And so the empath fell in love with the emo-kid… Your average Jasper/Bella story in under 300 words.

AN: Alright, so, I was feeling a bit depro today, and writing this seemed like the best way to cheer myself up. I have nothing against Jasper/Bella. Honestly, it's my favorite pairing.
After reading a couple hundred stories, I realised that a lot of them follow the same basic plot - so: This was spawned. It made me feel better for a while...

EDWARD: I don't love you.

BELLA: But, Edward! I could never ever love anyone else but you! (clutches chest dramatically) Oh the pain…

BELLA: Woe is me…

-enter Jacob [stage right]

BELLA: Oh Jake! You are my own personal sun. I need you like I need oxygen (unless the Cullens come back, in which case I'd drop you like a shot). I'm so glad that you miraculously imprinted on some random girl so that you can comfort me through this terrible time without the possibility of us falling in love.

-enter Jasper [stage left]

JASPER: Oh Bella, even though I don't know you, I felt a deep, burning need to see you. I needed to see that you were alright, but you are in so much pain, and it's all my fault. Everything that happened was my fault. I shall tell you every sordid detail of my gory past so that you may see what I terrible person I truly am.

-cue angsty story of Jaspers' tortured past.

BELLA: Oh Jasper, you are so much stronger than you think. You are amazing and wonderful, and you mean so very very much to me. Stay with me.

JASPER: I'll stay with you as long as you need me to. -cue inappropriate thoughts of Bella

Jasper spends a few nights in Bella's bedroom.

JASPER: Oh Bella, you are so wonderful. You are proud of me, and you've made me realise that Alice only wanted to control me; how did I ever live without you?

BELLA: You treat me like an equal, making me realise that Edward treated me like a pet. Never leave me.

-cue nauseating professions of undying love

-cue hot sex (because between slaying newborns and meeting Alice, Jasper had the time to rack up amazing amounts of sexual experience with human women)

And they live happily ever after… THE END