After nearly three hours, the mansion returned to its ordered and peaceful state. Inside his study room, Emp was extremely bothered upon being told that Wu Xiong specially had her beloved pet squirrel flown in from the States and from now on, would be a new addition to the Huang Fu household.

Hugging her precious companion tightly, Wu Xiong fearfully apologised to Emp. Yi Zhong Guan also did not dare to voice a word.

Yet, Xiao Mai stepped in boldly between them and declared out loud, "Grandpa, how can you be this heartless to a poor animal like Trullie! It's not an offence for him to be naturally active and playful...Can't you be more understanding?"

Emp kept his cool but could not resist to ask why the pet was named 'Trullie'.

Wu Xiong eagerly explained, "That's because he is always true to his actions and intentions...He has a good heart and always carry an honest attitude towards everyone."

Emp began to wonder as Wu Xiong sounded like she was describing a human rather than an aimless animal.

Xiao Mai patted Wu Xiong's back and continued, "That's right, Grandpa...You can't pass judgement on an innocent sweetie like Trullie before getting to know him fully...So, please forgive and forget all his mistakes for today and let us keep him here in this mansion, okay?"

Standing by his side, Yi Zhong Guan observed that Emp was starting to consider more deeply. On the other hand, Wu Xiong and Xiao Mai were quietly praying hard that he would approve of Trullie.

When exactly a long stretch of one full minute was over, Emp tighten his grip on the cane and got up from his seat to conclude, "Alright, I will give it a chance, but there are conditions needed to be adhered to..."

"What conditions?!" the two young ladies responded in unison.