Saving Gene

Final Chapter I honestly didn't know how I would end my fanfic but I think this is a good ending nothing to big but it leaves it open for a possible sequel as i couldn't really explain the big picture of Gene Hunt . A lot happening in this final chapter .

As Alex walked through a busy shopping area in the present day. Her mind felt blurry as she clutched her head for a few minutes.

She was dressed in her normal present day working clothes on her way to work. In her mind something didn't feel right like she wasn't suppose to be there.

Walking to the local newsagents, the shopkeeper was trying to lift a pile of newspapers from the van outside the shop she helped him as they both carried newspapers in the shop. "The Guardian please". She paid for it as he set out the newspapers she spotted an old one. "Oh how did that get in there" he wondered ready to throw it in the bin.

Her eyes instantly fell looking at the headline of front of the Mirror newspaper "Hero cop Hunt dies after shooting in Luigi's" . She felt instant shock "Gene dies in 1983" .

As she shot up from the bed in panic. It woke Gene up his head shot up from his pillow " bugger, what's wrong Bolls" he asked still feeling a bit tired and yawning as he used his hands to massage her shoulders to ease the tension.

"I just had a dream that I was back home and I read on a newspaper that you're suppose to die in 1983."

He didn't know what to think "Bloody hell Bolls it was only a dream it doesn't mean its gonna happen I'll make sure it won't, Its Layton the bastard trying to wind you up"

"Molly breakfast" As Gene was getting dressed in front of the wardrobe mirror , buttoning up his dark blue shirt that Alex bought him a couple days ago . Alex came in the bedroom standing behind Gene wrapping her arms around his waist . Smirking at her as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"Mr Hunt you look very dashing and sexy this morning " he turned round to face her, she smiled as she leaned in to kiss him on the lips her tongue smoothly meeting his, she giggled as the kiss became passionate "naughty Bolly" he thought , he wrapped his arms around her waist wanting the kiss to go on longer.

Molly popped her head round the corner of the door " Come on lovebirds breakfast then" As Alex and Gene both laughed "Sorry Molls we got a bit carried away". They both felt like loved up teenagers being told off by adults.

It was early February 1983 a warm Winter's morning. As they sat round the breakfast table, Alex poured out Frosties for Molly and Gene was already eating a bacon sandwich. They both felt worried for Alex after she told them about her dream/nightmare both insisting that she took a day off work today so she could take Molly out shopping for clothes. "Bolls Raymondo's coming out of hospital today I'm gonna pick him up from there, is it ok if he's stay ere for a couple of nights".

Alex didn't not look pleased "Bloody hell Gene it won't be long before my flat actually turns into the Tardis", Molly laughed quietly to herself. "What do you find funny young Molls" Gene said while smiling at her. He finished off the last round of toast. Getting up to put his jacket on.

"Right off to work then" he kissed Alex on her left cheek "See ya both later".

As he raced down the stairs and getting in to the Quattro blowing a kiss to Alex who was standing by the window smiling down at him. "Mum what's really wrong" Molly asked. "Remember Arthur Layton what said Are we really dead in 2008". Molly shrugged her shoulders slightly "I don't know Mum I went looking for you in the future well I heard him talking to Evan on the phone, so I ran out of school later in the day and he saw me next thing I knew I was in the middle of the road as my life vanished".

"I don't know what is going on but I'm gonna find out the truth, hopefully it will get us home".

"What about Gene, I really like him mum, he lost Sam Tyler he won't want to lose both of us". This felt like the biggest dilemma Alex had ever faced in her life. She didn't know if Gene could be real in the future. What ever happened Alex vowed that the three of them would always stick together.

Gene settled in at work as he looked through names of suspects. Coming across Arthur Layton's he remembered back to what Layton had said. Assuming that Layton was only trying to split him and Alex up with ''his cock and bull story''. Then he noticed a handwritten note drop out of the evidence bag. Bending on his knees to pick it up. He began reading it, Layton sounded off his head with what he had written saying "he would be getting revenge on Alex in the future luring her to the Thames on a boat".

Alex had told him Layton had taken her hostage and shot her on a boat in 2008.

Later in the day he went to pick up Ray from the hospital "Alright Guv can you give us a cigarette". Ray hadn't smoked for a couple of weeks. "No I bloody won't Raymondo Doc told you to rest up and that's why you're staying at Alex's flat for a few days her daughter Molly is staying with her and me''.

"Drake's got a daughter bloody hell she never mentioned that Guv" Ray looked surprised as he lift himself of the corner of the bed. Gene helped him put his brown jacket on. His arm was in a sling. Ray looked over at a nurse by on another ward "On my way home now luv I'll phone you sometime gorgeous" he smiled winking at her, she laughed.

"Dear God Carling you're still at it with the ladies don't be saying anything rude about women to Molly" he shook his head. He helped Ray into the passenger seat.

Alex and Molly we're out shopping around London. Molly had bought quite a lot of clothes. They got a taxi back to the flat. Alex looked out of the window in thought she fell asleep slightly in her day dream she came across the lifeless body of Gene lying on the floor in his office he looked like he had been shot in the head. She quickly snapped out of her day dream when she heard a voice on the radio saying "She's still breathing but we are losing hope everything we've tried as failed to bring her out of the coma." She leant forward in the passenger seat, the taxi driver looked back "erm love you'll have to sit back it dangerous sitting forward".

The voice on the radio changed back to some Roxy Music song "You must really like that song Mum". Alex nodded smiling but secretly worrying.

As Gene helped Ray in through the door of the flat, Ray managed to make the sofa. "I'd never thought I'd be in DI Drake's flat a bit of chick's flat ain't it Gene". Ray looked around. "I actually like it I moved my stuff in as well"

"So you and Drake are a couple then Guv" Ray asked while raising his eyebrow as he saw Gene's jackets hanging up on the wardrobe in the bedroom. "Yes we are Raymondo so you have to accept her being my girlfriend as well as my DI, don't care if the Super pulls me up about it". Ray realised he was the only single man in the team now that Gene was dating Alex and Chris was engaged to Shaz. "He needed a southern blond woman with great tits fast" he thought not wanting to feel left out.

Alex and Molly got out of the taxi with their shopping bags, she felt they were being watched, looking round she saw a man across the road watching her she couldn't see his face but he was medium height and slim.

Gene helped with the bags putting them down on the kitchen table. As Ray sat up trying to light a cigarette behind Gene's back "Mum he's trying to smoke in the flat".

Alex turned round and took the cigarettes off Ray who didn't look happy. "Ray smoke near the window please, This is gonna be one big nightmare living with DS Carling under my roof " she thought.

A couple of days passed as Ray was getting on Alex's nerves, women phoning up every hour asking for him. Gene and Molly found it amusing at least it took Alex's mind off thoughts about getting back home to the future. He also got along with Molly playing card games with her and telling bedtime stories something he wouldn't normally do but it cheered him up while he was still resting from injuries.

Later in Luigi's they sat round a big table with Chris and Shaz tucking into a big Italian meal. "Thanks Luigi that was a bloody gorgeous meal at least it helped piled on some weight after all that awfull hospital they fed me" Ray patted his stomach. "Ray you're flies are open" Shaz pointed out as Ray looked down and panicked quickly zipping it up. Everyone laughed as he turned his head looking embarrassed.

"Eating too much I think" Alex joked.

A dark figure entered the restaurant as Alex felt his presence when he followed her to the toilets waiting outside.

Making his behaviour suspicious as Chris and Ray confronted him, shots rang out as they both ducked hiding behind the table. The gunman moved away from the toilets entrance as he fired sshots at Chris and Gene. Glass shatttered everywhere broken windows and broken glass drinks . Gene hiding behind the entrance door to restaurant the person shot Gene in the arm as he cried out in pain then in the leg. He fell to the floor. The gun fire became quieter. Luigi hid behind the bar scare for his life that the gunman would kill him. Molly had run in the women's toilets to tell him mum.

Chris managed to shoot the gunman as his body flopped to the floor pulling the hood from over his face it was Terry Phillips, Arthur Layton must be still out there he had escaped from hospital a couple days earlier. Everyone ran to the Guv as he lay unconscious on the floor. Luigi dialled for an ambulance for Mr Hunt.

Tears fell from Alex and Molly as she clutched his lifeless body in her arms, his face very pale. "Don't you dare die Guv not today" she shouted as everyone looked in shock.

While being loaded in to the back of the ambulance he began to have flashbacks of happier times in his life meeting Sam in 1973 arguing with him and then meeting the love of his life Alex that day the Quattro first raced in to her new life in 1981.

As he lay unconscious he experienced something strange hallucinations as he heard hospital noises in his mind in aa surgery room in hospital surrounded by the dead body of Summers who the surgeons failed to save his life. "what do we do now Hunt theirr your patients". He seemed to be a surgeon himself his two previous patients had also died on the operating table. As he looked round his head hurt like shit like he'd been hit too many times by a cricket ball. The vision of the surgery room went white. His eyesight was blurry and as he woke up in hospital in 1983, Alex sat next to his bed stroking his hair, Molly noticing his eye moving "Mum he's awake".

He looked around the room wondering how many days he had been in hospital. Alex told he had been there for 2 days. "I thought I lost you Gene".

His throat sounded groggy but as he moved his oxygen mask way from his mouth trying to tell her what he saw while he was unconcious. She stopped him before he could say anything else. Placing her finger over his lips.

"Look Gene I don 't care about the future anymore I wanna stay here with you and Molly I heard a voice on the telly saying that there was no hope for me in the present day".

He was surprised but relieved by what she told him, wanting to move to a new house and buying a second car. He could keep his beloved Quattro which had been repaired. "I wonder what you will be like a husband Gene Hunt" she joked. He had wanted to leave marriage for a couple of years after his messy divorce from his first wife Nora, until he had found the love of his life. "You suggesting marriage Bolly Knickers?", she grinned at him "maybe not just yet how about waiting a few months " . He thought about it first and eventually accepted "never had a woman propose to be me before" she hugged him " Bloody hell Mind the wires Bolls" .he joked. As they celebrated.