"Okay, so be patient, Grandpa! Bye!" Xiao Mai concluded the video chat with Emp and everyone else at the mansion. The huge screen before them soon turned black.

"What nonsense!" Emp fumed angrily. "After being away from here for five long years, it's a hard-earned opportunity that she will be back again, and all she said was 'must not meet me at the airport'! Oh heavens! Just what is this granddaughter thinking of?!"

Yi Shen Chuan tried his best to persuade, "Emp, perhaps Xiao Mai Xiao Jie has some surprise in store??"

Emp turned to him, even more indignant, "Surprise? I think she must have made arrangement with Jin or something..." He sighed heavily, "What a pitiful Grandpa I am..."

Cai came forward and assured, "Emp, don't be disappointed, I'm sure Xiao Mai knows what she is planning to do."

Emp stood up from his seat, "Let's hope so, but you, I don't see a better situation...Just when are you and Mo Li going to get engaged as promised. I have been waiting and waiting for you both to fulfill my wish. Haven't you achieved a desired successful career for quite some time already? Just tell me....."

Cai felt the urge to disappear just like how Xiao Mai could easily do so minutes ago. He has to put up with Emp's long-winded naggings again.

Over at Xiao Mai's end, the excited girl was busy packing her stuff...

"Alright," she smiled brightly. "This is what Jin gave me for my 19 years old birthday - a bouquet of 999 paper roses..." Xiao Mai placed it carefully into her luggage.

"Next - 20 years old birthday - a lovely bottle of as many as 2000 folded wishing stars," her expression turned sweeter.

"Now, for 21 years old birthday - an exquisitely-designed 21st-century style 3D castle jigsaw by him again," she squealed with admiration and put it in.

"22 years old birthday gift - a pair of cute hand-knitted mittens by handsome Jin too! Wow!" she was grateful for such series of touching collection and flopped onto her queen-sized bed.

Still, what she treasured most among all, was his very first gift for her five years back. She took it out and held closed to her heart, whispering, "Jin, thank you so much, for everything..."