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There was a rush of emotions flowing through Hermione's head as he kissed her. It was the deepest kiss of her life. Forceful, and tender all wrapped up into one. She moaned into his mouth and his fingers unbuttoned her blouse, finding full, supple breasts and taught, pink nipples, hard with excitement. As one hand flowed over her right nipple, sending tiny shock waves through her body, the other one came up and massaged her neck seductively. She arched into the kiss, pulling him closer to her with both hands, clawing at his back. She wanted more.

Then his mouth moved from her mouth, to meet her left nipple, both hands continued with what they were doing. He bit down gently, and she moaned out load. His tongue flicked over the hard flesh quickly, making Hermione picture that tongue doing the same over another small, pink mound. She was wet with anticipation. The hand previously on her neck was now trailing up and down her exposed thigh, making it's was under her skirt to the fabric of her panties, and back down to her knee. Over, and over, until finally he asked her. "What do you want me to do to you?"

She couldn't tell him. His mouth moved next to her ear. "What do you want me to do to you?" The hot breath felt incredible.

She knew what she wanted. "I - I want you to," she was nervous beyond all belief. "To - to lick - "

"To lick what, Hermione?" He bit her lobe gently.

She took a sharp intake of breath. "ME! Oh, God. Me, me, I want you to lick me!"

"Okay," He told her, then led a small trail of kisses down her body. Her legs shook with the anticipation of his tongue on her. When he got to the top of her skirt, he unbuttoned it, sliding it down her legs to the floor, making eye contact with the beautiful witch the whole time. He slid her panties down in much the same manner, and was met with smooth flesh. "You shaved," He commented with a smile, and then continued ravishing her body with kisses. He kissed the inside of both thighs, the air was heady with her scent. Then, just when she was ready to tell him to stop teasing, he lapped up the juices spilling from her. Her body rang with the feeling, and she moaned louder than she had before.

He moved forward, towards her clitoris. His tongue made expert circles around it, making her squirm with pleasure. Her hips bucked each time he drew another line across the small pink mound, then he brought his hand up, sliding one finger into her opening. She was screaming with pleasure now, and he could feel her inner walls starting to clench around his finger. He quickly inserted a second finger, making her scream even more. His tongue was working furiously now, and her walls were clenching and unclenching faster and faster as her orgasm approached.

"Oh," she screamed. "Take me. Take me now."

He slid his fingers out, and quickly got off his pants. "Are you sure?" He asked, but she could only nod around her pleasure.

His cock was throbbing. Begging to be released. He knew that it wouldn't take long for either of them to cum. He pushed his swollen cock into her opening, and started thrusting. She screamed in pleasure, running her nails up and down his back. He thrust harder, and deeper each time. They were both sweating with excitement. Her walls were grabbing his cock with each thrust, and it felt so good. She could feel her orgasm reaching it's pinnacle point as her walls spasmed with it's force. "Oh, God! Draco!"

He spilt his seed into her, just as she reached her highest point of orgasm, then they both collapsed on the bed. She was panting from their efforts. Both of them spent. His lips touched to her temple as they both came down. "Thank you, Draco," she told him.

He smiled. "I had been wanting to do that for a very long time," was his only reply.

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