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The Parent Trap

Chapter 1: Of Unpleasant Surprises

Romano groaned, lugging his suitcase into his cabin at camp. Why did he even have to go to theater camp? He would rather spend his summer hanging around at home, even if that meant tolerating his stupid, loudmouthed dad. His father had been completely adamant about making him go to camp.

"Come on, Lovi! Camp will be GOOD for you!" His father had said, ruffling Romano's dark brown hair and ignoring the glower he got from using Romano's hated nickname. "You're an incredible actor, the best I've ever seen! You're wasting your talents by not putting them to use!"

And then, of course, his father had signed him up for this stupid camp without his consent and forced him to come. America could be incredibly persistent when he wanted to be. Romano flopped down on the bottom of his bunk bed and groaned. Lovino didn't like very many things, but he absolutely loved his room at his apartment. It was small and more than humble, but cozy. Photographs that Romano had taken were pasted on the walls, which was why his father America had been banned from entering his room for a long time. The cabin was actually a little bigger then his room, but the boring wooden walls were making him a little homesick. Not that he'd ever admit it to anyone, least of all America.

Meanwhile, his roommate had just arrived at the camp and was already more than lonely. He was clutching his personal servant and whining.

"Spain! Don't leave me alone! I changed my mind, I want to go home!" Spain fondly pried his charge off him with a smile.

"Come on, Italy. It's only for one month. It'll be good for you to get out and experience the world a little bit."

Italy wiped his overflowing eyes, brushing the tears away. "Okay, Spain. Promise to come get me after a month."

"I promise," Spain said with a grin, ruffling Italy's hair. Italy smiled, picking up his two duffel bags. Italy hadn't packed light, and Spain had to help him carry the duffels.

"Cabin Number five! Here it is!" said Italy with his sunny smile. Spain smiled back, his green eyes dancing. They walked in to find the other roommate already on the bottom bunk with a photography magazine covering his face.

Spain threw the two duffels into the bed, then turned to leave. He stopped when he saw Italy's teary face. Italy's father, England, was infamously wealthy, and Spain had been hired as a caretaker for the adopted Italy when he was only twelve and Italy ten. He knew Italy was technically only his job, but it hadn't stopped him from genuinely caring for the boy. He pulled Feliciano into a hug and Feliciano clung to him, trembling slightly.

"It's okay," said Antonio. "I'll be back before you know it." Italy broke away and smiled at him and Spain grinned, feeling a little lonely himself. He turned and left the small house with a final wave to his beaming Italian. He was only gone for a few seconds before Italy bounded over to Romano, who was trying to fall asleep under his magazine.

"Hey! My name is Feliciano, but everyone calls me Italy!" Romano grunted in reply. "What's your name?"

"Lovino. Or Romano. Whichever will make you shut up sooner."

A normal person might be deterred by this, but nobody accused Italy of being normal. Plus, he was used to dealing with England, who was perpetually cranky and sarcastic.

"Do you want to be friends? Aren't you excited for camp? When's your birthday? Isn't acting so fun?"

Romano groaned. "In order, the answers are no, no, March 17th, and no. That was easy."

"How neat! That's my birthday, too!" He got no response, but continued to plow forward. "I can't see your face under there," commented Feliciano and, without further delay, he pulled the magazine off Romano's face. They both looked with obvious shock into bright, shiny brown eyes, accented with warm chocolate-colored hair and one gentle strand that formed a perfect curlicue.

The pair stared at each other for a few more seconds before letting out a scream at exactly the same time. Summer camp just got a whole lot weirder.


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