PART: Short 03

AUTHOR: Simply Kim


CHARACTERS: Ludwig (Germany). Roderich (Austria). With mentions of Francis Bonnefoy (France).

PAIRING/S: None (yet)

GENRE: Filler/Angst/Drama

DISCLAIMER/S: The Axis Powers Hetalia series isn't mine. All credit goes to Himaruya Hidekazu. I can only stake claim on this fic and the original characters (If any) created for the sake of the plot (If any. XD).

NOTE#1: Blah or Blah is for emphasis. /Blah/is for conversations over the phone or flashbacks (if any). /Blah/ is for the conscience or whatever inner voice there is talking. Blah is for thoughts or random Japanese words.

NOTE#2: There may be references to history… and as we all know texts vary from one country to another, depending mostly on their point of view. So no bashing, I hope. After all, this is just a work of fiction.


He silently waited for him to come in.

He knew the master of the house was back, from the multitude of welcoming words out the hallway. He should be among the other servants, he knew, since he was the designated butler and all (Or at least he thought of himself as one). However, it was very late, and work should have been done. The master didn't even ring the manor to alert everyone of his arrival. He was sure the night staff was just as surprised as he was.

Since I'm not part of the night staff, I shouldn't be out there, right?

He could hear the heavy footsteps he had grown very familiar to, and he froze. Its tempo seemed agitated but purposeful... and it was fast approaching. He's here -

The knock came even before he finished collecting his thoughts. Three hard ones later, the door opened, and he was face to face with the person who took him away from his previous life.

Well, not exactly face to face... Tension gripped his body even more as the tall blonde man loomed over him. And seeing how he was sprawled carelessly on the carpeted floors, head pillowed on music sheets, he felt small. Something he never liked feeling.

Fueled mainly by pride, Roderich immediately stood up and straightened his clothes, feeling a bit naked now that his overcoat was hanging on the rack by the door. "Welcome back, master." He bowed politely.

The telltale scowl surfaced on the other man's brow, and inwardly, he wondered why. The master seemed miffed every time he said those words. He wondered if he didn't like the way the words were delivered. But how should I deliver something like that? What does he want, a welcome home kiss?

As he deliberated on what he should do, the other man suddenly...


Roderich stared at the outstretched hand partially in disbelief.

"What is this?" He squeaked, awkward hands hovering, unsure of what to do.

Ludwig stared at him irritably. "What do you think it looks like, a diamond ring?" He growled impatiently. "It's a bottle of spirits!"

"I know..."

"Then why are you asking?"

The bespectacled man adjusted his glasses. "I know what it is... I want to know what is it for..."

There was a long moment of silence before he heard Ludwig sigh. It seemed that he really was frustrated, but for the life of him, Roderich did not know why.

"Look." Ludwig started. "I just came back from a successful mission. I fought France and won, so I got this from him as a prize. Well, one of the prizes, at least. It's vintage, half as old as I am. It's supposed to be priceless..."

"And you're giving it to me."

"No... well, yes. But I was wondering if you, you know, want to share it with me."

Roderich looked up from the dusty bottle just as Ludwig turned away to gaze out the window. The slight breeze wafted into the room and somehow ruffled the other man's short blond locks. The light in his eyes was dim, and there were bags under them.

And here he was making it more difficult for him. He bit his lower lip thoughtfully and let out a small sigh. "If I say no..."

Ludwig turned back, raised his brows and gave him a wry smile. "I'll make you share."

He shook his head, his shoulders slumping. It looked like his decision would be overridden anyway. Might as well spare himself the trouble.

"I thought so." He allowed. Hands minutely shaking, he took the bottle from him and bowed respectfully. "It would be a pleasure for you to join me."

Ludwig scowled once again, his eyes suddenly dark and guarded.

Roderich, for the hundredth time, wondered why.