Chapter 1: Making the Grade.

Academy Kamen Rider. A school to train what could be the next Kamen Rider champion. Three years had passed since Nero Samson, otherwise known as Kamen Rider Den-O, overcame his friend Jessie Elias, also known as Kamen Rider Shadowmoon, to become the inaugral champion. With that victory, Nero topped the Elite 50, a system which guaranteed some names from the first tournament would be returning for the second, in two years' time. These names included Chad 'Phoenix' Leiter and Ray Blazer, both who were as legendary as Nero was in their exploits against the evil Jaden Stryder. There were about ten dorms on the island where Academy Kamen Rider rested. They were named after ten Riders. They were known as the Ichigo dorm, followed by Nigo dorm, V3 dorm, Riderman dorm, Agito dorm, Ryuki dorm, Blade dorm, Kabuto dorm, Den-O dorm and IXA dorm. In the first training sessions, where the first students automatically enrolled spar with one another using either Academy-issued Rider Belts or their own custom systems, two students fought each one trying to overcome the other in a battle of wills. One, Luke Huntington, was equipped with a copy of the Gatack Zecter while the other, Max Harkins, was using the power of his custom Hopper Zecter, based on the Hopper system.

Luke attached the Gatack Zecter to his Rider Belt while Max clicked the button on his own belt, flipping down a panel which allowed him to connect the Hopper Zecter to the belt. While this went on, they cried "HENSHIN!". The moment the word was said, the Zecters lit up and suits of armour materialised over each combatant. Taking the initiative, the fighters lunged forward at one another under the guises of Kamen Rider Gatack and Kamen Rider Magma Hopper. Max leapt into the air, executing a spinning kick, but Luke was quick to duck, and Max flew right over his head. As he came back down, Max turned around and moved in with a fist. Luke blocked the attack, then thrust out his foot. The kick to Max's chest caused him to stumble back, but he managed to remain largely unfazed. Jumping again, he moved into a flying kick and landed a direct hit. Luke was hurt. Max motioned his hands to the Hopper Zecter, pulling the handle on the grasshopper's back legs.

Rider Jump!

Max leapt into the air once again and returned the Zecter's back legs to their original position.

Rider Burst!

Max soared in, looking to take Luke out with the burning Rider Punch. Suddenly, he was thrown backwards. Armour had parted away from Gatack to reveal a sleeker suit. Horns then latched onto Gatack's helmet.

Cast Off! Change, Stag Beetle!

Luke reached for the Gatack Double Calibur swords on his shoulders and began slashing the hell out of Max. After a tenth slash, Max went flying into a wall. Luke, seeing he had the advantage, put the Double Caliburs together as if they were garden sheers and grabbed Max in a clawhold.

Rider Cutting!

Luke began to tighten the Caliburs' grip. Max tried to fight the hold, but there was nothing he could do about it as Luke cut forcefully. Max found himself on the ground.

"Enough!" Someone ordered. Luke backed up and detached the Gatack Zecter from his belt. Max got up from the battle wounds and detached the Hopper Zecter from his belt. The armour disappeared from their bodies. Someone walked up to them. Max & Luke both took a bow before this person.

"That was very good with the Cast Off system, Luke... and Professor Liger hasn't even taught it to you yet. Max, that was a commendable effort. Maybe you can learn to use the second mode of that Hopper Zecter you crafted." The man suggested.

"Thank you, Professor Muro." Luke & Max said in stereo.

"Please, boys. Drop the Professor. Now, you do know the entrance exams for new students are coming up and we're going to find out who's going to become part of Academy Kamen Rider. I'm inviting you two to enjoy the festivities." Muro explained.

"I'm in." Max said.

"Me too." Luke said.

"It is my job to make sure you're the strongest, in time for the second Tournament... it would be unfair of me to say this to you, but make sure that the new students are a whitewash for you in battle." Muro declared.

"We'll do our best, professor." Luke replied with glee.

"Professor Mitsukai is waiting for you in his combat chamber. It might be a good idea to see what he's teaching today. Me and Liger have to pick up the new student of the Ichigo dorm at the train station. Be well." Muro concluded. Luke & Max bowed and proceeded to leave the sparring arena.

"Muro is excited about the new student, eh?" Luke joked.

"Yeah: I hear the kid moved from Shibuya to be here. Might be a good idea to take care of him." Max replied as they walked out the door.

"Let's just hope he likes Riders from the Agito dorm!" Luke laughed in response, drawing a smile out of Max.


"Oh, god! Damn! 'Scuse me! Pardon me! Sorry... I'm in a hurry!" 18-year-old Erik Caine panicked. He was on his way to the Academy Kamen Rider entrance exams in the middle of Saagen Town. Fast rabbit, he wasn't. Erik had promised his friends he'd be there on time, but he was running major late. And it was only made worse when he bumped into the back of someone. But destiny has a way of bringing people together... you could say it was destiny's play.

"Sorry, man!" Erik apologised hastily, trying desperately to retrieve his fallen paperwork.

"You're going to the Academy..." The other person noticed.

Erik stood up kind of embarrassed, with a smile, until he realised who he was talking to: "Hey! You're...!"

"Something in the back of my mind tells me this belongs with you... I don't know why. Maybe destiny is playing with us." The person told Erik, handing him a blank white and black whistle-like device.

The person's parting words were: "Good luck."

Erik watched with awe as the person walked away with a golden metallic bat and dragon chasing after him, before zipping up his bag and resuming his journey.

"Damn, I'm late... I can't be a champion, unless I show up to the matches!"


"So, Max... how is the Hopper system you crafted coming along?" Mark Mitsukai asked his pupil.

"I think I got it just right... but I"ll need to demonstrate, just in case there's any more bugs to work out." Max responded.

"Okay... Max, spar with Harry." Mitsukai requested. Max was his favorite student: Max was a member of the Agito dorm after all, the Rider armour of someone he considered a son; Hao Wong, who had wielded Agito in the first tournament. The Hopper Zecter hopped for lack of a better term into Max's hands while in Harry's palm was the Hibiki Henshin Onsa. Max pushed the belt button and connected it with the Hopper Zecter. Harry used his fingers to ping the tuning fork, creating a sound wave that embedded a gem in Harry's head.


Change, Magma Hopper!

Harry became Hibiki in an inferno of indigo flame while Max transformed into Kamen Rider Magma Hopper. Harry charged, swinging his fists, intending to take off Max's head. However, his assault was stopped cold by an identical attack Max now held in a block position as arms met. He sidestepped out of the block position, spun, and knocked Harry back with a powerful blow to the jaw. Fists met again and again. Though he would never admit it out loud, at that moment Max was thankful for the combat drills Muro had forced him to run since he joined the academy. However, he could also feel something extra coming from deep within him, turning his somewhat white-belt karate skills into those of a black-belt. However, it was obvious that Harry was an expert as well, and was also amazingly agile in the golden armor. Harry and Max found themselves at another stalemate, muscles tense, struggling for control of the battle. Harry lashed out with a kick, knocking Max back, stinging his chest with the Ongekibo Rekka, sending sparks flying, at the same time. Max held his hand to his chest where Harry stabbed at him. The blow did not pierce the Rider suit, but hurt nonetheless. Harry roared and thrust his Ongekibo Rekka forward again. A blast of golden electric energy erupted from the tip of the blade. Max flipped out of the way and the blast disintegrated a wall behind where he had been standing. He looked at the wall, then back at Harry. Taking his initiative and remembering what Muro had told him, Max unhooked the Zecter from his Belt, turned it around and then reattached it to the belt. He changed color.

Change, Frost Hopper!

Mark smiled at this; Max was getting smarter in battle by the minute. Harry was shocked by the transformation, which gave Max the chance to dive into the air with Rider Jump and then execute the Rider Kick. There was nothing Harry could do: he was finished for sure.


Harry used his last bit of strength to thrust the Ongekibo Rekka forward again for a spur-of-the-moment Ongeki finishing attack. The finishers connected and Max came out on the losing end again. Mark put a stop to the fight.

"Very good. Harry, take the opportunity to sharpen that Ongekido. I'm splitting you all off into pairs. Max, you're with me." Mitsukai suggested. Every student followed suit. Max walked up to Mark with a dejected look on his face.

"Don't be like that. You did your best... which is all that can be asked from you." Mark offered.

"But I switched to the Frost Hopper side and still lost! I haven't won a single session since I enrolled. I suck." Max said.

"Sucking is nothing. It only makes you stronger." Mitsukai replied.

"How can I become better at fighting?" Max asked. Mitsukai smirked at this.

"Do the things in battle that your opponent would least expect. I won many of my own battles that way." Mitsukai responded simply. Luke ran over.

"What's up, Luke?" Max wondered.

"The new kid's arrived!" Luke explained in rush.

Muro & Liger walked into the chamber with the student. He had black, spiky hair, red eyes, a blue T-shirt, black jeans and black wristbands. He also rocked the Ichigo Dorm blazer. Max noticed the student had the Academy-issued Bio Psyga Belt, which had been recovered in the wake of the Fake Riders' defeat and used for evaluation purposes after Professor Jack Ryker's team had modified them from their original output. The sparring students stopped and fell silent.

"Students, this is Daiki Kuto; the new member of the Ichigo dorm." Muro explained.

"It is my honour to be here, Sensei. I don't want to intrude, but can I join in?" Daiki asked.

"You can spar with us, Daiki-kun." Luke offered. Daiki smiled.

"You are kind. I sense the upcoming second tournament is not going to be dominated by the Elite 50 after all." Daiki thanked Luke.

"So... let's see what you've got!" Max said.


"Where's Erik, Dax?"

"I don't know, Amanda. It's not like him to be late."

Professor Jack Ryker, also known as Kamen Rider V3 and the godfather of the first Tournament Kamen Rider, took centre-stage on a podium in the middle of the arena. He grabbed the microphone and addressed the many would-be Riders around the arena.

"Welcome, my potential students, to the entrance exams for Academy Kamen Rider. The Academy is a place where many of you shall be groomed to join the Elite 50 from the first tournament in the second. Potentially, you all have a chance to take the crown of Kamen Rider champion. Bring your best and get your game faces on, because the current champion Nero Samson will not give up his title without a fight." Ryker explained.

Dax Komodo & Amanda Kyle turned to see Erik rush through the doors, hastily handing over his invitation form.

"There you are! We've been waiting for half-an-hour!" Amanda raged.

"Whoa, settle down, girl. Sorry, Erik, its just not like you to be late." Dax pointed out.

"Nah, I should apologise. I ran into someone. Problem is... I'm not sure if it was who I think it was!" Erik replied.

"What's this? A late student?" A voice boomed. Erik turned around.

"Sorry, sir." Erik apologised again.

"Now while I am more forgiving than most of the professors you shall find at the Academy, a case of lateness does not cruise by without being noticed. I am Professor Takeru Muro, head of the Den-O dorm. Hopefully, you shall be more careful in picking a time to show up when you enrol. You were almost too late." Muro explained.

"Again, sorry, sir." Erik responded.

"Don't overdo it. I hate grovelling swines and honorifics. If it were Professor Liger, you'd be long gone. But, for your lateness, I'm going to arrange you take the challenge for today." Muro continued.

"Bring it on. I'm game." Erik said, with no fear whatsoever.

"I admire your fiery personality, but even that shall be tested when you head into the Academy arena basement. We have several dwelling creatures down there, who terrorize and even kill our staff should they attempt to clean it up. If you can clear it out in the allotted time and make it back, then you shall be inducted into the Den-O dorm with your friends should they pass their challenges. Are you ready?" Muro finished.

"Oh yeah." Erik responded confidently.


"Open the gates to the basement level." Muro ordered. While weary of the dangers from the basement, the staff complied with the order. Darkness was all that Erik could see so far. But he wasn't scared at all. In fact, he was excited. The darkness didn't faze him.

"You have an hour. The Academy has supplied you with a Rider Runner and the Bio IXA system for use in your mission. Good luck, Mr. Caine... you'll need it." Muro announced. With a big smile, Erik climbed onto the white motorcycle, took the Bio IXA Belt from Muro's hands and sped off into the dark. Dax & Amanda quietly cheered their friend. Someone in the stands was not so friendly.

"Hmph. I hope that slacker is consumed by the darkness that waits."

"Oh, c'mon, Augen... even you gotta' admit that willingly going into the basement is gutsy."

"Nope. It just proves to me that some people are stupid for showing up late. Isn't that right, KageDoran?" Augen replied. He was joined by a small black flying dragon's head.

"Pyunpyun. As right as your victories, Master."


"Rat Fangire? So you're the dwellers in the basement!" Erik noticed, not waiting too long to find trouble. The Rat Fangire noticed him and surrounded him, enraged he invaded their space. Erik prepared to defend himself, clipping the Bio IXA belt to his waist. He pulled the Wolverine's Claw from his jacket.

DNA Extraction!

He punctured his skin and drew blood.


"Henshin! Bio Execute!" Erik called. He attached the Wolverine's Claw to the Bio IXA Belt.

Bio Execution: Fist On!

The virtual reality grid-like projection appeared in front of Erik, and encased him in the Bio IXA suit, formerly used by Davis Nash & Randall Kalish. With the BioCalibur firmly in his grip, Erik fought off the Rat Fangire. With a spinning strike, he temporarily batted them back, but they responded by swarming him. He was unable to defend himself. They punched and kicked away at their whimsy. One suddenly ripped Erik off of the ground and used him as a battery ram, knocking through a hollow wall. The Rat Fangire multiplied; four became eight and eight became twelve. Erik was completely overrun. He found himself being thrown, punched, kicked or smashed through anything not nailed down.

"I can't take too much more of this!" Erik told himself.

"Yosh! I shall beat you Fangire this time!" A voice yelled out. Erik watched as a small metallic bat ran his sharp wings through the Rat Fangire out of nowhere. This gave Erik an opportunity to regroup, as he took the Wolverine's Claw from his belt again and punctured four Fangire with the Claw's stungun mode. Erik turned the volume up and the Fangire were shocked by 5,000 volts down to their last glass shard.

"YuKivat Kick!" The bat cried out, smashing into the Fangire with repeated hits that blinded most of them. He flapped over to Erik on the ground.

"Don't remember seeing you around here before!" He said.

"I'm here for a challenge... the entrance exam for Academy Kamen Rider. I was told I had to clear these bums out of here to pass it. I'm Erik Caine." Erik explained.

"I'm YuKivat-bat the Fifth of the Kivat Clan. I'd say your little exam wasn't going well!" YuKivat responded. Suddenly, while they were talking, a Fangire regained his bearings and shot them both down. Erik reverted to human form from Bio IXA. He turned to YuKivat.

"You're part of the Kivat clan... then you must grant a partner powers, like Kivat III does for Kiva." Erik guessed.

"Yes, the armor embedded within the YuKivat heritage was the first Kiva's powers and abilities: Ichi no Kiva. The legendary knight that fought for the Fangire. The first King of the Checkmate Four received this power, but the Aozora Organisation stole it away and used it to develop IXA. By the time my great grandfather escaped back to the King, my entire family was outcasted to the tunnels of the undergrowth, where we have been dying out. I'm the last YuKivat." YuKivat replied.

"If that power hasn't been wielded in a while... then let me use it. I have friends in the Academy counting on me... and I will not let them down. If those things escape, then I will stop them. I will take them out!" Erik declared.

"But... the armor could mean your death! Don't you value your life?" YuKivat panicked.

"For my friends, I'm willing to take that risk." Erik insisted. YuKivat, while confused by this human's huge heart on the matter, nodded in agreement with his words.

"My friends... I will protect them... because I can... and I'm not letting them go to that academy alone!" Erik declared, putting the Bio IXA belt away. He turned to YuKivat and gave him a trusting nod, ready to take on these hostile basement-dwellers.

"Yosh! I'm burning up!" YuKivat said with glee.


YuKivat bit Erik's hand, which was slightly painful and made Erik wonder how his hero Phoenix Leiter dealt with it. Stained-glass tattoos appeared on Erik's arms and face, before the ghostly golden chains smashed apart from his waist to reveal a black and crimson version of the Kivat Belt, known as the YuKivat Belt.

Erik thrust YuKivat out in front of him: "Henshin!"

Afuredasu Kanjou ga

Kono karada Tsukiyaburi

Toki wo tokashi hajimatta Next Stage

Itsumo tari nakute

Iiwake teki na akirame

Zutto tsumiageteita Kakusu you ni

YuKivat flew from Erik's hand and perched himself upside down on the buckle. Erik's body metallized and reshaped to form the legendary nameless Fangire armor.

"My name is Kamen Rider... Yusei, the first Kiva."

Doko ka toomaki ni

Nagamete tayou na keshiki

Kyuu ni tenohira no ue Konagona ni kudake chiru

Kono kimochi no ikiba oshiete

He moved in and took out a few of the Rat Fangire with a massive kick, vaulting off to smash another with a viscous double-knees attack. The others were paralysed with fear at the sight of Erik's new armor and his brief offense, waiting before running off for their lives. They were unbelievably fast.

"Erik! Your vehicle!" YuKivat alerted. Erik agreed and ran towards his Rider Runner vehicle, revving up after the Rat Fangire at full speed. The Rider Runner was indeed fast. He reached down into the side holster and pulled out the Rider Runner's firearm, unsuccessfully firing at the Rat Fangire.

Seigyou funou Atsui honoo

Tomadoi wo yakiharai

Kinou made no kankaku Wasuresaseru

No one ever knows Boku no oto

Dokomademo shinka suru

Mada shiranai jibun ga Mezameteku…


"Erik! Use the Seal Fuestle on the left side of your belt!" YuKivat suggested. Erik nodded and pulled the bland white Fuestle from his left Fueslot. While it was different from the one he received earlier in the day, he noticed their similarities. He gave it to YuKivat to play.


Through the tune of the Seal Fuestle, which changed shape and color, Erik watched as his Rider Runner transformed into something more wyvern-like, with a big wheel contraption housing his body. The whole dashboard changed. The vehicle was now known as the YuseiRunner. The speed increased and Erik caught up to the Rat Fangire in no time.

Shougekido Saidai no

Dekigoto ga Kiseki yobu

Umarekawaru jibun wo Tomerarenai

No one ever knows Boku no hadou

Sekaijuu Hibikasete

Atarashii jidai e to Hashiride sou… Supernova

Afure dasu Kanjou ga

Kono karada Tsukiyaburi

There's no need to escape

Boku wa ima Kawatte ku...

Unmei no naka Chiisana hoshi umareru mitai ni

"Let's crash these guys and go home!" Erik concluded, taking the white and crimson Awakening Fuestle from his right. It was played by YuKivat.

Waking Up!

As if on command, the YuseiRunner's large wheel contraption housing its Rider opened up and Erik jumped into the air. YuKivat detached from the belt to smashed across the chains covering both of Erik's ankles, unleashing a crimson wing on either side. The Rat Fangire were caught in a trap of shadows as Erik descended, and floored them all with his Rider Kick, the Dominance Crash Break.

Seigyou funou Atsui honoo

Tomadoi wo yakiharai

Kinou made no kankaku Wasuresaseru

No one ever knows Boku no oto

Dokomademo shinka suru

Mada shiranai jibun ga Mezameteku…


Mienai kurayami no naka...

Kasuka na hikari Tsukuridasu you ni

"I think it's safe to say they won't be getting up for a while!" YuKivat smiled. The Fangire then all shattered to pieces.


"Ten seconds left..." Dax muttered to himself.

Amanda was equally as worried: "C'mon, Erik..."

"It is getting too close to the end time. Close the gates." Professor Muro ordered. The Academy staff were about to comply, when a motorcycle zoomed past.

"Who is that?" One of the other students wondered. The Rider stepped off the Rider Runner, which now had a dragon/wyvern theme to it. The Kivat creature flew off the belt and the Rider reverted to human form.

"Erik! You made it!" Dax cheered.

Muro was flabbergasted: "Y-you passed the entrance exam! Welcome to the Den-O dorm... and more importantly, welcome to Academy Kamen Rider!"

"Thanks, YuKivat." Erik smiled to his new partner, passing the Bio IXA Belt to a member of staff.

"Anytime." YuKivat replied.

"Thank god you made the Academy... I would've been sick to my stomach if I had to do advanced math alone!" Amanda fretted, giving her friend a hug.

"Okay, Amanda, I get it! You're not a maths fan!" Erik responded, managing to escape Amanda's grip.

"And that's how its done! Nice job, man!" Dax complimented.

In the stands, Augen, KageDoran and Eddie were watching on with interest.

"So the new guy made it back in time... with an interesting new persona. This Caine is going to be a top Rider, which means I can't wait to test him against Kagemarou." Augen complimented.

"New opinion, bro?" Eddie asked.

Augen grinned: "No... just a slightly improved one. That's all."

"Eddie-kun. My, my, you won't learn at all that my partnership with Augen in Kagemarou is unbeatable." KageDoran insisted.

Eddie had his doubts: "Even I'm having second thoughts about that, KageDoran."


A/N: Out with the old and in with the new! Academy Kamen Rider starts with a bang! Three years after the tournament ended, we start with a couple of lessons to see what Magma Hopper & Frost Hopper are all about before Erik Caine runs into a familiar face, obtaining a blank Fuestle before he arrives late to the entrance exams, where his friends Dax Komodo & Amanda Kyle were waiting, while Augen, KageDoran and Eddie were watching. Erik takes the basement challenge as his exam, meeting with YuKivat and becoming Kamen Rider Yusei to complete it, catching Augen's eye while Professor Muro inducts him into the Den-O dorm as a result.

Next time on Academy Kamen Rider: Erik, Dax & Amanda relax as the ferry holding the freshmen heads for Hongo Island, they run into Trevor 'Puppy' Griffin who shows them around the ferry before they also meet with Augen & Zane Marufuji, Dax learns of the Mirror Monster Gargonix's existence before heading into the Mirror World to contract him, only to find Kamen Rider Spider blocking the way! Final Attack Ride!

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Age: ---- (18-30, if you can, this is a school after all :D)

Height: -'-

Weight: ---lbs (or for comedic effect, 'none of your damn business' or '*slapped*' like before)

Interests: (Hobbies and the like; what they do in their spare time)

Personality: (Brash, cocky, never takes anything personally, etc.)

Rider System: Honoomaru gave me a pretty good idea with his Taisen fic. He had the types of OC Riders at 'Class', 'Original' or 'Hybrid'. 'Class' is where you use one of the ten Heisei Riders' powers as a base while 'Original' is what its name implies. And 'Hybrid' types are nothing more than combinations of Riders like combining the powers of Kuuga and Kabuto for instance or combining the powers of a Heisei Rider like Faiz and powers of your own original Rider. And for giggles' sakes, the Rider systems not taken during the tournament are Imperer, Riotroopers, Alternative & Alternative Zero.

I hope you have fun with this and remember, no OC Rider is going to have invincibility. Ja Ne!

Coming Soon...

In a future where Hybrids, lead by the evil Black Lioness Hybrid, have taken over the Earth...

"I could get used to ruling this planet."

...and the former competitors of Tournament Kamen Rider have been dying out...

"Not like they need a broadcast anyway... the Hybrids already own our world."

Jack turned to see Chad 'Phoenix' Leiter & Taryse Evans making lunch out of the few groceries they were able to steal in broad daylight. They didn't like how the store owner was killed by Hybrids for being incompetent but this was what they had to do to survive.

Nero Samson is locked up in slavery and servitude...

She broke the kiss, savouring every moment of her "pet's" affection.

"All mine…" She muttered into his ear. "That's what you are, Nero-chan… mine... and mine alone."

Ray Blazer is rotting away in a hospital bed and other Riders who will not bend to the Hybrids' demands have been forced to band together and live underground.

The Kamen Riders hatch a daring plan to rescue Nero and save the world once again, but it will also take the resurrection of a warrior long dead and the return of Nero's courage to defeat the Hybrids...

"Jack-san asked me to come in here and soothe your healing with some music."

"In my prayer... I wished for the strength to defeat you!"


That violin shall play again...