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Chapter 5: My new life

I woke up to see a high, vaulted ceiling painted like this Sistine Chapel, and a canopy bed you see only in movies and in pictures of castle bedrooms. The bed was so comfortable, and I imagined if you could sleep on a cloud, this is what it would feel like. I faintly felt Matt stir beside me, and I looked at the grandfather clock across the room from me, and it read 9:00. So much for sleeping in, I thought.

I climbed out of bed reluctantly, and went to take a shower. The bathroom looked like it belonged to a king. Marble everywhere, with gold faucets, and a silk shower curtain. I really thought I was In Heaven. I started the shower, and it barely made a noise. I showered quickly, finding shampoo already in the shower. I found some towels in the tall closet and these were as comfortable as the bed. Then a thought struck me. Clothes.

I needn't any worry. I found clothes in the closet, and don't worry, there were no medieval dresses, but instead top of the line manufacture clothes, with labels on them I could only dream to afford. I put on a pair of jeans and a nice white silk shirt that clung to my skinny waist, rather than my bust, like many of the other shirts. I sat at the ornate vanity and found a selection of necklaces, bracelets, and matching earrings. I was in heaven. I quickly put some diamond studs in my ear, and a simple black choker. I looked 20, and I looked pretty actually. I had always pretty brown curly hair, and I had a natural tan, but I never caught any boy's eye. I hadn't even had my first kiss. I'm pathetic, I know. I put my hair up in a messy bun, letting tendrils fall around my face, and didn't even bother with makeup. I only some of my mom's to something fancy, like Cousin Merle's wedding, or to see family during family reunions.

I faintly heard Matt sit up. I met his eye in the vanity mirror.

"Sleep well?" I asked, turning around to face him.

"Yeah," he said, rubbing sleep from his eyes. "But where are we?"

I was silently racking my brain for the answer. "Umm…oh yeah, Racer X's apartment. Remember last night?"

"That feels eons ago. But I remember."

"Go take a shower, honey, and then we'll go find something to eat." I walked over to him and guided him to the shower. Then he spoke words that chilled my heart.

"Are we going to see mom again, or is Mr. Taylor going to come find us?"

I gave him a hard look and responded, "I don't know, but we will hopefully see mom again soon, okay."

Matt gave me a quick hug and then closed the bathroom door. I sighed. I wasn't ready to be a mother. As I was pondering the possible dining spots around here that I could afford, someone knocked on the door. I opened it to find a handsome gentleman, with brown eyes and curly brown hair. He had this huge smile on his face, and wore nice jeans with a blue polo that complemented him nicely.

"Hi, I'm Rex, Rex Royal. You must be Elizabeth. Racer X is a comrade of mine, and brought you here. I was wondering if you wanted to go out for breakfast."

"It's nice to meet you Mr. Royal. I was just wondering what I should do for breakfast."

"I know just the place. When you and Matt are ready, come meet me in the lobby."

"Ok. Thank you Mr. Royal, for everything. You have no idea how much this means to us."

"You're very welcome. See you downstairs."


I watched him walk away, wondering how on earth I had gotten myself mixed up with the upper classes, classes I could only dream of one day being a part of. Matt came out of the shower and I told him through the door where the clothes were located. He came out in jeans and a nice, firmly pressed plaid polo, with buttons on the front. It was a scary thought, but we almost looked like we belonged in the high class.

As we walked to the elevator, the view of the Grad Prix stadium was amazing. We could have sat up here, and would have had the serenity of peace. I don't like loud stadiums, so when Mom told me to take Matt, I flat out refused, until she promised me a raise in allowance.

The elevator was just as nice as our room, but the back was a window, so you see the city as you descended. I loved the view. This was the city you never saw if you lived near Thunderhead Stadium. You see, The Grand Prix stadium is in the middle of the city, while Thunderhead Stadium is on the west outskirts, were normal people lived, not corrupt people like Mr. Royalton and his gang.

The ding of the elevator took me back to the present, and opened to reveal a spacious lobby with nicely dressed people. I felt out of place, but I held my head high and walked over to were Mr. Royal was talking with two inhumanly gorgeous women. They looked over at us scornfully as we walked over, but I noticed I was taller than them by a good 4 inches, making them have to look up at me. Mr. Royal had to look down at all of us.

"Ah, Gabi, Michelle, please meet my newest guests, Elizabeth and Matt."

"Children?" said a shocked Michelle.

"Yes, how can they pay rent? Are you going mad, liebchen?" said Gabi, obviously shocked and German.

I quickly put Matt behind me and firmly said, obviously disgusted, "Well, Mr. Royal; if you are two busy, then Matt and I will head out alone. Good day." I quickly bypassed them and went out the front doors. I went up to the security guard.

"Excuse me, but do you anywhere around here that serves breakfast?"

"Well, the diner down the road has some good food." He caught the eye of someone behind us and smirked. "Way down the road, probably near Thun-"

I quickly turned away, and began to briskly walk down the street. Not only had he insulted us, he had known we had no money whatsoever. Guess Matt and I weren't cut out for this.

Matt, who had been very quiet, said "Where are we going to eat? And what did that security guard mean? You didn't even let him finish."

"Matt, he insulted us by assuming we had no money…"

"…which we don't…"

"…and that we were children we need help…"

"…which we also do."

"…and he made me feel bad."

"Why?" Matt asked, with concern on his face. I sighed. How was I supposed to explain to a ten year old that I had no money, no food, and no where to sleep. I was beginning to wish I had taken Mr. Royal up on his offer. I could feel the hot tears sting my eyes, and I furiously wiped my face with the back of my hand. I felt helpless and a little scared.

Just then, someone stepped in front of me. I looked up to see Mr. Royal with a big smile plastered on his face. He looked at me curiously, but if he saw my tears he made no comment.

"Well, it looks like Elizabeth followed my directions, because here we are! The Petit Déjeuner Café!" (A/N For those of you who can speak French, this translates into the Breakfast Café. I'm very original. :) Now onto the story!)

Mr. Royal grabbed my arm and led us through the front door. Inside the café was plain, however it smelled heavenly. My stomach faintly growled, and out of the corner of my eye I saw Mr. Royal smirk and lightly squeeze my arm. We were led to a very nice booth, and when the food came, the conversation seized. Matt and I ate like starved animals, while Mr. Royal watched with fascination and almost a sadness.

Halfway through the meal, I realized how unladylike I was acting and lightly stepped on Matt's foot and warning him to eat slower.

When we had finished, Mr. Royal took us on the tour of the city, and Matt began to see him as an older brother, and soon those two were joking around and I was the one telling them not to wreak havoc while I watched the city. Each time I was rewarded with mock salutes and a chorus of "Yes, mams!"

Little did I know what would happen when the night would come…

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