March 31, 1779

It was a miracle that Klaus had returned alive from that bloody battle, he was very tired and the smell of blood had stuck in his body. His breathing was slow and calm, but his savage blue eyes were staring right at me.

"I kept my promise", He whispered in my ear.

"Yes, - A tear came out from my eye but I took it away with a quickly movement of my hand- thank you."

I took him by his hand and led him slowly to the wooden bathtub. Carefully I removed his armor, his cloak was torn and blood-stained and his hair was a tangle of sweat and dry leaves. My hands were caressing the skin of his back; there I found two not very deep wounds. I was examining the rest of his body gradually. Some other cuts on his shoulder and a little scratch on the neck. Nothing serious

When I was about to unclasp his belt, I felt his gaze burning my skin. I raised my head and looked directly to his eyes. His lips parted in a grin. "You are brave, not even some of the fiercest warriors have dared to look right into my eyes, but you… you´re different" I tasted his words, his marked German accent. I put my forehead over his bared chest and I listened to his heart beating. "Because I love you."

I removed his muddy and bloody boots, his pants and then I realized he was bleeding; a bullet had passed through his thigh. "Why didn't you tell me before?" I said while I hurried to the cupboard and reached for some bandages, needle and thread.

"It's not important"

I made him sit down but then I doubted for a minute, needle in hand. "Do you want something for the pain?" I asked. He just chuckled and answered with a simple "No."

Some minutes after I did the stitching Klaus finished undressing himself and got into the bathtub, eyes closed. It seemed as he fell asleep. I sat next to him and gazed at the spots of blood coming from his wound, inking the clear water of a scarlet color.

"Meine Liebe"

His voice startled me I thought he had fallen asleep.

I stand up and started to soap his back, chest and head. While I was bathing him I started to hum an old child song that Klaus taught me not long ago.

Ich bin ein Musikante

Und komm' aus Schwabenland ;

Wir sind auch Musikanten

Und komm'n aus Schwabenland

Ich kann spielen auf meiner Trompete

Wir können spielen auf uns'rer Trompete

Klaus was singing along with me. A quiet and rough voice singing a simple and innocent child's rhythm. I let to escape a smile. He was showing his true self and I was of the few people that could see him just the way he truly was.

We sang together until I removed all the lather from his body.

Ich bin ein Musikante

Und komm' aus Schwabenland

I was bandaging his wound while he caressed my cheek with her hands.

Wir sind auch Musikanten

I took his hand and kissed it slowly, the smell of death was gone. Our faces came closer and our lips finally met.

Und komm'n aus Schwabenland

"You are everything for me." I said after the kiss.

He lifted me just as easily as lifting a bag of feathers and took me to the room. He threw me in the bed without ceremonies and wrapped me in his arms, kissing my lips and started going down until he reached my chest.

Impatiently he tore off my silk dress and stroked the salty skin, tasting it slowly.

"I promised you I would come back." He said between moans and stifled screams "I promise you that always, meine Liebe. Even beyond death."

Ich kann spielen auf meiner Trompete

Wir können spielen auf uns'rer Trompete