This story has no rhyme or reason, I just want to kill them!

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One day, in the Soul Society, Captain Kenpachi Zaraki was bored out of his mind. "What's the matter Ken-Chan?" the little Lieutenant, Yachiru, asked. "There's nothing to do here…I think I'll go down to the human world," Kenpachi said. "Okay, I'll watch over while you're gone," the pink haired girl said smiling. "Thank you Yachiru," the psychotic shinigami said, leaving.

Later in the human world, Kenpachi was walking around. He wasn't looking for a good fight; he was just looking to do something. He finds Edward Cullen. At first, Kenpachi thought he was an arrancar, due to him looking like a walking corpse. Since the captain didn't have a good ability to sense spiritual pressure, he immediately struck the gay vampire down.

With a giant arc of his scarred and chipped sword, Kenpachi split Edward in two and blood splattered everywhere. The corpse laid there in a puddle of blood and guts. Its eyes were blank and lifeless. Bella Swan then came running into the scene. She saw the dead Edward and scream. The Shinigami looked at her and said, "Will you shut up? You his partner?" Kenpachi thought the Bella was probably control by the 'arrancar'.

"You bastard!!" She yelled. The stupid girl picked up a branch and ran to attack the man who killed Edward. The powerful captain the unleashed his spiritual pressure. It was so powerful that Bella could not possibly handle it. The branch was destroyed and the girl's skin was slowly, painfully peeled away. Her body was covered in blood and you completely see all of her muscles and veins.

"AAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!" Bella screamed in pain. She was twitching, unable to form words. She had no eye lids and had bloody eyes. Blood poured out of her mouth. Kenpachi then put his sword into her cerebral cortex, and then slashed her spine in two.

The captain then went back to the Soul Society. "Welcome back Ken-Chan!" Yachiru said, jumping onto his shoulder, "Did you have fun?" "Yes I did Yachiru," Zaraki said, "Yes I did…"