Next door to John and Mary Winchesters lived the Saunders, Magdalene and Ed. Ed was a hunter his entire life, and when Mary past he helped John on his way to becoming a hunter. The Saunders had a daughter named Crystalline, they called her Chris because she acted more like a boy then anything. She was born only a few months after Dean. When Chris turned 6 her mother was killed in a car accident with her there she survived and after that she realized she wanted to be a hunter. Her father taught her how to hunt along with John. Sammy, Dean and Chris became very good friends. Sammy was nicer to Chris then Dean probably because Dean treated Sammy like a girl. Dean still liked Chris they both shared there first kiss with each other when they were 14. They carried a secret torch for each other, but never went any farther then the kiss. Chris at the age of 16 was made to go to private school so she would learn how to be a "girl". Her father hated that she wanted to be a hunter, so when she finally graduated at 18 she moved to Romania to learn to fight and be as far a way from her father as she could be. She felt a great pain when she left. Leaving behind Dean and Sam without even a goodbye destroyed her. But her strength got her through. She went to college for two years learning Folklore and History. She lived at a church that investigated the supernatural they help her to learn how to fight and use weapons like knives and guns. This is where we begin.

The moon was high and the rain hard outside. Chris held her Heckler & Koch 9mm hand gun in hand. Her other gun was in her holster her hand gently grazed over it. She stood in the doorway of the warehouse looking for her target. "Charles!" She hollered, "If you're here show yourself."

Her brown eyes glistened from the moon light with brown hair to match. "Why hello Chris." Charles finally stepped out from the darkness. He wasn't a normal person in fact he was about 8 feet, and very large with sausage sized fingers that could crush a persons head in an instant.

"You've been killing too many people. I've gotta stop you." She smiled.

"I thought we had an agreement that you wouldn't kill me."

Chris smirked taking out her other gun, "Not my fault you broke the deal, now I'm not sorry to say I have to take you down now. Unless you let me take some blood to possible find away to change you to a normal person then we can renegotiate." She was now pointing her guns at him.

"You know I will never let that happen, I like it this way." He through a chair at Chris, and ran. She avoided it with a cartwheel and began to shoot. Not to kill but at least to slow him down. The firing stopped when her clips ran out. She threw her guns down, and took out a knife.

"Bring it on Charles." She charged him with no fear. Able to dodge all his swings of his big arms, she climbed up onto his back and stabbed her knife into his shoulder blade. He winced in pain. Chris back flipped off him. "Thanks for this." She smiled down at him. Then ran towards the window. Up 6 floors she jumped through the window. It was as if the world slowed when she free fell out of the building. She swung around a flag pole, and hit the ground with not a scratch. The black ninja motorcycle waited right where she had left it. She sped down the highways to the Romania church. It was quiet at three in the morning, but still the father was up waiting ever so patiently for Chris to come home.

"It is getting late Crystalline, I was getting worried." He said holding his hands behind his back.

"Nothing to worry about father, I had it all under control." She smiled passing him. Downstairs was where the monks worked and her main man who did all the research and sent her on these missions was. "Hey Reg." She pulled out her bloody knife and handed it to him.

"What took you so long?" He grabbed it, and examined the blade. Reggie was a monk who sinned. He wore the brown rob, and refused to shave his head.

"I'm sorry; he isn't exactly the easiest person to find. I looked in three warehouses before I found him."

"So how did you get Charles to give you this?"

"Forcefully." Chris smiled.

"You know you got a letter in," Reg handed her a letter.

"I never get mail." The return address only said B. Singer. Chris's heart sank, Bobby, could it be. She opened it with no hesitation. It was Bobby the man she had lived with when her father was on hunts as she was young.

Dear Crystalline,

Your father has gone missing and I'm unsure of where to look.

I thought you might want to come home and help out finding him.

This could have something to do with the Winchesters.


Chris sighed. My father is missing. She couldn't believe it, was he hiding or was he in trouble. She hadn't seen Dean, Sam or John in like 5 years. How were they involved?

"Chris what does it say you look concerned." Reg said, finally taking his eyes off the blade.

Chris glanced up at him then back to the letter, "My father is missing." She paused, unsure of what to do. Her father and her never got along, but maybe he really needed her. "I need to go back home." Her eyes sank to sadness as she looked at Reg and all the other monks. This was her family and they treated her as a strong individual who could take care of herself.

Chris frantically packed all the weapons she could take on to the plane in to her AC/DC logo duffel bag, then all her clothes into another. It consisted mostly of jeans, and band logo shirts with camis and halter tops. Plus her most favorite black leather jacket that hugged her beautiful curves perfectly. Her franticness stopped when she found a photo of her, Ed and the Winchester boys. We were so happy, she thought. It was a photo taken a few days before she left for Romania. Folding it she put it in her jacket pocket.

"I see you are almost ready to leave." The father said entering the room.

"Yeah, I almost am." She sat down on her bed rubbing her eyes.

"You are one not to fear but I find that now you are more afraid then ever." He sat next to her.

"I'm afraid that I might not find him or that I might not ever come back here."

The father smiled, "We all will meet up again, whether you come back or not."

That was the last thing the father said before she left. The plane ride was long, but she made it to Kansas. "Home sweet home" Chris smiled.

Bobby had mentioned in his call that the last time he had heard from her father was when he was on a mission in Michigan; in the woods hunting for some kind of a wendigo creature. So that's where she headed, with no vehicle she had to take bus after bus to get there. When she finally reached Michigan it was very damp from all the rain. It was a little town surrounded by mostly forest. Chris found a small cheap motel to put all her stuff and to get some shut eye. Her father would hunt at night for a creature that lived in the woods.

She set her clock for 12:30 so the moon would already be out. She packed up one of her hand guns, a knife, and flashlight. She wore her black leather jacket and a dark green halter with jeans. She walked through the town, bars and restaurants trying to spot her father. But only received cheap pick up lines and smoky air. With no luck available in town she decided to head out into the woods. It was dark, shadows did not exist so only her keen sense of prediction would help her. Her small hand knife was in her hands ready to be used.

There was a snap of a twig. Chris jumped behind a tree, readying her knife. Some form of thing passed behind the tree. Chris breathed in and jumped out from the tree line smacking the thing on the head. It spun around and she saw that it wasn't a monster but in fact a guy, around six feet with short hair. He tried to say something but Chris smacked him down hard onto the ground. Then she felt the presence of someone behind her. "Sam a little help here." Said the guy on the ground. Chris turned to see that a much taller guy with longer hair was behind her holding a shotgun. "Dean you alright?"

Chris pulled out her gun and pointed it at the boy with the shotgun. "Wow, okay wait, my names Sam and that's my brother Dean. There's a dangerous creature out here…"

"I know what's out here," Chris cut him off, "I'm a hunter," She put her gun down as did Sam, "you said your name was Sam and that's Dean."


"Is it Sam and Dean Winchester?"

"Actually it is."

Dean stood up and headed towards Sam. "Sam you don't just tell random people who we are."

"But I'm not just another random person Dean. My name is Crystalline Saunders, I was your neighbor when we were young."

Dean went speechless, the look of shock painted over his face. Sam just smiled. "I thought you moved to Romania."

"I did, but I heard my father was in trouble and decided to came back."

Sam came up to her and hugged her. She had missed Sam and he missed her. "You've gotten a lot taller." She laughed fighting back tears. "Your even taller then Dean."

"You haven't changed much." He said gripping her into a tight hug. He released her and she looked at Dean. He looked even handsomer then what she remembered. Her first love.

"You look good too Dean." She smiled.

Dean smiled a bit, "Yeah you do too." For some reason he could barely look at her, she did leave without even a goodbye.

They worked together and defeated the creature. Burning its body like you would a wendigo. Then decided it would be good to get something to eat.

"I'll get the special with the side of bacon and a coffee." Dean ordered.

"Just coffee here." Sam said.

"Me too."

Chris sat on one side right across from Dean. Subtly she would glance at his good looks. His tight shirt hugging his god like figure, covered by a long sleeve button down shirt, and his leather jacket that she absolutely loved. "So I heard you went to Stanford Sammy, Congrats."

"Yeah it was pretty amazing."

Dean rolled his eyes, "Ditching his family in the process."

"Dean." Chris kicked him under the table; he just stared into her deep brown eyes. She had a really cute smirk, which drove Dean wild. "Sammy didn't want the life you and John have; he had a right to leave."

"Like you." Dean said sternly.

Chris felt hurt that he would say that. She had to leave. "Dean, if I would have stayed I would not be the girl I am today. I would be some house wife if my father had his way." She said firmly, Dean just kept his stern face. Why could he not understand?

"Okay I think we should get on a new subject." Sam announced hoping to stop from a fight to come. "I heard you went to college yourself, where?"

She peeled her eyes away from Dean to Sam. "I went in the University of Romania for Arts, mostly history and folklore. I only went for two years. Then found a job."

"What kind of job?"

Dean sat back in his chair antsy to leave. He didn't want to talk about this. She was strong he knew but she should have never gone off on her own. "A hunting job." She made an attempt at a smile and giggled, "I don't like talking about my time there Sam" Sam was confused, she looked sad and a bit scared of her past. "Let's talk about Stanford. How did you like it?"

Sam and Chris kept talking about there times in college which led to them going to Sam and Deans motel room so they could continue talking. Dean was getting irritated; he abruptly got up and left the room. Chris looked at Sam, "Do you think he's jealous we went to college and he didn't."

"Nah probably just a little shocked to see you, even I didn't think we would see you ever again."

Chris smiled, "Good thing you were wrong." She looked over to the door, "Do you mind if I go and talk to him?"

Sam nodded, "Yeah he needs to talk to you. He missed you. I remember him when you left it hurt him a lot. Kind of like when I lost Jess."

Chris felt a great sadness hit her, "Sam I am really sorry about Jess. Bobby told me about it when I got here."

"Don't be. Go talk to Dean he needs it."

Chris got up and grabbed her jacket. She left the hotel room to find Dean leaning against the hood of his Impala. "Done talking to Sam already thought you two girls would talk all night." Chris smiled he always was a smart ass.

"No I thought I would check on you. You left while we were talking there."

Dean took his hands out of his pockets and folded them. "I was hot."

"Yeah I believe that," She knew he wouldn't just all of a sudden talk about what he was thinking so she started. "Dean," He looked over at her, "I never wanted to leave the way I did, but it was the only way I could continue being a hunter."


Chris was getting frustrated, "Dean I get it I hurt you. But it's not like you tried to stop me, or even help me. My father wouldn't let me be what I wanted to be." Chris was yelling now.

"So you had to fly across the Atlantic Ocean to be a hunter. You could have just moved to California or just drove around like us."

"It's not as easy as that." Chris said calming herself down.

He didn't say anything just rolled his eyes. Chris just shook her head, "In the morning I'll be gone again so you don't have to worry about seeing me again." She walked away from a sad looking Dean. Sam was sitting on the bed still. He looked up at Chris, "I thought that when I left I would stop loving him but now I know I never really did stop."

That night Chris slept on the couch and when the sun just rose from the ground Chris was up and ready to leave. She kissed a sleepy Sam on the cheek just like when they were little and then kissed Dean on the forehead and left. She finally found herself a suitable car to get around in, but it would take at least a day to fix. So she found herself stuck in the same town as the Winchesters. She found a small café that provided internet access, hoping to find something on her father's where-a-bouts, but had no luck.

"Chris?" Chris froze in her place and knew that behind her was probably Sam. She debated on not turning around but Sam knew what she looked like, also since she was wearing the same clothes from yesterday.

"Sam, shocked to see you here."

"Why did you leave without telling us?" Chris didn't know what to say. "We could help each other."

"Sam I know, but Dean doesn't want me there."

Sam looked almost angry at Dean for being such a dick with no emotion. "He does want you there; he just doesn't know how to tell you."

"Please Sam walk out that door and forget you saw me." Chris wanted so bad to be with them, but it just wasn't the time. "Please I'm begging you, just go." Sam kept standing there. Chris couldn't stand the awkward silence so she grab her stuff and walk for the door but ran into Dean. The smell from his leather jacket mixed with his after shave was intoxicating. "Move please."


"Please Dean don't. I'll find my dad and whether he's alive or dead I will go back to Romania so you don't have to see me again." She tried to push passed him but he grabbed her arm and swung her to face him.

"What if…" he paused, "What if I don't want you to go."

Chris couldn't believe that he had said that. "I think for once I'm speechless." Dean pulled Chris to the side. Away from Sam and anyone else.

"We're both looking for our fathers, and it may take awhile. Why don't we just stick together for a bit until we find them then you can go or stay. We are all each other has right now."

Chris smiled. "I think I could handle being with you two for a bit."

Dean smiled and made a gesture to kiss her but stopped himself.

"Let's go hot shot." Chris winked at him and grabbed her stuff from the mechanic shop.

"It will be fun all together again." Sam said happy to have Chris.

Dean threw Chris' stuff in the trunk while Chris climbed into the back seat. "I missed this car." Dean and Sam looked back at her and she smiled. The three were back together. Chris was so happy but felt guilty that once again she may have to leave them. Dean turned the key and out blared AC/DC's Back in Black. Chris laughed out loud, "Same old Dean." Sam laughed and Dean smirked into the review mirror.