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Chapter 1

Kickass Christmas

It was Christmas Eve in Inaba and I'm going to get to spend it with Naoto, Souji thought to himself as he put the finishing touches on the models in his room. The silverette was quietly thinking about what to do with Doujima around. Let's see here. Would he care if I had a girl over to spend the night? Ah knowing Dojima he probably had his wife over as a kid. I wonder if Naoto is going to like that Perfect Grade Wing Zero Custom I bought her and my other surprise which I won't say in case anyone is reading my mind, Souji was thinking when the doorbell rang. Quickly combing his hair, he ran down the stairs and answered the door. Naoto was there wearing standard boys uniform for Yasogami High School with a black backpack. She was looking quite cold.

"Come in Naoto, merry Christmas. I'll go make us some hot chocolate. Or coffee if you prefer that," Souji said as walked towards the kitchen.

"No sempai that's fine and a merry Christmas to you. I don't want to trouble you. After all, we just saved the world. All I can think is that you deserve a break," Naoto replied conveniently leaving out all her contributions.

"Please I insist. I was planning on making some instant coffee anyways. Man is it cold. But at least it's better than fog," Souji laughed as he started to pour the crystals.

Man senpai seems to be constantly trying to help me. He must really care about me. But why? I don't know why senpai loves me. Chie seems to be more of his type and Rise seems to say she loves him every other day. Why? Naoto thought to herself as she started to walk to the TV.

"It's amazing how much trouble that little box has caused us," Souji said as he brought over the coffee.

"Personally senpai have to thank Ameno-sagiri. After all if it weren't for the TV, we wouldn't have met," Naoto replied as she quietly sipped her cup of joe.

"Yeah you have a point. Hey Naoto," Souji said.

"Yes senpai," she replied as she turned on the TV.

"Can you stop calling me senpai? It really shows that there is distance between us. We're lovers. We really should show it."

"But senpai," Naoto replied taken aback by the comment. "You're our leader. even if we had someone older than you was in our group they would still respect you."

"That may be true but Naoto, we are not in school or on a team right now we are in my house on Christmas Eve trying to kickback and celebrate saving the planet from near certain damnation. You need to stop being so formal around your friends."

He's right. I am still not used to being friends with someone. I still keep calling my friends san. Even now, I still cannot call my own lover by his first name.

"Hey Naoto," Souji said, calling her out of her thoughts. "Want to watch something other than the weather. I rented a movie I thought you might like. It is called Ghost in the Shell. The main character is a female police detective like a certain someone I know.

"That sounds awesome Souji," Naoto replied as she plopped the DVD in.

"You finally called me by my name Naoto," Souji replied as he put in a bag of popcorn into the microwave.

"Of course, after all, we're lovers," Naoto said smiling, as she turned on the kotatsu.

They watched the movie and then decided to discuss it.

"I guess there are some female detectives I can admire," Naoto smirked as she finished off her popcorn.

"I know and that was one of the three reasons I bought it."

"Oh really, and what my I interrogate were the other two reasons?" Naoto said rather flirtatiously.

"Well the second was I wanted something to do for fun on our little date that was simple. The third is that it was a kickass movie but that's rather beside the point."

"Speaking of beside the point, the fact that we've been here at your house for a good two hours and we have yet to even bring up the concept of gift exchange seems rather strange."

"Well you see Naoto," Souji said as he put his two index fingers together, "My gift is in my room and he box is rather big so I was wondering if you wanted to spend the rest of the evening in there. You can say no if you want to. The box and the cake aren't too big so I could bring them down."

"No Souji, its fine. Besides I've already seen your room you shouldn't be so tense. So let's head up."

When they got to Souji's room, Naoto was enthralled by a new model Souji had on his shelf.

"You have a Perfect Grade Zeta Gundam?"

"Do you like it? I bought it along with your gift last month. Speaking of which, here you go." Souji then handed Naoto a huge box. After Naoto opened it, she was in complete shock.

"A Perfect Grade Wing Zero Custom with a mirror coat. Oh my god. That costs 30000 yen. It's perfect. You shouldn't have spent that much."

"I knew you would like it," Souji smilied. I wanted to spend that much since I got so much money from TV."

"I thank you sen…I mean Souji." Naoto started to blush

"I got two gifts for you," Naoto said as she handed him a watch. Her blush started to expand. It can tell one of us where the other one is. It only works within ten meters so it is mostly a novelty but…"

"It's perfect Naoto," Souji said while starting to hug her.

1 M.

"I have another gift for you Souji but I need to use the bathroom first." Her blush was now a dark pink

"It's down the hall," Souji told her.

Moments later, she came out wearing the standard girls' uniform of Yasogami High. This was the first time Souji ever saw her wear girls clothing especially since it hugged her chest quite nicely.

"Is this skirt too short? I mean I know girls wear this skirt but…"

Souji started to blush and had a nose bleed.

"You're the most beautiful thing in the world Naoto. I love you so much."

They continued to hug for about an hour when Naoto got an idea.

"Souji, you taught me how to accept my gender and the confidence I needed to enter the detective field regardless of my gender. I love you. Can I sleep over?" At this point her blush was tomato red. "Not sexually but do you want to cuddle or something?"

"Of course my sweet," Souji replied.

And so they cuddled until it was just after midnight. Okay this is it.

"Hey Naoto," Souji blushing so much you could swear he was sick. "I know that we will be together for the rest of our lives and I think we should make it official. Will you marry me? Not now obviously, but eventually." He then handed her a bronze ring.

"I had Daidara forge them for me."

Oh my god. He wants to be my husband. We'll belong to one another for the rest of our lives. I already planned to hyphenate my last name anyways so this is perfect.

"Yes Souji I will. Shirogane-Seta Naoto; I could get used to that."

Yep, this is one kickass Christmas. They each thought to themselves.