I woke up at the neigh of a horse, standing up with difficulty from the hard cot and I watched curiously through the barred window trying to discern the dark figure that was moving slowly towards me.

I rubbed my eyes thinking I was imagining it or that my old eyes were playing jokes but there was that shadow approaching, a few seconds passed before I realized it was a huge horse, black as coal walking slowly staring right into my eyes.

- What would be doing an unleashed horse at this hour? - I wondered.

Finally the steed was right in front of me; I felt its warm breath and the sound of its puffing looking as it were calling me. As I could I took out one hand through the bars and the animal licked it affectionately. Suddenly the horse let out a loud neigh and turned its hindquarters hitting in an incredibly strong way the rusty metal bars. I pushed myself to the back surprised as dust and bricks were falling. The horse kept hitting the bars two, three times until they slipped out crashing down on the floor.

While I was trying to understand this strange situation the horse put his head in the hole it had made looking at me with seemed to me like an impression of impatience calling. Fast before anyone noticed I slunk through the small hole in the wall, when finally I stood up and was trying to take the reins of the horse to run away I finally realized that this was not a common horse. It was Daredevil.


-How it can it be? How was it possible that this is really happening?-I thought

I thought I was dreaming. I lifted a shakily arm to stroke again the mane of the animal and discover that it was real and not a dream but when my fingers were just a few millimeters away from it, the beast left at full gallop towards the Killian house. I followed it without thinking too much and to my horror my fears were true. The Headless Horseman came out of that house putting inside a leather bag what appeared to be a bloody mass of hair. He got skillfully on Daredevil and headed towards the forest. I was about to run after him when I suddenly heard a gunshot.

I hid behind a barn and watching to the Horseman lying on the ground motionless and to Brom Bones moving with his gun towards him. Daredevil whinnying nervous came to where I was and stood besides looking at his master when he rose apparently unscathed and went on its quest. But the fight was not over for Brom Bones. Not having enough time to reload his weapon with gunpowder he decided to attack the Hessian with what he had on hand, his empty shotgun. I gasped at the thought that this was the end for the young Brom but incredibly the Horseman did not kill him. Even with his sword unsheathed and so close to the boy's neck, the Horseman did not kill him. But the young Brom didn't seem to realize how lucky he was. Quickly and before the Hessian could walk away he threw a knife that get stuck in his back. The Horseman showed signs of impatience and with a gesture of annoyance he tore off the knife and as not wanting to hurt too much to Bones he threw it back stabbing him in the leg then he turned and walked away. I thought about running to help the boy before he bled to death but I saw that the Constable was already going in his help. The men got into a fight against the Horseman but not too much later they were trying to run away crossing the bridge but the Hessian caught them. He wounded the Constable piercing his shoulder with his sword and then he killed the young Brom in the most horrible and disturbing way I had ever seen in life. He cut his body in two pieced, blood spilling like thick rain stained the black wooden old bridge. I could not resist such sight and I vomited a muddy, sour liquid. One thing was the death in military battles, quite another to see the body of a young boy die that bizarre way.

Taking a deep breath I tried to regain strength to go in help of the Constable but then I became aware that the Horseman was walking right up towards me. I took a few steps back hoping he had not seen me (if that were possible because he had no head) My head was turning looking for the perfect time to escape, but then the blood in veins suddenly freeze when my back made contact against the warm snout of Daredevil. My mouth opened in a silent scream and my face was transfigured with horror.

The Hessian was just few inches from me with the sword still in hand, a few seconds passed and I had the bright idea of trying to run. He fast as lightning took me by the waist while sheathed his sword and he rode with me on his horse heading into the woods at full gallop. I cried in desperation and fear at the thought of the horrible fate awaiting me. I felt stupid for letting this happen to me when I should had immediately escaped when I had the opportunity but now I had no idea of what would be worse, waiting to be burned alive or be tortured for the man I loved once. Fat, heavy tears were falling down my face and got lost into the fabric of my dirty dress. I deserve this, even if did it accidentally it had been my idea to go celebrate rituals over his grave thinking that in that way his spirit would rest in peace, but my attempt to help turned out to make the situation worse and now not only his spirit but also his physical body is suffering.

The Horseman finally seemed to ease the hustle and Daredevil began a slight trot moving among the trees, all was silence and my cry cease for fear of upsetting him with my whimpers and to bring faster death over me. Only the horse's hooves could be heard against the stones and the rustle of some dry leaves. The Headless Horseman had his arms of steel around me and was taking the reins gently, I felt the pressure of his chest against my back and I tried to pull away a little from him delicately without him to notice but while doing it my legs touched the bloody bag that contained the remains of the Killian family and a cold spasm went through my spine. I went back again and even closer this time and stayed still leaning against the Hessian's chest and I let out a desperate sob. The dress already dirty and torn now had a large patch of a bright crimson color.

The journey through the forest lasted several minutes I realized that we were only turning around; the Horseman did not seem to go anywhere.

I could no longer hold my tears, the Hessian stopped and this led me to a panic attack, I began to sob harder this time thinking that my time to meet with the Killian in the bag had arrived.

- "No, oh no please don't, please."- I said with supplicant whispers when I saw that the Hessian descended from his horse - "No, please. Klaus, no. "