Academy Kamen Rider.

Chapter 26: The Prom.

Erik scrambled down the stairs of Amanda's summerhouse in Shantontown, tying up the necktie around his neck. He whipped on the black suit jacket he had in the crook of his arm and jumped over the bannister, putting his shoes on. YuKivat flew after him, with Ziggy & Negataros in close pursuit. They were both wearing variants of suits to accomodate their monstrous frames. Two days had passed since Erik & Augen had finished off Kiva the First & Frantz, the latter of which was sent to jail for fraud.

"Erik! You can calm down! The cruiser for prom doesn't arrive for another three hours!" YuKivat protested, finding the bowtie under his chin to be irritating.

"But the car ride to Saagen City's hydroport is going to be long as hell. Need to be prepared." Erik reasoned, straightening himself out in the mirror and removing his shoulderpads.

"You look great, dude."

Erik looked around in confusion. Nobody was around. He then looked at the mirror again and was surprised when Phil Friendly burst out of it, crashing into him. Erik helped Phil up and wiped the dirt off his suit.

"Sorry 'bout that, man... Dax's bright idea was to get ready in the Mirror World. Talk about dumbass." Phil explained.

Erik shook his head: "It's fine. Let's just wait for my Dad's car. Can't wait for prom. Gonna' be awesome."

"I hear that!" Phil chuckled.


"Take care, son. I'm proud of you for getting to this point. I'm sure your Mother would be too." Erik's father told him as he was about to board the cruiser back to Hongo Island.

"Thanks, Dad. You see Grandma and the rest of the family, you tell 'em I said hi, alright?" Erik replied, slinging his bag over his back and walking off into the cruiser after his friends. Eddie jumped up behind Erik, giving him a pat on the back.

"Hey, how's Augen?" Erik greeted.

Eddie smirked: "He's... weird. Feeling weird, that is. This day doesn't feel real to him at all. I guess graduation never feels right until you actually graduate. And he'd never admit this to your face, Erik... but he's going to miss everyone. He's going to miss every friend he's ever made. In fact, while we're on the cruiser, why don't I tell you the story of Taichi Kanimaru & Doug McIntyre?"

Erik blinked in confusion: "Who?"

They moved over to the main deck as the boat departed from the hydroport and Eddie continued talking: "The Double Dragon Riders. Freshmen from Augen's first year. Needless to say, in high school, they were his best friends. As a trio, they were inseperable. And just as Augen is with me, they were his mentors. The ones who led him towards a higher path. They were pranksters, sure... but they had hearts of gold. Or so Augen tells me. I never got to meet them. They died during the first Oni war. That's the reason for Augen's hardboiled personality: it's just a veil to shield his emotions. Anyway, Doug & Taichi were known as Kamen Riders Quilla & Inti, Dragons of the Moon and the Sun. They were from the Kuuga dorm."

"The retired dorm?" Erik wondered.

Eddie nodded: "If Augen was the best in the IXA dorm, then Taichi & Doug were the best in the Kuuga dorm. According to Augen, they should be honored right alongside him. He'd tell me all these stories about how he fought alongside them in battle and their mantra was 'Only Leave Enemies Behind.' Seems like they would be brothers until the end. After their death, Augen found it hard to bond with anyone at all. IXA dormers knew to keep well away when he wanted to be alone."

"Then how did he end up becoming your mentor?" Erik asked.

Eddie smiled, shrugging his shoulders: "You mean how he ended up becoming my big brother. I don't know why he took me under his wing. He told me once that I reminded him of Taichi & Doug's unique traits: Taichi's calm attitude and Doug's drive. All I know is, I intend to make him proud when I graduate with Puppy next year."

Erik patted Eddie on the shoulder: "You will."

"Right. I gotta' head over to the IXA dorm hall and see if Professor Liger needs anything else done." Eddie concluded, taking off. Erik waved his friend off, smiling at the irony of Eddie repeating something Augen would have and began walking in the opposite direction himself, before spotting the shine of a very familiar gun-based sword.

"Rito Inukaze..." Erik recognised. "Kamen Rider Accel, right?"

"In the new term, Erik Caine... no matter the dorm, your powers will be mine!" Rito nodded, producing the Accel Driver from his jacket. YuKivat was about to bite Erik's hand in response, but suddenly, Joseph Harbinger appeared with the Diendriver pointed at Rito.

"Sorry... but only I get the treasures of the island." Joseph declared.

Rito smirked: "You can have your treasure... but Rider gear is far more valuable to me. That Diendriver also. I'll be taking it."

Rito placed the Accel Driver on his waist, where the sides expanded out and clipped into a belt at the back. Erik kept on walking while the two thieves kept themselves preoccupied with one another. Joey loaded up the Diendriver with the Diend card while Rito inserted the Accel Memory into the Accel Driver.

"Henshin!" Joey yelled, pulling the trigger.

Kamen Ride: Diend!

"Hen... shin." Rito called, revving the handlebar of the Accel Driver.


Both transformed into their Rider selves and clashed the MakaiBooker & Engine Blade together. At a stalemate, both hopped back. Rito loaded the Engine Blade with the Engine Memory while Joey went for another card.


Attack Ride: Barrier!


Rito fired off a few shots from the Engine Blade, but Harbinger's barrier repelled it. In a rage, Rito pulled the Accel Driver from his waist and changed to Bike Form, looking to run Harbinger down. But Joey wasn't having any of that as he flipped out the stolen MakaiBooker from his side into sword mode once again and slashed Rito back into Rider Form.

"This is getting interesting... but despair is your ultimate goal! I will have that Diendriver!" Rito claimed, pulling the Engine Blade's trigger again.


With his blade fully charged with electric energy, Rito prepared for a slash attack, but he was cut off.

Final Attack Ride: Accel!

Suddenly, another Kamen Rider Accel came out of nowhere and hit Harbinger with the Accel Glanzer before striking Rito with his own Engine Blade. Joseph looked up to see the MakaiDriver on this Accel's waist, signifying this was Nobuya. Nobuya grinned under his helmet, making a calm pass for the MakaiBooker, but Harbinger sneaked a card into the Diendriver.

Attack Ride: Blast!

Nobuya's hand was an inch from the MakaiBooker before Joey unleashed his firepower. Nobuya was sent flying back into Makai form.

"How's life in the Agito dorm, Nobuya?" Harbinger taunted.

Nobuya growled: "Return my cards... or I will be forced to destroy you!"

Joey sighed and then loaded up the Diendriver with a pair of cards.

Kamen Ride: Garren!

Kamen Ride: Zolda!

Joey summoned his pistol-wielding team to fight Nobuya & Rito, who were immediately overrun.

"Later." Joey said as he used the Invisible card to make his getaway. Garren & Zolda started firing rapid-fire shots in the direction of their opponents, but Rito responded by pulling the Engine Blade's trigger again.


This created enough of a barrier for Rito push the break on the Accel Driver and Nobuya to use his penultimate card.

Accel! Maximum Drive!

Final Attack Ride: Makai!

The Accel Glanzer and Dimension Burst finishers hit the mark, causing Joey's drones to dissolve into nothing.

"Damn, got away..." Nobuya cursed about Harbinger. He turned around to see the Engine Blade pointed right at him.

"I don't have business with you. Move." Nobuya demanded.

Rito smirked: "Just so you know... the new term is when your MakaiDriver becomes mine. Then I'll target Diend and take his cards, I think. Be prepared... because despair awaits you at the finish line."

Rito lowered his weapon and walked away from the scene.

Nobuya grumbled: "We'll see."


Erik turned the corner on a lower level in the bowels of the ship when he was suddenly blinded by repeated flashing.

"Ow! What the... h-hell?!" Erik stuttered, looking up to see the BatShot taking photographs. Raz soon appeared with a sheepish grin to retrieve his tool.

"Sorry, Erik... I've been chosen as lead photographer for the yearbook and I've put the BatShot to good use. Plus, I think people would pay a little more attention to the yearbook now that your photos are all over it." Raz apologised. Erik waved him off, rubbing his eyes.

"It's fine." Erik insisted. "I've had worse. Like being Frantz's target for a year, for example."

Raz nodded: "Yeah, grim days. Anyhow, I've been doing a lot of thinking, but I couldn't find an answer... in the second Tournament, if you make it, do you want to surpass Nero Samson and his friends? Everytime you speak of them, you speak of them like you're their follower."

"Tch. No way! I'll see Nero & Phoenix at the tournament... where I'll defeat them. The title of champion is mine!" Erik responded with a smirk. Zane Marufuji passed through and caught wind of Erik's words.

"Good luck with that. They're both tough. On the one hand, you have Nero as Kamen Rider Den-O, allied to the four Taros & Sieg and the White Lion Relinquished. He beat a heck of a lot of Riders to become champion. His reign continues, even though around thirty Riders have challenged him for it. They all failed. Nero has the greatest dedication you could hope for. Then on the other hand you have Phoenix Leiter, as Kamen Rider Kiva. The title of his powers should be enough for you, Erik... plus I believe you've already met the man." Zane explained. Erik was surprised at that last bit.

"Of course! Now I know I'm not crazy: I did meet him months ago before the entrance exam. He's the one who gave me a Seal Fuestle, which ended up being Ziggy's Fuestle. I remember it like it was yesterday..." Erik said.

"Oh, god! Damn! 'Scuse me! Pardon me! Sorry... I'm in a hurry!" 18-year-old Erik Caine panicked. He was on his way to the Academy Kamen Rider entrance exams in the middle of Saagen Town. Fast rabbit, he wasn't. Erik had promised his friends he'd be there on time, but he was running major late. And it was only made worse when he bumped into the back of someone. But destiny has a way of bringing people together... you could say it was destiny's play.

"Sorry, man!" Erik apologised hastily, trying desperately to retrieve his fallen paperwork.

"You're going to the Academy..." The other person noticed.

Erik stood up kind of embarrassed, with a smile, until he realised who he was talking to: "Hey! You're...!"

"Something in the back of my mind tells me this belongs with you... I don't know why. Maybe destiny is playing with us." The person told Erik, handing him a blank white and black whistle-like device.

The person's parting words were: "Good luck."

Erik watched with awe as the person walked away with a golden metallic bat and dragon chasing after him, before zipping up his bag and resuming his journey.

"Damn, I'm late... I can't be a champion, unless I show up to the matches!"

"He made quite an impression on me that day. And since I enrolled... I made the vow to become the best Kamen Rider the Academy had. I think I'm on that path for sure!" Erik finished with enthusiasm.

"Amen, brother. Now we have to be at our dorm assemblies in time for the docking at Hongo Island. Raz, we'll see you later." Zane concluded. Raz tipped his fedora off to them, putting the BatShot in his inside pocket before taking off in the other direction while Erik & Zane walked off.


"Okay, guys and gals, head to the main mess hall and we'll get prom underway. Please take your time. Festivities will be underway shortly, but there's no need for a mass stampede." Professor Mikuchi announced. Erik, Zane & Eddie met with each other, with Raz, Dax, Phil & the Ryozakis not far behind.

"Howdy." Erik greeted.

"Where are the girls?" Eddie wondered.

Shiro was happy to answer: "Said they didn't want their 'dates' to see them until we were in the mess hall. Hint, hint."

Taking a brotherly line, the boys all lined up like a soccer team and joked around dancing into the academy building. This brought a smile to a noticing Professor Muro's face, to see his students united in friendship. The child in Muro tempted him to join in, but he thought better of it, going back to getting students inside.

The line of dancing friends suddenly stopped when Phil & Dax on the end noticed a mirror. Lucifer was in the Mirror World, wearing an eerie white tuxedo.

"Whaddya' think, Phil? Can prom wait?" Dax smirked devilishly.

Phil nodded: "Yeah. We ain't got dates anyhow. Plus, we'd just go Code of Man on 'em. How's about Code of Man opens up a prom-sized can of whoop-ass on devil boy?"

Dax made the 'S' sign: "And if you ain't down with that, we got one word for ya'..."

Dax & Phil walked up to the mirror and held out their Vent Decks, allowing the V-Buckles to grace their waists: "...Henshin!"

They inserted the Vent Decks and transformed into Kamen Riders Gargo & Spider, entering the mirror.

Erik chuckled: "Trust those two to bail to go after Lucifer. Didn't expect all the wrestling references though. And what the hell is 'Code of Man'?"

Eddie patted Erik on the back: "I think it's best if you don't know, considering you have a girlfriend. Speaking of which, let's not keep her waiting."

Erik nodded and the friends resumed their entrance shenanigans. Upon entry, they noticed that the professors and staff had spared no expense in making the event look lavish and important. Of course, Erik and his friends were followed in by the rest of the student body, causing the deejay to hit some party music on the speakers.

"Wow. Dax & Phil ditched this for Lucifer?" Zane commented.

"What? Those losers aren't actually here yet?!"

The boys turned to see Amanda & Christina enter. Amanda's dress made Shiro swoon as he took her in his arms and twirled her around one time. Raz took a couple of photos while Christina kissed Erik and then hugged him.

"You look great, Christina... uh, wow. That's all I gotta' say about that." Erik smiled.

Christina returned the smile: "Then quiet. You just hit the jackpot, tiger. Don't let it all go to waste now, ya' hear?"

They all began to dance while Ziggy & Negataros amused themselves with Seraph's Arms Monsters and the various Kivats out at the back, being bugged by flying Zecters. YuKivat went after one and ended up banging his head into a painting, which caused Negataros to laugh. Poison attracted Ziggy's attention and they went to dance.

Shizuka ni sora ni kaeru anata no sugata wo

What else can I do besides avenge you?

Namida ga kareru made zutto mitsumeteita

Afureru kanashimi wa kesenai kizuato ni

Wasure wa shinai to chikatta

Oreta tsubasa wo habatakase subete wo keshite miseyou

Itsu no hi ka owari wo mukaeru saigo no kane ga nari yamu made

You told me

Live as if you were to die tomorrow

Feel as if you were to be reborn now

Face as if you were to live forever

Furueru yubi de akai namida wo nazotta

I had nothing to lose, nothing truth

Hakanai omoide ga yami ni ochite yuku

Saigo no hohoemi ga ukande wa kieru

Nukumori dake wo nokoshite

Yasashii dake no kotoba nara ima no boku wa iyasenai

Hateshinaku tsudzuku tatakai ni kono mi wo subete sasageru dake

Itsuka wa kono sora ni daremo ga kaeru kara

Wakare no kotoba wa iranai

Make it up

Oreta tsubasa wo habatakase subete wo keshite miseyou

Itsu no hi ka owari wo mukaeru saigo no kane ga nari yamu made

Yasashii dake no kotoba nara ima no boku wa iyasenai

Hateshinaku tsudzuku tatakai ni kono mi wo subete sasageru dake


Professor Russell Liger took to the stage as the music died out, placing the microphone into his hand.

"A moment of your time, students." Liger began, getting everyone's attention. "Over the last three years, Academy Kamen Rider's short history, we have seen highs and lows. One of which is the three invasions and resultant wars with the Oni Brotherhood. Another is Professor Markus Frantz's betrayal and financial undermining. But we have fought through all that and this is the result. A room full of aspiring Kamen Riders, who will one day join the ranks of the prestigious Tournament Kamen Rider. Without making my speech sound like a complete rip-off of Professor Ryker's not too long ago, we are here to honor those students who have seen the horror from beginning to end and lived to tell the tale. One of them I am proud to say I tutored throughout that three-year period and am exceptionally proud to call the greatest Kamen Rider the academy has ever taught. He has brought more publicity and more students to this academy than anyone else. He is like a son to me. Please put your hands together and welcome Academy's Kamen Rider's greatest Kamen Rider ever... Augen."

Liger pointed towards the second balcony stairs, where Augen was standing, KageDoran not far behind. Erik looked up to see his friend in a suit with a golden rose attached, walking down the steps. The students started to clap, even Nobuya, whose dislike of Augen was well-noted. The respect pouring throughout the room was overwhelming as Augen cleared the dancefloor and stepped upon the stage. A couple of staff members stepped forward, each with a different item in hand. The first was a golden graduation medal with 'AKR' in block capitals across it and the other was Augen's IXA dorm jacket. Augen stepped forward to receive them, hanging the medal from his neck and placing the jacket over his arm. He walked up to Professor Liger and shook his hand. Liger handed him the microphone and Augen commanded everyone's attention. Everyone besides the obvious few cheered.

"Alright, shut up. I'm going to miss you too." Augen started in that patronising voice that hushed the crowd. "Okay, now that you've all shut up, I can flap my gums and do that little thing humans do called 'talk'. I started in Academy Kamen Rider at its inception, as a young impressionable kid, just like you guys. But then the Oni Wars started and I lost a few people close to me. That's when I changed and never focused on anything more than being the best. You could probably say that I stopped being human. For that, I'm truly sorry to everyone who I shunned because of this, but you understand what I had to do. But then I met someone who reminded me of who I used to be and I decided to be his mentor in life. I think its worked."

That lit Eddie up.

"Looking back the only thing I'd change would be my friends dying and my turning robotic, but apart from that, I think everything's gone pretty well. I'm really sad to say goodbye to the Academy, but I know I'm moving onto bigger things. In the second Tournament and all the small competitions before that... I intend to make this academy proud. I may not be here, but I'm always with you and I'm pushing you further towards your goals. I'd like to thank you all for your time, I'd like to thank the professors and staff for three years of hard work and lastly, all of the friends I've gathered in the past year. Without you, I wouldn't have made it to this point. Arigato." Augen finished, causing everyone to give the veteran a standing ovation. He flung his old IXA dorm blazer over his shoulder and stepped off the stage, heading towards Erik and the others. Puppy was right there with Dax & Phil, fresh from their fight with Lucifer. Augen shook Puppy's hand and then gave him a hearty hug. He turned to Erik and did the same with the other boys. He kissed the girls' hands and then got to Eddie. Augen took the blazer from his shoulder and placed it over Eddie's shoulders, signifying a passing of the torch.

"You've matured since I first met you, Eddie... and as your adopted big brother, you've made me proud. I hope I see you at the tournament."

"Thanks, bro." Eddie responded with a nod.

"That was very touching, man... I know this is not the kind of thing you want to hear from me, but I'm gonna' miss having you around and having you to turn to." Erik explained.

"Erik, you need not turn to anyone anymore. You're your own man, as is Eddie. And as far as missing me goes... you'll be seeing plenty of me at the tournament. Believe me when I say that." Augen replied. Erik nodded, allowing Augen to climb back up the stairs once again. He got to the top and slowly turned around.




Augen transformed into Kagemarou in front of the students for the final time and raised his fist into the air. He then jumped off the steps back to the stage as Professor Mikuchi took the microphone.

"And now students, back to the party! Introducing the Academy's own live band, Ken Harris, Genki Tamashii, Augen & Nolan Johnson, they are V3-GRADE AWAKENING!" Mikuchi announced as Augen detransformed and took a bass guitar. Harris had the normal guitar and vocals. Genki was on drums and Nolan was on synth.

"Alright, Academy Kamen Rider! We are V3-Grade Awakening and this is the Academy prom! We are playing live on Hongo Island and this is a hot J-Rock number! This is 'Stay the Ride Alive'! Enjoy!" Ken introduced as the band began jamming.

Kaze ga hikaru kigi wo yura shite kirame ku
Boku wa omou kono shunkan kitto wasure nai no darou
Aruki tsuzuketa jikan toka kyori yori
Hakari shire nai hito tono deai ima mo azayaka ni

Hikari naki basho de mite itamono kodoku no mannaka kiiteta
Ever lasting in words in the passion came from me
Seiza megutte mo kawara nu mono yuru ginai kizuna eien
Mou nidoto ae naitoshitemo stay alive

Mirai toiu jikan wa kae rareru kedo
Kioku toiu jikan wa darenimo kaeru koto wa dekinai
Kokoro no naka de hibiiteiru sono koe
Tsurete ikukara oboeteru mama mirai no hate made

"Wanna' dance, babe?" Erik asked Christina. She nodded and took Erik to the dancefloor. Shiro & Amanda were also out. Nobuya found Amy Crystalline and offered to take her to the dancefloor. Couples littered it as the band kept playing.

Hirosu giru sora ni sagashi tamono mayoeru mayonaka hikatta
Ever lasting in heart in the passion shout for me
Subeteni owari ga kuru toshite mo

Omoi wa tsunagaru eien
Kono mune ga katari tsuzuke teru Stay alive

Tachi domari furikaeri aruki dasu
Bokura wa itsumo tabi o shi teru
Kizutsuite taore temo tachiagaru
Tsuyoku are sorega kitto yakusoku

Hikari naki basho de mite itamono kodoku no mannaka kiiteta
Ever lasting in words in the passion came from me
Seiza megutte mo kawara nu mono yuru ginai kizuna eien
Kono tabi ga owaroutoshitemo
Mou nido to ae naitoshitemo stay alive...


A/N: Chapter over! First term and prom is over, and so is Augen/Kamen Rider Kagemarou's tenure at the Academy! That's not to say he won't make a future appearance in the fic though, for you Augen fans out there! Alright, next step is the movie! The diary entries chapter will be uploaded before it, so any of you with diary entries to send in, be quick! I hope you enjoyed Term 1 and I hope you equally enjoy Term 2! And just a little trivia here: I'm a wrestling fan, so that's the reason for the repeated wrestling references. Second, 'Code of Man' is a little running joke between my friends that I thought would be an awesome angle to the Dax-Phil friendship! Just so you don't have too many questions now that Term 1 is over!

Next time on Academy Kamen Rider, Term 2: Erik & co. return to Hongo Island for a second year of Riderdom, with a new professor waiting in the wings and a few dorm drafting surprises! Erik runs into family who have enrolled at the Academy, Dax & Phil prepare for Professor Mikuchi's Advent Tournament where Lucifer is sure to be waiting, Amanda & Shiro befriend a trio of friends who are more powerful than they appear and Erik reacts with surprise when he hears a certain kaijin has found his way back to the Island! Taiyou Maximum Drive!

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Let's Ride! Set your sights on the Other Side!

Coming Soon...

Two former Academy students are revived from the dead...

"Taichi... are you there?"

"Didn't we die?"

"Yeah. What's going on? We shouldn't even be here. Our bodies are mobile."

Chosen to stop an ancient evil...

"The Lost One... his prophecy is slowly being fulfilled!"

"If your powers are fed to the Lost One... the apocolypse will come."

"Lost in my darkness will be your rotting corpse!"

"The Lost One... Azrael!"

"The dark spirit of Azrael is infinite!"

Drawn back to the academy, some will put aside their differences to fight this evil...

"Oh my God! You guys got in too!"

"First class is Mecha. You ready for some fun, Doug?"

"Yep. Thrown in at the deep end; just the way I like it!"


"Always, partner! Henshin!"


"I suppose we must band together if stopping such an entity is to be reality!"

Some will look to claim it's power as their own...

A sharp kick upwards sent the weapon flying out of Danki's hand, and Taichi was already moving for it. With a strong leap he caught the trumpet gun in midair and descended back down, striking Danki with his own weapon. Danki stumbled back and Taichi flipped open the Solar Divider. He then withdrew the Taiyou Memory from the Solar Driver and inserted it into the weapon, closing it back up.

Taiyou! Maximum Drive!

"Solar... Break Limit!" Taichi yelled, taking a superhuman leap into the air as the Solar Divider blazed with flames. Taichi descended swiftly to the floor, stabbing the Divider into the ground hard, causing Danki to become engulfed in a pillar of fire that destroyed him.

With an uppercut from Zanki following, Doug found himself back on the floor. Zanki took his buckle from his belt and connected it to his guitar, a sign of his finishing attack. But Doug wouldn't give Zanki the chance, backflipping to his feet and using the Crescent Edge as a boomerang once again to daze Zanki. Once the weapon had returned to him, Doug withdrew the Eclipse Memory from the Lunar Driver, inserting it into a Maximum Slot above the handguard.

Eclipse! Maximum Drive!

"Full Moon... Collapse!" Doug yelled out, jumping into the sky like Taichi had before him before swinging his arm from side-to-side, sending a crescent-shaped slashblast in Zanki's direction.

And one Rider... will stand in the way to save the world...

"Yusei... carry on the will of the Lost Champions... before this world is destroyed... take his life!"

"The comrades around me help and encourage me. They have always been there for me and I always try to return the favour. Fail or succeed, our souls will always shine through! And with their power to guide me... I will use the darkness you have shown me to bring an end to your apocalypse, Lost One!"

Final Wake Up!

"This is for all the people you have harmed. For all the lives you have taken. And for the future!"

And he will never have to face this challenge alone...

Fang! Maximum Drive!

"Fang Strider!"

"We're partners, now and forever!"



COMING 2010!