Heya guys! This is my second fanfic and I just hope you'll love this this one. Actually I thought this first before my other fanfic, it took me almost three months just to finish this, so I just hope my efforts would pay off. Nevertheless I don't own Naruto, and if I do, I'll make many sasusaku moments in it^^

A story never been told

She is a slave.

He is the master.

Wonder if these two worlds will ever collide as one.




"Oh no, I think I'm lost!"cried a small girl, with a weird pink hair and beautiful innocent eyes. She is walking along the corridors of a big mansion. And when I say big it really meant BIG.


"Honey! What have you done again this time!"cried a woman, who is wearing a maid outfit, while pointing at the broken vase on the floor.

"ka-kaasan I didn't mean it…I-I was j-just playing with n-nee-chan…bu-"

"That cat again!"the woman cut her off "I thought I've told you to get rid of that already!"

"Kaasan! You know I can't do that!"

"Well if you can't then I can! Now give me that!" she said sternly as she grab the cat from the little girls' grasp.

Suddenly an old woman, probably on her sixties, who also wears a maid outfit came running to the scene.

"Hey what's with all those noises!?"the old woman said"Care to explain to me why your shouting he-*gasps*"

She gasp as she saw a shattered vase at the floor "What's the meaning of this!?"

"G-gomen nasai senpai, my daughters' cat accidently tapped the vase, r-really it was an accident..I'm really sorry…" the woman bowed while she explain

"Sorry?! Do you think your apologies will make-up for that broken vase?!"

"P-Please just get it from my salary….I can't afford to buy a new one nor lose this job..p-please I beg you madam, I promise you this won't happen again"

"How many times did I hear you say that?! Aren't you the one who also broke a vase last week"

"I promise you this would be the last…so please…" she begged

"Make sure this won't happen again, or else you already know what will happen" the old woman threatened "Now clean up this mess before our masters will see this!"

"H-hai!" then she swept the broken pieces of the vase. When she saw that the old woman is already out of sight she turned to her daughter once again.

"Now did you see what you've done?!" she said In a stern but quite voice, in case the older maid came back again

"De-demo okaasan!" the girl complained with an equal tone

"No buts! Now get rid of that already before I throw that away!"

"Okaasan!" she pleaded as tears starts to form at the corner of her eyes

Seeing this her mother sighed "Sakura.." she said in a gentle voice as she bent down at her level "Do you want kaasan to lose this job and return again to our previous life again?"

The said girl shook her head

"Well if that's the case we should be grateful of our situation now, because atleast they allowed me to have you here while I work"

The girl hung her head in defeat

"So to return the good favor as much as possible we shouldn't tolerate a bad job, and the major cause of that is that cat" she pointed at the cat who is now at Sakura's arms

"But she'll be lonely and what about he-"

"Sakura…" her mother threatened as she cut her off

She bowed her head as she said " …alright, alright I understand.."

*sigh*"good, now go I still have to clean this mess" her mother said "I'll see you at dinner, ok?"


.:End of flashback:.

And that's how she ended at this place.

"ne nee-chan I think we lost, what should we do?" she whined at her cat


She sighed "You know you're no help at all"

"Hey what're you doing here?" someone asked slightly annoyed

She gasp, then slowly she turned around to see somebody she didn't expect the most.

There standing in front of her two eyes, was no other than……Uchiha Sasuke, who just happened to be the mansion owners' son

"U-uchiha-sama!" she stuttered

"Didn't you know that you're not supposed to go at this side of the manor?"

Just then she realized that she is already at the east wing of the mansion[if you didn't know the flashback happened at the middle of the west wing]

"G-gomen nasai Uchiha-sama! I-I didn't know! I-I was about to go outside-!" she said hastily, but just then her cat leap from her grasp and run away towards the hallway.

"..*gasps*....nee-chan!!" she shouted

Fortunately someone is in the way and grab hold of it.

"meeooow!!!" the cat struggled

"Is this your cat?" the man with jet-black hair, similar with Sasuke but longer, which is tied in a low ponytail asked

She gasped again "Uchiha-sama!!?!"

The said man giggled softly at her reaction "I told you to just call me Itachi, right?"

"G-gomen Uchi-…I mean I-Itachi-sama" she managed to say

"Well that sounds better" he exclaimed, then remembers the cat in his grasp "This cat is yours right? You should take care of it properly next time so it won't run" he said that as he went near her to return the said cat

"A-arigatou I-Itachi-sama.." she said as she blush at the embarrassment

"Are you done yet?" Sasuke said impatiently as he watch the scene that occur in front him

Both of them turn to him

Sakura looked puzzled, while Itachi just grin at his thoughts "Sorry to interrupt your little conversation, don't worry I was just about to go to my room anyways"

"See you later Sakura-san, and you too otooto" Then he turn his back from them and went inside the room near them just before any of them was able to respond

"hn, come on" Sasuke said, or more like ordered as he turn his back to her

Confused she ask "Go where Uchiha-sama?"

"You said you're lost right" he said matter-of-factly as he began walking the corridor

"Ugh-oh..yeah…I-I mean hai Uchiha-sama!" she corrected as she followed him

"Ugh and also..U-Uchiha-sama…g-gomen if I disturb you…."

"….a-and t-thank you for accompanying me on my w-way out Uchiha-sama" she continued

"Anou….U-Uchiha-sama…p-please don't tell my kaasan that I…stumbled here…she'll get angry" she murmured, embarrassed "so..anou..U-Uchiha-sama…o-"

Those words were already annoying him

"Sasuke" he cut her off


"Sasuke," he repeated "just call me Sasuke, I have my name"


"I won't repeat myself" he said, annoyed

"de…" she trailed off, but knowing it would only be helpless she obeyed "H-hai Uchiha-sama!"

He glared. This girl can really be annoying

"I-I mean S-Sasuke-sama" she said shakily, 'those glares really are scary' she thought

"-kun" he corrected

"huh?" she asked again



"No more buts, it's an order" he said sternly

"H-hai…U-…S-Sasuke-k-kun…" she said as she blushed at the way she ought to call him

"Good" he stated, somehow he felt happy hearing his name from her '…weird' he thought


After almost an hour of silent walking [Yeah, that long consider a walk taking you almost an hour just inside the house, but well they are walking slowly anyways and mind you, awkwardly]

"We're here" he stated

"Oh.." was her answer "I-I mean Arigatou Uch-..I mean S-Sasuke-k-kun" she's still not used to it, so can't blame her

"hn" was all he said as he was about to turn his back to her

"So I think this is good bye" she said

Startled by her sudden words he look at her again…'what the hell was that for…' he thought only to be cut when he realized it was not stated towards him

*sniff*"I wish I could keep you" she stated solemnly as she ushered the cat to go "…you're free now"


"Go on before I change my mind!" she said sternly

This made the cat run away, but still hesitated when it's already two meters away

"Go!" she shouted again. This time the said cat runaway already

"Sayonara nee-chan…" she muttered, when she couldn't see the cat anymore, she break down with tears streaming down her pale skin

On the other hand, Sasuke didn't know what to react on what he just saw, so he just do what he think is right, "Why did you let it go?"

She gasped, she thought he already go

Hearing her gasped he continued "Seeing you cry like that, I bet that cat means a lot to you, so why did you just let it go"

"I…can't…*sniff*..even if…*sniff*…I wanted to" she managed to say between sobs

"Why?" he asked…it's rare for him to ask, but well, he is curious

Without hesitating she said "Kaasan told me to get rid of it, because it already broke almost two vases and it will just cause more trouble if it stayed here…" somehow she managed to say it without sobbing, maybe because she is relieved to know she can tell someone her problem

'Oh..so that's the reason why Aniki told me we lost another antique vase, well as if it matters me anyways'

Hearing him having no response at all, she sighed

'Well I didn't really expect him to react on it' she thought sadly, she is still on her sitting position from before, her back facing him


That startled her, there in front her was a white hanky[handkerchief^^] "ugh?" she didn't know what to do so she just stared at it

Annoyed and quite disappointed at her reaction[well what would you expect when you offered your hanky to someone?], he take it back and instead of putting it back to his pockets….

…he wiped the tears from her face.

"You look horrible when you cry" he managed to say while trying his best to look straight in her eyes

Sakura on the other hand was too stunned to even react on his insult

'This was getting very awkward' he thought

"There" he said as he smirk at his work "You look better when you're not crying"

Then information sank in her, she blushed at what he just did "A-arigatou S-Sasuke-kun"

"Hn" then he walked back inside the manor, but before Sakura call him again

"A-anou S-Sasuke-kun your hanky!" she said hastily as she begun to stand up

"Keep it" then he resumed walking back inside

"huh?..de-demo…?!" she said, but he didn't turn back to her, knowing he'll not get it anyways, she gave up

"Arigatou..Sasuke-kun" she muttered as she hold the hanky tightly

Unbeknownst to them, Itachi is watching from his window "hn...this is interesting"