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Chapter 1: The Girl and her Cat

"Yugi, wake-up," a familiar baritone voice said. The girl, Yugi Moto groaned as she turned to her.

"Come on, Yugi. It's time for school. You have to wake-up," the voice continued. Yugi reach out her head and placed upon a tiny furry head.

"Hey! Do I look like an alarm clock to you?" the voice asked annoyed.

Yugi smiled as she finally opened her eyes to see her best friend, a black kitten called Yami. She had her hand on his head.

"Morning," she said as she removed her hand.

"Morning," said the cat.

"Morning," said a light green bird from a duel monster card named Simorgh, the Bird of Divinity.

"Well, I'm going to get some breakfast. Coming, Yami?" Yugi questioned.

"Right behind you."

Yugi Moto is an orphan who lost her parents when she was young and is now living in the Kame Game Shop with her grandfather. She is beautiful, but she had strange features. She had tri-color hair that shot up, her big eyes were like beautiful amethyst jewels, her skin was fairly pale, and her body was a small poor female figure. It was common for her to be mistaken as a child or a boy.

She met Yami, the talking un-aging un-growing kitten, when she was five, but he had only came for nightly visits when she was scared, upset, or lonely and she didn't want to disturb her parents.

When her loving parents died and she was slowly dying from a lonely broken heart, Yami came into her room and stayed. Yugi told him he could go home when she was better. He refused. He didn't want to leave her again. From that, they were best friends. Later, Simorgh started talking from his card. Then the three were friends and Grandpa knew.


"See ya! Grandpa!" Yugi said as she left the game shop in the boys' uniform of Domino High School, her backpack on her back, and Yami on her shoulder.

When they reach the school grounds, Yami jumped off her shoulder to a tree to watch her as she had class.

When it was time for lunch, everyone was leaving.

"Hey, Yugi, everyone is going out for basketball. How about coming too?" asked a boy who had a basketball in his hands.

"No thanks, I'm bad at sports. The team I'm on always lose," she said as she played with a deck of playing cards. When you find her by herself, you would find her reading a book or playing a game.

"That's true," said the boy. With that, he left.

When everyone was gone, Yugi opened the window. Yami jumped onto the window sill with a brown paper bag in his mouth.

"You forgot your lunch. Grandpa was at the gates when I saw him, so I volunteered to bring it to you," Yami told her when she took the bag from his mouth.

"Sorry about that. Thank you," Yugi said as she turned away and Yami jumped into the room. He walked and jumped onto her desk.

"So, do you think you'll be able to finish it today?" Yami asked.

"I'm hoping," Yugi answered as she pulled out a golden box with eye on it. Within, it contained a very hard puzzle.

"You have worked on it for eight years. That's how long I've been with you," Yami said.

"I know but I'm not giving up yet," said Yugi, determined. Yami chuckled. Then his ear twitched and he dived into Yugi's backpack to hide. The next thing Yugi knew the box disappeared from her desk.

She looked up to see a tall girl with blond hair and honey eyes was holding the box in her hand, observing it. Her name is Josphina Wheeler.

"Um, Josphina, that's mine," Yugi said softly.

"What is this thing?" she asked.

"It's a puzzle my grandfather gave me. It's my treasure," Yugi answered. It was her treasure because on the same day she got it, Yami decided to stay with her.

"Your treasure? That's pathetic, even for a girl, Yugi," Josphina said. That comment kinda hurt her. Josphina wasn't really a bully towards Yugi, but she did kinda pick on her. She toss up the box into the hands of a boy named Tristan. He was the same as Josphina.

Yugi could heard a light groan from her bag. She knew that Yami hated it when this happened to her. Like a flash of lighting, he jumped out, grabbed Yugi's box, and dived back in Yugi's back without being seen.

"What?" Tristan and Josphina said, surprised that the box was gone. When a student called them, they left Yugi alone.

"Thanks, Yami," said Yugi, looking into the bag.

"Your welcome," he said, glad to stop them.


Soon, school finally ended. Yugi was on her way home when someone called her. It was Ushio, the hall moniter.

"Yugi, I've heard you were bullied. How about having me as a bodyguard?" he asked.

"Bullied? Bodyguard?" she repeated, "No, I'm fine. I don't need to be guarded." Yugi dashed off. Ushio wasn't going give-up.

"Yugi, I..." he stopped when she vanished in thin air.

"Where did that brat go?"


At the game shop, a black lion stopped after running so fast that he was unseen by everyone. He let down his passenger, Yugi.

"Thanks, Yami," the girl said as the lion shrucked to the kitten. Yami could not only talk but could transform into a proud lion when he wanted to. It came in handy sometimes.

"No problem."

The two went inside to be greet by Grandpa and Simorgh, did homework, had dinner, and then worked on the puzzle with Yami watching with a smile.

The determination she had was impressed and slightly amused Yami. Yugi was pretty much physically weak, small, and frail, but she had a strong will and good heart.

"I did it," he heard her whisper. Yami looked at her. She was had a happy victorious, but tired look on her. Then her head hit her desk lightly and she fell to sleep.

"If she keeps falling asleep at that desk, she'll end up hurting herself," Yami said to himself, turning into his lion form. He bit down on the back of her pajama shirt and put her into her bed with the covers over her small frame.

After turning back into a kitten, he jumped onto the desk to see the complete upside-down pymarid from the puzzle pieces. Yugi finished the puzzle!

"The Millennium Puzzle," he whispered, remembering what Grandpa said it was. He was proud of Yugi for completing this difficult puzzle after eight years.

Suddenly, the puzzle started to glow. A beam of light came out onto his small forehead. When it disappeared, Yami stood there shock. He had no idea what had happen. It seem the light didn't do anything to him, since he didn't felt anything and felt fine.

"I-I guess it was nothing," he thought. He jumped onto Yugi's bed, curled up by her side, and fell asleep.


The next day, after school, Ushio approached Yugi, not noticing Yami on her shoulder. The bigger student wanted to show her something. A bit frighten, she followed him until they saw Tristan and Josphina were on the ground against the wall, all beaten up.

"Josphina! Tristan!" Yugi shouted as they ran to them. Yami got off her shoulder to see Tristan as she looked at Josphina.

"Yugi, are you happy now?" she asked.

"What are talking about? Are you saying I wanted this to happen?" Yugi questioned.

"Ushio said that he was bodyguard and you wanted us to get beaten up for bullying you," Josphina explained.

"No! I never asked for this," said Yugi.

"Move, Yugi!" Ushio ordered as he pushed her away. He kicked Josphina in the stomach.

"Stop it!" Yugi cried, standing in front of him, blocking him from Josphina.

"Why are you protecting them? They bully you," Ushio said amused.

"They don't bully me! They're my friends!" she cried. She never considered them bullying her ever. She thought they picked on her a little just to toughen her up. They never tried to hurt her. They tried to beat her up. She told Yami before that she wouldn't mind being friends with them.

"My my, are you a winner. Anyway, you'll need to pay me for being a good bodyguard. The cost is two thousand dollars," he said.

"What! I can't pay that!" He was going to make her pay that much for something she didn't want. Yami growled dangerously.

"In that case, I'll make you pay a different way," said Ushio, lifting her up by her shirt and punched her.

He started to beat her until Yami attacked him at his neck in his kitten form. The real bully just pulled him off and throw him out of the away, returned beating Yugi. Yami tried again in his lion form this time, but in his shock, Ushio did the same thing again. He ignored the fact a puny kitten become a large lion and continue to kick and punch Yugi's small defenseless body.

"Leave. Her. Alone!!!" Yami ordered as a golden eye appeared on his forehead. The Millennium Puzzle in Yugi's bag was glow too. With both light, Yami's entire body was shining brightly as his form changed to a new one.

His new form was human, and he looked just like Yugi! The only differences were that some of the golden lightning bangs shot up into the black pair; his figure was well-built and taller than Yugi; and his narrow eyes were beautfiul fiery crimson. He was pretty much dress in a Domino High school uniform but had a black shirt under the jacket and wore black boots. Black feathered wings were connected to his back. Around his neck was the Millennium Puzzle.

Yami felt something had awaken within him. Something that gave him power and something about who he was. The power he has now is what he needed to save Yugi from Ushio.

"Get your filthy hands off of her," Yami ordered with his confident calm baritone voice. Ushio stopped and turned to him.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"The name's Yami. That girl you're beating there is my best friend. Get away from her," Yami answered, "You know you're in trouble now. You're not only hurt my friend but two other people. Two out of three of them are girls and that's not how you treat a lady. It's time for the game of darkness."

"Y-Yami...?" Yugi whispered. Her vision was blurring. She couldn't see well.

"You're safe now, Yugi. Simorgh, take care of her and the other two. I'll handle Mr. Bully here," Yami said.

"Of course,"Simorgh said as he appeared out of the card and wrapped his wings around the three who were injured.

Then with just Yami (with his wings pulled into his body) and Ushio, the scenery change to where they were tied to their waists by a rope hanging from the side of a tall building with a single neat line of cards.

"Now, the game shall begin. Each turn we pick up a card. We climbed whatever number it is. Jacks are elevent, queens are twelve, kings are thirteen, and a joker is a miss turn. Whoever reaches the top first wins. If you win, Ushio, you will be left alone with the two thousand dollars (the prize at the top) you tried to rob from my friend. If you lose, you will receive the consequence for laying a hand on Yugi," Yami said.

"Like that freakish short brat is worth anything," said Ushio.

"Don't insult her. You're only making yourself look bad in this game. You don't know Yugi like I do, and you will pay for what you did to her. No ones hurts Yugi," said Yami.

Then the game began. Yami ascended the tower effortlessly. Ushio was losing. At the last, Yami got an ace for his last step to the top and Ushio got a joker.

"Who cares about this supid game? I'm taking the money and I'm going beat the life out of you and that freaky miget," the bully said, climbing up the tower.

"You're going against the rules. That was predictable. It's bad break the rules or cheat in a game of darkness," Yami told him, dodging a swing from the larger teen.

Yami was now falling. Ushio torn the rope that would save him. The smaller boy didn't faze as his black wings reappeared. He flew in the sky as Ushio slipped off the tower into the water to see his judgement and his purification.

Then, they were all back in behind the school. Ushio was unconscious, dealing with the judgment of his crimes internally. Yugi was laying on the ground, unconscious too. Simorgh was still with them. Josphina and Tristan were awake and had been witnessing the whole thing. They couldn't believe that Yugi's cat could talk, became a lion, and even become a human with wings.

"Thank you, Simorgh. I'm going to take Yugi home now," said Yami.

"Be careful,"responded the bird, returning to the card. Yami gathered Yugi up in his arms and turned to the other two.

"Can you two walk home?" he asked.

"Y-Yeah," answered Josphina, still shocked. Yami nodded and flew up into the sky towards the game shop. When he reached it, he put Yugi in her bed and healed her wounds. Now he knew she would be okay.


Yugi woke-up. She remembered everything that happened (not remembering the part that Yami became human). She knew that Yami must've have brought her home. She was surprised that her wounds were gone.

She got up and went downstairs to see a boy who looked just like her and wearing the Millennium Puzzle, talking her grandfather. She blushed when she saw him for some reason.

"Yugi, I'm glad you're awaken," said Grandpa.

"Yugi!" the boy said. His body started to glow for a moment, turning into the small black kitten she knew with the Millennium Puzzle, that had shruck, was still around his neck.

"Yami, that boy was you?" she asked as he climbed to her shoulder and nuzzle her neck.

"Yes," he answered.

"According to what he told me, after you finish the Millennium Puzzle ( which by the way, congrats), it put its power into him to awaken his human/angel form and new powers. Yami can only become a talking kitten or lion, but a human with or without wings. He saved you and Josphina and Tristan," explained Grandpa.

"Really? Oh, thank you, Yami," Yugi said, petting his head.

"Your welcome. I'm just glad was about to save you," Yami said.

Then the bell rang from the game shop store. It was Josphina and Tristan.

"May I help you?" asked Grandpa.

"We want to talk about what happened yesterday," Tristan answered as they eyed Yami.

They sat down to talk. Yami became human to join the conversation.

"I'm not normal as you can see. I was in Heaven early before Yugi was even born. Then one day, I felt a warmth coming into my heart. Its source was from Earth. I looked and found that the warmth come from not a woman but the child within her womb. I watch over them until the baby was born. It was Yugi. I watched her and helped when she needed help when her good parents couldn't.

"It was then when her parents died. I knew I was needed more than ever. I decided to stay with her, to protect her. I went to Earth permanently, taking a form of a kitten and could change into lion at will.

"When Yugi went to her grandfater, her new guardian, he gave the puzzle to solve. She worked on it for eight years. That's how long I have been with her. Now that she finished it finally, I have my form back and powers," Yami explained, revealing news to even Yugi.

"Really, I never knew Yugi had a friend like you," Josphina said.

"You never tried to get to know her," Yami said.

"Yugi, why did you try to protect us from the bully?" Tristan asked.

"Because I wanted to. I always did want to become friends," Yugi answered.

"It's a part of her nature," added Yami. They smiled.

From then on, Tristan and Joey (Josphina) became friends with Yugi and Yami.


Preview: Yugi, Yami, and Joey go to a restuarant to eat. Tea (good) and Vivian (evil) come in now.