, but speaking of which, have you seen either of them today?" Robin had realized that, in fact, it was almost late and it was oddly quiet in the tower. It hadn't been this quiet in forever, it seemed. It was truly a peaceful moment that he enjoyed much more then could be said with the slight glow from the afternoon.

"I do not believe I have," Starfire answered, thinking. "But would it be right in guessing they could be on the roof?"


Raven opened her eyes, not really surprised to see a certain someone next to her, not having said a word through out the whole time of her meditating. She was truly surprised to realize she hadn't noticed their presence at all.

"Beast Boy? What are you doing up here?" She questioned, drifting down so she was next to him.

He grinned up at her and stood, as she was, getting that mischievous look on his face. It wasn't always something good. Well, at least not for anyone else, anyways.

"Can't I just come see you every once in a while?" He whimpered, feigning innocence.

"We live together, when do I not see you?" She retorted, knowing that face was all but an act. She could sense it. After a moment she sat back down, letting her legs swing over the edge of the roof. "Seriously, why are you here?"

After a small pause, she felt his hands on her shoulders. His hands slowly slid down them and onto her arms, retracing the lines in long, thin circles repeatedly. Raven let herself lean back a little into the embrace, smiling slightly.

"Multiple reasons, my dear," Beast Boy breathed into her ear, making something odd happen to her spine. She knew he was kneeling, his legs very close to her hips, and then now she felt his left arm drape around her shoulders as he sat down on her right, seeming content. Raven gave him a side glance.

He grinned.

"Did you just come up here to feel me up?" She questioned, smirking as his ears pricked up in surprise from the allegation.

"No!" He turned back to the sky, pointing with his free hand. "It's real pretty around this time of day. I like coming up here."

"Never have before."

"Didn't know you'd let me before."

"It's not my roof Beast Boy, you very well could have come up here."

"I wouldn't have been able to keep quiet."

Raven shrugged. He probably wouldn't have had the capabilities before now. They'd both adapted well to each other. Then, to Raven's surprise, she saw the changelings ears prick up again, having relaxed moments ago. He sniffed the air a bit, looking a bit far off.

"What?" She asked.

He didn't answer her a while before relaxing again, shrugging. "Eh, it's probably nothing." He changed the subject, "Hows your hand, by the way?"

Raven, earlier that morning, had been in an accident. Cyborg's sudden shout (something about his 'baby', or car, in human translation, working again from a wreckage another villain had caused it) had caused her to spill her piping hot water for her tea on her hand. It resulted in a burnt hand, an absolutely raging Raven, and Cyborg hearing a loud crash from downstairs. Seeing Beast Boy already on his feet at her small hiss (a rather yelp-like sound, everyone though, but when Starfire had suggested the word for her sound, she'd received such a glare they spoke no more on the subject) he made his way back downstairs to find something to do for the rest of the day. True, his car was still in tact. But he couldn't say as much as the room that it sat in.

Raven smiled slightly at his concerned face. She held it up and pulled down her sleeve, showing him the perfectly bandaged article that was her hand. It had white 'tape' around it, hiding the burn from infection. "It's fine, see?"

Beast Boy took it from her before she could put it back down, smelling it. She rolled her eyes. The first time she'd got injured for the first time since they'd been together, it was on her shoulder. A nasty gash her powers could not reach. If her hand couldn't find it, then it was to be bandaged. And also, she couldn't heal her own hands. That was a downside of her healing powers. But after being left alone in the medical bay while Cyborg had gone off to get better supplies, Beast Boy had nervously asked if he could smell her shoulder. Receiving a raised brow from his 'mate', he'd proceeded to explain his animalistic senses could smell infection, blood, and other such things that could be harmful. She reluctantly agreed, and he'd gave it a quick smell before sitting back down. Cyborg came back in the room, and Beast Boy had 'suggested' he check for oncoming infections in the blood. Cyborg, having not even known there was blood, had, and found a small infection just beginning to grow. Beast Boy had smirked at Raven from behind his back, and she'd simply rolled her eyes.

Ever since then, Beast Boy insisted on smelling any injuries that weren't in, eh, compromising places. It was their agreement, and Beast Boy had said that if it were in 'compromising' places, he'd simply sit very close to Raven and smell the air around her. They'd decided that worked, and so, here he was, smelling her hand for signs of anything out of place.

He eventually placed it gently back into her care.

"What do you think, Doc? Did I do good?" She asked sarcastically.

He smirked, raising his eyebrows. "Was that a joke Raven? My, I seem to be rubbing off on you?"

"Quite literally, if you count what you were doing a few seconds ago."

He scowled playfully before turning back to the sunset. They sat in silence for a little while.


"Hmm?" She replied, turning to him. She had not noticed how carefully he was watching her.

"I . . . I gotta ask something Rae. Promise not to be mad?"

She hesitantly nodded.

"Do you regret deciding to be with me?"

Raven stared, shocked. "W-What? Of course I don't! Why would you think that?" She demanded.

Beast Boy smiled. "Just needed to make sure."

Raven smiled slowly at him. "You thought I didn't enjoy being your 'significant other'?"

Beast Boy grinned. Starfire had called them that the first time they'd announced it to everyone. He sighed at the memory.

Jump City, Titans Tower, Two months, Three Weeks Ago

The couple had been discussing the announcement of their new-found relationship for about a week. It hadn't even been set in stone since about five days ago, two days after their unintentional 'make-out session' and after the morning of ridding the tower of spectral beings. After a very awkward conversation, they'd decided they did want each other like that, despite the risks Raven warned Beast Boy about. He'd promised his heart to her as well, slipping something into her hand before leaving for bed (it was nearly morning, they'd spent all night on the roof talking) and smiling secretively to himself. Raven watched until he'd disappeared and a few moments after. Then, she opened her hand and couldn't help but roll her eyes. Of course he would.

A penny. How . . . surprising thoughtful of him.

But onwards to their decision. Beast Boy had said he wouldn't be comfortable with not telling the Titans, and Raven had admitted to the same emotions. But neither knew how to tell them.

Finally, Raven had an idea that Beast Boy grinned at. It was funny, blunt, and right to the point.

The two walked into the living room, together, but making no contact whatsoever.

This, admittedly, shocked the rest of their teammates in the room. Raven nor Beast Boy had been seen together since the, eh, incident with the kiss. Starfire had become worried at their lack of contact (but in reality, they were very much in contact) they had in their line of view, but Robin and Cyborg had insisted they just needed to be away from each other for a while. Things would be back to normal soon enough.

Oh, how wrong they were.

So as they were gawked at, all eyes watching them with surprise and curiosity, Raven cleared her throat.

"Starfire, if you would, I'd like you to come with me." Raven said slowly, trying to keep her cool. Her hood was up, for obvious reasons.

Starfire shared a stunned look with the two other boys before standing and nodding, looking rather confused.

"Of course friend," Starfire said hurriedly. Raven exited the room, followed shortly by the Tamaranian who had her hands folded neatly in her lap as she went.

Beast Boy was then left alone with Cyborg and Robin. Now the hard part.

"Alright little man, what's up?" Cyborg said after a long silence filled the area. He'd shut off the TV they'd all previously been watching to give his full attention to the green changeling.

Robin's eyes were narrowed at him suspiciously. "Did you or Raven do something consequential for the team?"

"What!?" His eyes widened, snapping out of his awkward trance. "No! Nothing like that!"

"Then what-?"

"Let me start!" He shouted, interrupting their leader. The two sat, staring at him as the waited for him to begin.

He took a deep breath. "Okay, so after you all went to bed last week . . ."

"So now, we've begun a relationship." Raven finished, on the roof at the moment. Starfire had suggested it rather then Raven's room and her own (which, when Raven asked, Starfire simply frowned and said something about Silkie being sick- Raven had cut her off, deciding the roof was a good idea after all).

Starfire had sat quietly for the whole story, nodding her head every once in a while, telling Raven she was still listening, despite her input. But even if she hadn't Raven still would have known. Her eyes never seemed bored or tired with her story. Not in the least. It was like a kid hearing a new fairytale. They never got tired of it till they were much older, and it would always remain a favorite.

But for Starfire, Raven's story seemed much more interesting then any fairytale any kid could have heard. So when she was done, Starfire waited a moment to see if she truly was done before grinning ear-to-ear.

"Friend, I am truly happy excited for this new get of togethering between yourself and friend Beast Boy!" She shouted, hugging Raven around the middle and nearly knocking the poor girl over.

Raven though, could have sworn she heard shouts of someone else's in the other room.

"So yeah, we're like, a thing now." Beast Boy finished, noticing his friends jaws nearly on the floor. He eyed them, a habit of Raven's he'd somehow picked up on. "Uh, you gonna pick those up any time soon or are you trying to catch flies?"

The two then slowly turned and stared at each other.



Then, after another pause, they said in unison. "HE SOUNDS LIKE HER!"

"I do not!" Beast Boy said indignantly, upon recovering from their outburst, getting up off the ground. He'd jumped so high, he'd fallen on his butt.

"Do too!" Cyborg accused, pointing a finger at him and laughing, as Robin was.

Both, after seeing Beast Boy waiting for them to stop, let their fits of laughter die down to a few last chuckles. Then, both turned serious. Beast Boy noted that he liked it better when they were laughing at him.

"Alright, serious now BB," Cyborg warned. "Let's get one thing straight, and you know we did this to Rob with Star, so it's only fair that we do it to you too," He added as a last thought. He crossed his arms over his chest, "Do you really like Raven? Like, really? Cause after Malchior-."

"Dude, don't even say that guys name," Beast Boy growled. They saw genuine hatred in his eyes. It was not a look he dawned often. "And don't you dare compare me to him. I would never hurt Raven like that jerk hurt her. I saw what she looked like afterwards. I'd never do something like that to anyone, especially not her. Never her."

After a pause, they decided he was honest. Then, they went into family mode.

"Raven's like our sister, Beast Boy," Robin began. "Just like Starfire's like yours too. You threatened me, so I'll threaten you," His eyes narrowed, but Beast Boy did not back down. "Don't hurt her. Or else."

"I'd rather be kicked off the team then hurt her." Beast Boy promised.

Cyborg nodded solemnly before himself and their leader shared yet another look. Then, at the same time they shrieked, at the top of their lungs, and louder then would've thought possible.


Present Time, Titans Tower Roof

He chuckled at the memory. Raven noticed.

"Good thoughts?" She asked.

He smiled at her, "You could say that."

Raven nodded, not pressing as always. Raven respected others boundaries because she liked them respected herself.

That never stopped Beast Boy.

"So what're you thinking about?" He questioned, moving so he lay on his stomach with his face in his hands, his legs kicked up in the air behind her.

Raven looked at him, remaining in her sitting position, crossing her legs now. "Just . . . things . . . Just things."

"What sort of things?" He pressed, smiling up at her. "You know I don't tell anybody anything."

She rolled her eyes before looking back out at the sunset. "Well, you asked me . . ."

He sat up on his elbows. "You think I regret-!?"

"No, not that." She interrupted, waving her hand to dispel the possibility. "You asked me . . . a little while ago . . . where I wanted to be when we got older . . ."

He waited a few moments. And, feeling restless, he switched into a former position, his legs crossed as he sat. "And?"

Raven stood then, her hands at her side. Beast Boy had his hands out behind him slightly. It reminded him of a scene between two love-interests in a game he played, but couldn't remember which one. But that didn't matter now. Raven had something important to say.

"I decided that, I want to be," she smiled. "With you."

Beast Boy grinned up at her. "I want to be with you too, Rae." He got up and pressed his hand behind her head, kissing her lips for a long while before pulling away and, seeing how happy she looked, flopped back to the floor, his legs dangling over the edge once again.

Raven folded her hands behind her back, letting them rest against her belt as they watched the sun set, her hood down, as it had been more often recently. Her cloak billowed in the wind and both of their hair moved slightly, as if wave like, in the small breeze.

It was almost too perfect. Almost oddly so. But, Raven knew as she watched the sun with a slight smile, thinking of the green changeling beside her, she liked odd.

She was, after all, supposed to be dead. And he was, after all, supposed to be totally human. They just fit that way.

Not to mention they both thought of the other as one of hell of a kisser.

And, as if they were on the same radar, Beast Boy absentmindedly ran a hand through Raven's hair. She hadn't noticed she'd sat down and was now leaning against him. She could feel the heat radiating fro him even through his gloves. It was just something she noticed he did. Something about his animal characteristics, he'd mentioned once. But she didn't mind.

"You know Rae, I don't think there is anywhere in the whole world I'd rather be but here," He said slowly, actually meaning the words. "Right with you."

"Me too," She replied, lifting her head and looking at him.

Beast Boy slowly closed his eyes and both began leaning inwards, their lips eventually making contact. The two stayed like that for a while before Raven suddenly felt Beast Boy's mouth turn up into a smug sort of grin. One that she knew all too well.

He knew something she didn't.

Raven pulled away at once, eyes narrowing at him. "Alright, what's going on?"

Beast Boy's eyes sparkled, as if he was enjoying this. And he probably was, she admitted. It wasn't often he knew things she didn't. And anytime he did, he would taunt her with it and lay it out until the obvious hit her in the face.

As if on cue, "Isn't it obvious Rae?"

"No, tell me what you're hiding-."

A loud clap of thunder erupted, and Beast Boy's laugh rang out into the air. They both looked up.

"So that's what you smelled," She muttered to herself, watching the gray clouds as they rolled above the town and themselves very quickly. "Rain."

"Yep," he confirmed. Beast Boy, she remembered, always heard her. He let his eyes flick back to hers with a smile upon his face. "Thought it would be fun to distract you till it came. I know how much you like rain."

Raven rolled her eyes, but continued craning her neck towards the sky. Beast Boy mimicked her once again, and then the first drops of rain began to fall on them. Both loved the rain, and all it's sounds.

But she hated being wet.

Raven's shield covered them both above their heads, allowing them to remain dry. Beast Boy then, to her surprise, grabbed her hand, pulling her to her feet. Thankfully, the shield was still well above their heads, and so they did not hit them upon her black energy.

"I've got a question for you, Rae," He said, his voice low in her ear. His attempt at being seductive.

"What?" She asked back, her hands in his and his body against hers.

"What's the best part about rain?" She didn't answer. "Getting wet!"

Beast Boy tackled Raven to the ground, breaking the hold on her powers. Raven's back hit the floor, but Beast Boy had one hand under her head, and the other under her torso, so any discomfort she felt was because Beast Boy was on top of her.

And now on wet pavement. Her clothes were already soaked. A few months ago, he would've been running for his life by now, even if he'd been dumb enough to try this. But things had changed. So now all she did was-.

"Beast Boy!"

The boy laughed at her irritation and kissed her cheek. "That's for last week, when you shoved me into the bushes Rae."

Okay, so maybe not that much had changed.

Finished. Cute ending, no? The game Beast Boy was thinking of is called Kingdom Hearts. The scene between the characters with the love interest is Kairi and Sora, at the very beginning on the island. It's one of my favorite games. And it also has real interesting fanfictions too, just an after thought so I don't get like, sued for stealing ending positions.

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