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Chapter 7: Where True Strength comes From

Yugi and Yami were walking home from school. They were happily talking to each other. Then they reached the topic of Joey. She's been acting unusual lately. She's been tense, like she is excepting someone was going to pop out any minute. She's been pulling back from her friends. She was worrying Yugi greatly.

Suddenly, while deep in their conversation, shadows loomed over the two best friends. Before Yami react when he noticed, something pounded him to the ground by the head.

"Hey! Let go of me! Let go! Yami, help!" he heard Yugi's frighten voice. He looked up, seeing a pair of teenage boys grabbing his friend.

"Yugi!" Yami cried, trying to get up and save her, but someone's foot kept him down.

"Tell Josephina Wheeler if you both want to see the runt again, have her come to the warehouse. She knows where it's at. Tell her that Hirotani wants her in exchange for the runt," he said, kicking Yami's head.

The angel boy was falling out of consciousness slowly as he was force to watch the punks take Yugi away.

He promises himself that when he regain consciousness, he will get Joey, but he won't let them get her either. Both Joey and Yugi will be safe in the end of this. He will save Yugi. If things don't go well and/or Yugi gets hurt, he'll go on a killing spree (translation = beaten into a pulp before judgement).

Joey had a bad feeling now. She's been tense for days now. Only she knew why.

"Joey!" she heard Yami's voice. She looked, spotting him in the sky, flying with his black wings. He landed next to her.

"Some creeps took Yugi! If we want her back, we have to go to a warehouse to this Hirotani guy and trade you for her," said Yami.

"What! Oh no!" Joey said. She believe this happened to her little friend.

"Joey, do you know this guy?" the angel asked. The tall girl sighed.

"Yes, Tristan and I both do. We were in middle school. It was long before I met our sweet little Yugi. There was this guy, Hirotani, and his gang. For a while, I was a part of it, but I was in the back, out of trouble. Though I was such a rebel and a bad girl back then, I felt what Hirotani did was worse. So I distanced myself. Unfortunately, Hirotani decided I would be his girl. I refuse, but he's stubborn. He kept trying until we had to go to high school. There, I was relied that we went to different ones, met you and Yugi, and changed. Now Hirotani wants me back, and I'm afraid that he got Yugi involved," Joey told him, "I'll join his gang again and get Yugi back."

"No Joey, Yugi will be saved and you will be safe from him. Just tell where the warehouse is. I can flew over there, get Yugi, and get out," Yami said, not wanting to endanger Joey.

"All right, I'll tell you, but tell Hirotani I'll meet him at the park," said the blond.

"But, Joey..."

"I have to settle this. I have to tell him that I'll never to be his, and he should never get my friends into this," she said firmly.

"If you say so."

Joey gave him the directions to the warehouse. Yami flew off while she started walking, thinking about the situation. It brought tears to her eyes that Yugi was in danger because of her. She felt so weak, so helpless. Yugi must be terrified right now, and it's all her fault.

Joey suddenly bumped into someone, pulling her out of her thoughts.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" the person shouted. It turned to be Seto Kaiba, who Joey is angry at. Now, here she is, on the ground with tears in her tears right in front of him.

"Hey mutt," he greeted unfriendly.

"Don't call me a mutt! Leave me alone. I'm busy," she said, getting up to leave.

"What's wrong?" Kaiba asked, grabbing her arm. His voice didn't sound like he cared much.

"None of your business!" Joey yelled, trying to free her arm.

"Well, you're crying. Something is up," Kaiba said. Joey gave him a look. Why would he care?

"I said to stay out!" she said, running out of his grip to place she was going to meet Hirotani, leaving a confused Kaiba.

In a warehouse, guarded by Hirotani's gang, Yugi was tied up in a chair, gagged as well.

She was terrified right now. Tears were flowing of her eyes. Simorgh spoke gently to her to try to comfort her. It was helping only a little. She wanted to be with Yami so much right now.

Suddenly, she heard a sound like someone was in here in this room with her. Yugi whimpered. No one harmed her so far, but she still was scared.

Arms then wrapped themselves around her body as a gentle hug. She looked up at familiar crimson eyes.

"Yami!" she exclaimed in a whisper, leaning into him.

"I got you, Yugi. Just hang on," he said, untying the ropes. When he got the rope undone, he picked her up bridal style, holding the fragile girl close and comfortably tight to protect and make her feel safe again.

"You're safe now. I just have to deliver a message from Joey," he said, hating to have to tell the leader where Joey was, even if the blond asked for it.

With his wings still out, Yami flew to the indoor balcony where the gang was in view.

"Hey!" He got their attention.

"What the- ?" Hirotani started.

"How did he get to our hostage?" asked a member of the gang.

"Joey is watching for you at the park, Hirotani. See ya!" Yami said, flying through the window with Yugi secure in his arms.

Joey waited in the park, hoping that Yami got to Yugi in time before Hirotani did something to her.

"Hey Josephina!" called the big gang leader as he approached the girl.

"A weird friends of yours told us to meet you here after taking off with our hostage," he said. Joey was glad. Yami rescued Yugi.

"Hirotani, I'm down right furious that you got Yugi involved in this," Joey said angry.

"I want you back in the gang. You're my girl," he said.

"I am not! I am not your girl. Never was, never will," Joey shouted. She hated being in his gang. She hated him for trying to make her his girl. Most of all, she hated herself. While in the gang, she pretend to be strong. Yet, when she became friends with Yugi, she knew true strength from the one both she and Yami knew was the strongest among them: Yugi.

"If you don't join, that friend of yours will never left alone," he threatened.

"Leave Yugi out of this! She's completely innocent. I won't let you!"

Joey winced when Hirotani roughly grabbed her arm. She knew this was bad. The gang leader lean towards her face. She struggled to get away with her eyes shut tight, not wanting him to take her first kiss.

Suddenly, she felt his hold on her disappeared. She heard a grunt and the sound of a body hitting the ground as well. Joey opened her eyes, seeing the surprise of her life.

Seto Kaiba stood in front of her in what appears to be protective. Hirotani was on the ground a small distance away. He looked as if he was thrown there. Not to mention, his right cheek was swollen from a punch.

"Leave before I call the police for kidnapping and harassment," he said. When Hirotani ran away, he turned to Joey. He surprised her with an unusual gentle look. Joey blushed at the sight.

"Be careful from now on, Mutt," Kaiba said, walking away.

"W-What was that?" asked Joey to herself.

"Joey!" she heard. Yami jumped down from a tree with Yugi in his arms.

"Yugi!" she shouted, hugging the small girl and ruffling her tri-color hair, making her laugh.

"I'm so glad you're okay. I'm so sorry this happened," Joey apologized.

"It's not your fault. I'm just glad Yami rescued me and you're safe," Yugi said, "What was up with Kaiba anyway?"

"I don't know."

"His heart seemed lighter and brighter. There's a sense of darkness though. I think there is a darkness possessing him. He isn't truly the person he was when we first met him," Yami said.

"That's a good thing I guess. At least, he's not bad at heart," commented Yugi.

Joey nodded. She actually felt relieved that that Seto Kaiba wasn't really a cold, heartless jerk. That moment of warmth from him was nice. She wanted to get to know that Kaiba.

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