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Nurse Chapel please report to sickbay. It couldn't be, that was McCoy!! Was he alright? What about Spock? My legs felt like jelly as I walked to sickbay, I don't know how I made it their. As I entered sickbay I could hear the Captain, Leonard and Spock talking, were they okay? I turned the corner and they were all sitting on the beds, they looked fine.

"Chris! How ya doing?" Leonard sounded just like usual, happy and southern.

"Are y'all alright?" I didn't wait for a reply; I was already scanning them with my tricorder. There readings were perfect, they didn't have any problems.

"You just calm down, we're all fine. I just wanted to see how you were doing. I also need you to perform physical and mental checkups." Apparently I had a worried expression because he quickly replied "its just procedure, we really are fine." I checked the Captain first; he was perfectly healthy and sane. I allowed him to return to the bridge when I finished. Next I checked Leonard, he was also great, and he told me what had happened. I felt terrible; Len could have died down there. As could Spock, even Kirk, any of them could have. Len had been so brave to offer his life for his friends. I let him know that to. He blushed when I told him that too. Luckily he had just finished his checkups and was also fine. He gave me a big hug and reported to the bridge. All that was left was Spock. I have to admit I was rather nervous. He had been watching me the whole time I had performed the other checkups, and it was quite unnerving. I kept remembering how I had yelled at him. As I walked over to him to check his vitals I noticed we were all alone. Spock looked at me with a strange expression as I checked him out. I had to work hard to keep my hands from shaking. When I was checking his brain scans I started to softly cry, I was overwhelmed. Everything that had happened started to get to me. I was so worried I was going to lose him, him and McCoy. I never would have gotten to tell him how much he meant to me, how terrible sorry I was that I had hurt him. I tried to control my emotions, and my tears. I had my back to him so I thought he couldn't see me. However as my eyes began to overflowed I felt his strong arms wrap around my waist.

"Christine" He whispered desperately in my ear, the tears started to flow unchecked.

"Spock."I murmured, it was all I could get out, I just couldn't talk. I didn't have to. He spun me around and gave me a kiss that made me want to stop time, to stop it and just stay in that moment. I returned his kiss with equal passion, wanting nothing more than to just hold him, if for no other reason than to just assure myself he was okay. I also wanted to let him know how much I loved him. That I was sorry I had been mad and wanted him to forgive me. I unconsciously wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened my kiss, wanting, no, needing to lose my self in him. He moved his hand and reached for my PSI points opening a meld between us. It was amazing; I could feel his love for me. He really felt for me, he loved me, and was terribly sorry he had upset me. I sent my thoughts to him, telling him it was my fault and he shouldn't be sorry. He let me know that he had never dated anyone before, and he was still learning what was expected. What about T'Pring I wondered. He was going to marry her, didn't that require dating? I felt a tinge on remorse at the mention of her name. However it wasn't at the fact that she had rejected him, but that he'd had to waste his time on her instead of being with me. He told me that they were engaged at a very young age, and when they had been engaged girls were still gross to him. He had never dated T'Pring, never loved her. All my inhibitions about my beautiful Vulcan melted away in the warmth of his embrace and the tenderness of his kiss. I had found my true love.

After a few more moments we broke the kiss and I looked into his stunning eyes. He reached up and wiped my tears of my cheek.

"My thy'la, I have to go." He sounded regretful, he didn't want to leave. The happiness nearly made me cry again. And what's more, he called me thy'la, the Vulcan word for love.

"Spock, can I escort you to the lift?" I really didn't want to see him go; I needed to make sure he made it safely. I think he understood, he nodded and held out his hand in the Vulcan fashion. I touched his two fingers with my own. It was like a flame went up my arm; it was wonderful- I could feel his emotions. With just this basic touch he had opened up a meld between us- no wonder Vulcan couples touched like this. I escorted him to the turbo lift and boarded it with him. I decided I would leave when we reached the bridge, which we did all too quickly. He got of the lift, breaking our link. I felt my heart drop a little; he still didn't want them to know we were dating. I then gave myself a mental reprimand. Spock was a Vulcan, he would tell them in his own time, and I would be waiting. I turned to the turbolift switch, getting ready to return to sickbay. I was stopped by Spock.

"Christine?" He looked at me curiously. What did he want? Was he alright?

"Yes Mr. Spock?"

"I thought you were going to see me to my post." What?

"Of course Mr. Spock." I walked up beside him and walked with him to his station. I turned to leave the bridge but he grabbed my arm. He pulled me around and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I think my heart stopped, all I could think was that he really, loved me. He had just kissed me in front of the entire bridge crew!

"Mr. Spock?" I could hear Jim's enquiring voice mixed in with Leonard and Uhua's happy laughter. I was walking on clouds as I left the bridge.