Harry read the letter he had gotten from a goblin at Sirius willhearing.

'If you read this it means that I'm dead. I'm sorry for leaving you. But I had a felling that I wouldn't be able to see you leave Hogwarts forever or see you come of age. I left most of my things to you. Two of them beeing my money and my bike. Don't live in a cage. Use the money. Spoil yourself. Live your life while you still can. Do the things Dumbledore woudn't let you do. Like get into cars. Well that you already are so that's not a problem. Well again, I'm sorry for leaving you. My last wish: Don't let anyone controll you.

Always your:

Patfoot a.k.a Sirius Black.'

"I promise you Siri. I won't let anyone controll me anymore and live my life like I want it." Harry whispered.