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What the hell…?

Jon never knew just when "it" happened or why. When he had been Jack, Cassie had always been like the little girl he never had. He had held her after she had nightmares, taught her to pitch and to skate. He had cleaned her skinned knees and so he never thought he could feel this way about her.

He saw her in the hallways when he was still attending the same high school. She had always had a smile for anyone who seemed down or new; but the smiles she gave to Jon were always a little bigger. She had no clue that he knew her and all of her secrets.

Since he had nothing to do but sit at home alone watching TV, Jon got a job at a science store where they sold everything astronomy-related ranging from telescopes to prisms. He made good use of all those useless/geek facts that Carter had bored him with over the years.

The first time he actually talked to her was when she came into the store looking for a present, for Jack of all people. In the end she chose a beautiful astronomy book that Jon had been eying for himself.

They talked for a while when she wrote down her number, "You look lonely. I've seen you at school. I know how it feels. Call me sometime and we can go for cake or something. Can I have your number?" Cassie inquired as she help out the paper with her number scrawled on it.

Jon stood there frozen for a moment but pulled out a piece of paper and wrote his own number against his better judgment taking hers.

Once she had gone Jon had crumpled the paper and thrown it into his backpack, telling himself there was no way he would call her. She was Cassie and he was- he didn't know what he was, other than a sixteen-year-old going on fifty-three in a three-month body.

He had told himself those words over and over again, like some weird mantra, but somehow he found himself calling her to talk. On the nights when he found his small apartment too big he needed to hear another voice and somewhere along the way the voice he needed to hear was Cassie's.

There were times that he called Sam, but he never talked to her. Those calls ended with him hanging up as she answered the phone. He was sure that Sam knew it was him and why he called, but she never called him back.

Cassie on the other hand always talked to him. Even whenever he hung up before she answered, Cassie never failed to called him back as though she knew exactly who it was.

In their calls the two of them talked about everything in the world and nothing at all. They talked about how the Colorado Avalanche were doing or what homework they had in common.

No matter what was said, it was usually far into the night before they hung up and said goodnight. Some part of him enjoyed talking to her; she was funny and smart and in so many ways she was just as lonely as he was, but another part always reminded him what he was, who he was. But the next night he would be on the phone once more, listening to her and vice versa.

It was the same for Cassie, usually she was timid with boys her age since the disastrous end of her 'relationship' with Dominic Stuart, but she found herself talking to Jon. He really seemed to listen, to care about what she said.

One day she found herself talking about what it felt like to come to earth, "Jon, when I came here I didn't know or understand anything. Everything was so different than it was at home. It was like I was on a whole new world." she hated that she couldn't tell this that it was a new planet.

As he answered, Jon's voice was soft. "How? Why didn't you understand it, what was so different?" he knew the answers but he knew that she needed to talk about it even if she couldn't give him all the details.

"I lived on a farm before and I learned at home what I needed to. It was hard work most of the day. School and playing… everything was so different. I was so far behind everyone and I had to catch up so quickly. I wish I could explain it but my whole world had changed. Everyone I knew and loved was gone." She stopped, unsure how much to say, "There was a sickness and my family died, so did everyone else I knew. I was all alone for days before they found me. It was awful; I never understood why it spared me. I began to wonder if I was cursed to live alone."

Jon's grip tightened on the phone, "You're not cursed. I don't want to hear you say that again." he paused before going on, "What you went through it wasn't that much different from what I went through."

Jon paced his small apartment as he talked, "I woke up one morning and suddenly I wasn't myself anymore. Everything I knew was gone. I had to give up my life and the new one I was given was a pale imitation of what I had." He sighed, "Still now, even months later, I look in the mirror and I have no clue who I'm looking at."

Her voice was soft when she answered but it was full confidence in him, "You'll figure it out. I know you will. You're so strong, Jon. I hope that someday I can be that strong."

Jon smiled and said, "You are Cassie. You made a life for yourself here and now you have a family and people who love you." he never said the words but somehow she knew he was included in that list.

There was silence for a while before each of them said goodnight.

They never saw each other at school; instead they avoided each other face to face. Neither of them questioned why this was but their friendship continued to grow, in spite of no face to face contact.

Jon had been able to keep his distance until he found her crying in the school yard. It was one of the hardest decisions he ever had to make. That part of him told him to keep walking and not look back but the fact that she obviously needed some comfort and his ever-protective streak won in the end.

His locker was empty of everything he wanted to take with him. At the time he'd had enough of high school and he was heading across the lawn to his small Ford pick-up truck. School today was so different from Jack's memories. He was tired of all the politics and problems that ran rampant through the halls. Children having children, getting drunk or stoned. It was like a strange new world, but he'd pick one he'd find through the Stargate over this one.

There was also the fact that he knew more than most of the school's teachers. Constantly he had to correct his physics and calculus teacher until he just dropped the classed to avoid the hassle. It wasn't long after that he decided that this whole thing was a waste of time. He had no clue what to do instead but he was getting out of here.

A shuddering sob drew his attention away from his own misery and problems. Stopping he scanned the field trying to locate the sound. He could just make out the back of a girl's head as she leaned on against the trunk of a tree. Her shoulder shook with her sobs and they pulled at his heart although he fought the tugging.

Jon sighed internally. He'd, no, Jack had, seen some horrible things in his life but he lived through them still having his compassion. So he spared some of it for her.

Even though he couldn't see her face he knew exactly who it was. "Cassandra, are you all right?"

At the sound of his voice she turned to him, "Yes, no. I don't know anymore!" Her voice was shaky and Jon knew that only a few things could make her this upset, considering her history.

Something had happened to either SG-1 or Janet. Although they had partly cut him off, Jon had to know what was wrong. If something had happened he needed to know.

Dropping his pack he came closer. "What happened? Do you want to talk about it?"

She shook his head, "No, there is not much I can tell you. You know that my mom and her friends work in spec-ops. It's Sam." She sighed. "When I first came here she was so nice to me. She helped me once when I was really scared and now she's missing."

Jon came closer and reached out his hand to touch her shoulder. He was immediately terrified that it was Sam, but he was not important right now, this was about Cassandra.

Cassie studied Jon for a moment, and then wiped her eyes. "She's gone missing before. What ever happened to her, she's always come home. No matter what happens they always come home;I have to remember that."

Having no idea what to say, Jon just wrapped his arms around her shoulders, pulling her close to him, whispering, "C'mere." He needed to feel her close just as much as she did. Sam was out there some where lost and alone, but he was more concerned with Cassie- she needed him right now, right here in a way Sam never would, never could.

As he held on to Cassie part of his mind wondered how Jack would be taking this, but he had Teal'c and Daniel to help him though this. He didn't need Jon showing up like a ghost to reminder him things better left forgotten.

It seemed that for now Cassie was alone, "Where is your mom?" he asked as she pushed her face into his shoulder and he cupped the back of her head with his hand.

"She's at work until later tonight. I can't talk to her about this; she's just as worried about Sam as I am but she has so much to worry about without me adding to it."

Knowing just what she was feeling he told her, "I'm here if you ever need me. You can always count on me." At his words she relaxed against him, savoring another person's touch. "She'll come home Cass, I know she will. She's smart. If anyone can do it, Sam can and will."

Cassie pulled back a bit to look at him. She seemed to be searching for something. It was there, in his eyes. She wasn't sure why but they made her feel safe. There was more to Jon than met the eye. She was drawn to him like no one else, most of the boys her age seemed so immature and silly, but not Jon. He was so… calm didn't do it justice, but…

Burying her face back in his shoulder Cassie just dwelt on the strength of the arms around her, no questioning where they had come from. Jon was here, willing to offer her comfort she wouldn't question where he had come from, at least not now.

Pulling away a little more, her eyes fell on his full bag resting not too far away. "Are you leaving?" she asked, wondering why the thought hurt her so much.

Jon shrugged, "I was thinking about it, but a man can change his mind. I think I will stay for a while longer. This school holds a few more things for me. Things seem to be looking up." Unable to stop himself he tucked her hair behind her ear. "You want a ride home?"

Cassie wiped her eyes on her sleeve, "Sure. I don't feel like listening to Mr. Wagner go on about Macbeth but I don't want to go home either. No one is there I don't want to be alone. Can you take me somewhere? Anywhere."

"Okay, then I will show you something." He offered her his hand, "Come with me." Without hesitation Cassie placed her hand in his and let her lead him to the truck.

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