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Chapter 2

Nana-chan comes home

Naoto Shirogane woke at 9:00 next to her sleeping lover. They had been so
excited to cuddle that they didn't even bother to change out of their school clothes.
It wasn't sex but still, last night was the best night of my life. She blushed
heavily at the thought of sleeping with Souji.
Realizing that it was late and they'd yet to eat breakfast--and her being
unable to cook--she shook Souji until he woke up.
"Good morning Souji," Naoto told her new fiancé.
Souji was still a bit groggy, so when the silverette looked up and saw the
blue-haired school girl, he thought he was in heaven.
"Shit, I must have died as that's clearly an angel."
"No, Souji, you're still alive," Naoto replied as she kissed Souji's
"Oh, well in that case, good morning Mrs. Shirogane-Seta," Souji said,
"Yes well, I guess I need to start getting used to that."
"Hey, I need to get used to calling you it so it balances out." Souji
replied as he walked downstairs to make breakfast.
"What do you want for breakfast Naoto? I can make fried rice and
pancakes." At the suggestion, Naoto ran down the stairs so quickly that
she nearly tripped.

"Whoa, slow down Naoto! I don't want to see that fresh school uniform
of yours damaged," Souji said while he was preventing her from falling.
"Sorry sen--I mean, Souji. I just love your cooking so much that I came
running down. I'd enjoy pancakes and rice very much."
After frying the rice and setting down by the kotatsu, Souji and Naoto sat
down for their first meal as an engaged couple.
"So, Souji, how should we break the news to our families?"
"Well obviously we need my parents and your grandfather's permission
but my parents are kind of traditional so I might want to tell my Uncle
first. Christmas is always a good time to tell him stuff. Nanako told me
that it's the time when he is most calm and open."
"Yeah, that's a good idea. As for me, we could tell my grandfather on
the second. He's always very friendly the day after the New Year's festival."
"Sounds good; we'll meet with him and tell him then… Hey, I have an
idea, why don't we surprise our friends on the day that I leave? That way
we can have something that is exclusively ours to treasure until I go."
"That's why I love you Souji; you're always thinking."
"I thought you loved me for my good looks."
"Well if it was just for that, then I would have become Yosuke's lover
Before Souji could retort, the phone rang. Slightly peeved at being unable
to retort, Souji grudgingly picked up the phone
"Hello, Doujima residence."
"Hello, Seta-san. Your uncle and cousin are cleared to be released.
Nanako will need to come in for checkups every other week but they should be coming
home by 13:00," the nurse replied.

Souji recognized the seductive voice. "I see. Thank you very much for the
Christmas presents Mikuru. I'll go pick them up then. Bye."
"Who was that Souji?" Naoto asked curious about the presents.
"It was Mikiru from the hospital. Nanako and my uncle are free to come
home," Souji replied as he jumped up banging his head on the ceiling.
"That's great, Souji. Now Nanako-chan and Doujima-san can spend
at their house with our friends instead of a hospital. Wait, Nanako-chan…
THAT'S IT!" Naoto shouted the last part rather loudly.
"Whoa, don't wake the neighborhood, dear. What about Nanako?"
"She can know our secret--you always seemed like her brother. Shouldn't she know that she is gaining a big sister?
She can keep a secret after all; she knew about the investigation and never
told Doujima-san."
"I'm not so sure, remember that killer TV's seems a little too out of
the ordinary to tell her dad," Souji replied.
"You have a point, however, considering Nanako's age, she's old
where she'll believe anything she's told especially after her incident
in the TV."

"Touché, Souji, touché. Let's tell her."
They hung around for about three hours until the door bell rang.

"Who could that be? I was going to pick my surrogate family up."

Maybe they took a taxi.
"It's me, big bro. Dad and I just got back from the hospital."
He opened the door and, much to Souji's surprise, all of his friends and
surrogate family were there.
"You guys… what a … surprise. Hold on a second." He promptly
closed the door and rushed Naoto out the back door.
"You have to run back down the street and then enter later."
"Why, Souji?" Naoto asked rather frustrated.
"Because if Rise chan ever found out, we would never be able to live it down."
"You have a point; god would that be problematic." At the same time
they pictured Rise spreading rumors about them sleeping together.
Naoto went out the backdoor while Souji let his other friends inside.
"Welcome home, little sis," Souji said as he let everybody in.
"Hey Souji. Was that Shirogane san running out of our house?" Doujima
"Uh, no, that was just… our next door neighbor's… nephew, yeah."
Apparently, despite all odds, Doujima looked like he bought it. Maybe he was still groggy from being at the hospital.
About an hour later, everyone was chatting it up with each other and Naoto
and the other girls were baking a cake (to be fair they were using Souji's
cookbook and Naoto was doing most of the actual cooking.) During this time
Souji quietly called Nanako over to his bedroom.
"Little sis, I have to tell you something and you can't tell ANYONE till
tomorrow when you can tell your dad. Naoto and I are getting married. We
wanted you to know since well… it's an awfully big secret between just
the two of us. I know you have a crush on me and I'm sorry but…" a blushing Souji was about to say when he saw Nanako give one of her billion yen smiles.
"That's awesome, big bro. Now I also have a big sis too. I love you so
much." She then hugged her big brother and went downstairs to hug Naoto. Oh
Nanako, you're so sweet.
Souji and Naoto thought at the same time.

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