RANDOM ONE-SHOT SONGFIC!! But this one's funny.


Zen stared into the cold, black eyes of her enemy. "FUCK YOU, LITTLE FUCKER FUCKY!!" she exclaimed.

Gam sighed. "It's just a fuckin' dog."



Zim was minding his own business, drinking a soda. Outside his window, he noticed a girl with purple pigtails and a black tank top standing there watching. She breathed onto the window, drew a heart, and smiled crazily. Zim's eye twitched.


Zen stared at her friend Gam. "I LIKE squirrels!" she said. "Do YOU like squirrels?"

"No!" he said. "You know I fuckin' hate 'em!!"

A long pause. "I like squirrels, too."

"… Whatever you're on, keep it the HELL away from me."


Zen sat in her room humming.

"What's wrong?" asked Gam.

She stopped humming and turned to him. "Cake is a lie," she said calmly.


"A LIE!!!!"

She then chased him out of the room.

Psycho groupie cocaine crazy psycho groupie go

Makes you high makes you high

Makes you really wanna go


"Psycho" by System of a Down