Well this is my first story I am writing and I hope you find it to your liking. I mainly decided to write this because I have read many Bleach x Naruto crossovers that I loved but sadly were not finished so I decided that I should take a crack at writing my own version. This story will be about Naruto dieing , I do not plan on making him overly powerful that he could destroy anybody in like two seconds but he will grow powerful overtime. It starts in the Valley of the end also.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto and or Bleach in anyway or form.


Naruto thought as he cracked open his eyes. What was going on? Where is Sasuke? Did he win? All these thoughts were buzzing through Naruto's mind as regained consciousness. He looked around and noticed he was no longer laying on the ground after his clash with Sasuke's Dark Chidori (Sorry Don't know the technique's name in Japanese). Glancing around he noticed that he was floating above the ground and that his body was laying there unmoving with Sasuke standing above it.

"What is this a genjutsu?!?"

Putting his hands together in the Ram seal he attempted to released the genjutsu but found that he couldn't even locate any chakra in his body. With his eyes widening Naruto went into a panic and started to shout.


"KuKuKuKu, Dobe it seems your finally dead, at least you were somewhat useful by providing me with the power I need to defeat Itachi"

Naruto quickly glanced down to see Sasuke looking towards the clouds as it started to rain and true to his words Sasuke's Sharingan had changed into the all to familiar eyes of the Mangekyou Sharingan. Naruto blinked slowly processing the words that had left Sasuke's mouth and wished that he had not have heard them.

"Is that all I was to him a stepping stone to power! That teme doesn't care that he killed no murdered ME his best friend!!"

It was then that Naruto had a terrible realization.

"I AM DEAD!!!, no no No No No NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!"Naruto began to clutch his chest where he noticed he had a chain attached to where his heart was supposed to be located."No I can't be dead I haven't become Hokage yet!, I haven't gotten Sasuke to return to the village, there is so much I still have to do and all the promises I made that aren't complete."

"Naruto it seems that you have failed and that Sasuke has escaped"

Naruto stared at his sensei's indifference to his death with nothing less than shock. With his mouth wide open he watched as Kakashi scooped up his body and carried him back to Konoha. Naruto rose from his kneeling position and tried to follow Kakashi but found he couldn't get very far as he noticed the chain on his chest seemed to be bolted to thin air. So Naruto did what he thought would be best......He yanked at it and tugged and pulled with all of his might.

"Fucking thing just snap all ready god damn it"

He kept yanking till an audible "Snap" was heard and looking down to notice that his chain was now broken at the end. He quickly dismissed it and began to run to where his sensei was heading, but what he failed to notice was the tiny mouths that began to bite and chew upon the chains end. As Naruto ran across the sky he noticed that Kakashi was taking his time and that he had caught up to him a little too quick for his liking.

Eventually they had reached the gates of Konohagakure, Kakashi walked in a couple feet before noticing the crowd that had come to greet him. Sakura, Tsunade, Shizune, Shikamaru, Danzo, Gaara and his siblings, Hinata, and Hiruzen Sarutobi's former teammates Koharu and Homura. They all looked at Kakashi expectantly each wanting to know a different thing from "Is Naruto alright" or "Is Sasuke alright" or "Did the dobe complete his promise".

"Kakashi report!" Tsunade decided to take charge and break the silence.

"Uzumaki Naruto was......KIA unfortunately due to his former teammates chidori believed to be jabbed into his chest twice"

A silence over took the crowd each wearing a different face. Tsunade wearing a saddened look along with Hinata, Shikamaru wearing a lazy face but you could see tears looking closely enough which Naruto was not, Koharu and Homura wore a pleased look, Danzo a disappointed look and Sakura well.....she had an angry look. In fact here face was becoming very red and tick marks began to appear on her head it very much confused Naruto who couldn't tell what she was feeling due to his lack of experience plus it did not help that a shadow had overcast the top half portion of her face.

"And where is...he..?"

Sakura looked at Kakashi who in reply removed Naruto from the piggyback position and laid him out in front of the group. Sakura looked at the body of her former teammate with seething anger in her eyes. She slowly began walking her way over to him and with every step her anger become more vicious, every step a thought to fuel the fire pooped into her head.

"Sakura I realized I loved you...Step...Oh Sasuke I love you too...Step...Oh Sasuke of course I will marry you!!!...Step...Its a Boy!...Step...HAH INO told you I would Win..."

She stood with Naruto's body at her feet she looked at him...blood was all over his orange jumpsuit along with holes and burnt rips. Her eyes scanned over his face which had a somewhat calm look on it with neither a smile or a frown. Carefully she knelt down and brought her face close to his till their noses were almost touching and she looked directly in his unopened eyes and stared for what seemed like a minute but to Naruto well....he couldn't be happier she was finally noticing although he was dead he knew he had made a place in her heart and he was right he did make a place in her heart.


With that said she proceeded to spit in his face and throw his body into the nearest tree splitting it in half easily with her enraged strength. Naruto just stared at the object of his affection fuming and stomping away from the crowd leaving cracks in the streets that she walked upon. He turned his head back to his body that now had various chunks of wood impaling his body and his face painted crimson with his blood except for the blob of spit right on his right eye. Naruto just stared at the scene and attempted to process what was going on. His love that he would give anything in the world for hated him? How was he supposed to handle this....Why did he have to watch this? Is this his punishment...was he not good enough in life to go to heaven...was he a..a..a demon?

Naruto's mouth began to twitch, his face contorted into a sorrowful one and he began to break down.


As Naruto began started to vent out his rage and rant to the heavens he failed to notice his ever shorter chain began to disappear at an alarmingly faster rate and still slowly began to eat the remaining pieces of his chain.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Three weeks Later....

Konoha was ever vibrant and all of the villagers seemed to more happy and more friendly ever since his death. He watched what happened to the village since his death and it drove him insane. How come they got to experience happiness and yet he was deprived of it? He was beaten and tortured during his childhood and the people who had done that had received happiness? For the past three weeks he had watched the village grow happier from his death...even his friends were fine without him no one seemed to care for him.

"Did I not matter to anyone...is there no one to weep for me?"

Naruto stared down at where his funeral was to take place and looked with open confusion as he didn't see his Baa-chan or even Hinata...in fact none of his friends seemed to be there. Naruto didn't know but the friends that wanted to come were forbidden by the parents and carefully watched to make sure they didn't go whether from their own ate of the boy or for their child s safety as they knew what would happen this day. As for Tsunade she could be found passed out with multiple sake bottles loitering her desk and floor in the Hokage tower.

"So it is true then...there is no one that cares for me...no one mourns my death"

"Yeah were gonna show him"

"OH he will pay for what he did"

"He doesn't deserve a funeral because those are for Humans not pitiful demons!"


Naruto turned his head to the collective cheer of the mob approaching his open casket and he gasped in horror as when the mob approached one of the member charged forward wielding a pitchfork and toppled over his casket. The rest of the mob charged forward and dragged his body out of the casket piercing it in what ever location they could get with whatever they were carrying whether it was kunai, katana, pitchfork, spear, crowbar, broken two by four. After having fun opening up old wound and creating new gashes on his corpse they decided to put him back in the coffin but not before mutilating his eyes beyond repair and disemboweling him spilling his intestines and other various organs into his casket.

It looked as though the mob was finally retreating until one pulled out a rather big bottle of liquor and stuffed part of Naruto's ninja headband's cloth part into the bottle and put a cork in the opening of the bottle. A fellow mob member pulled out his lighter and lit the cloth outside the bottle on fire and then they tossed the now dangerous flaming bomb at the casket yelling.


Naruto gazed at his burning body and openly cried at himself, down on his knees and hands he stayed there just crying and felt one thing at the moment.

Pain...Immeasurable Pain..


Naruto clutched at the chain where his heart was supposed to be at and widened his eyes in shock upon noticing the last of his chain was disappearing from his chest and could only watch as what little remains that were left had finally ceased to exist. In that moment Naruto instantly clutched at his head and the hole that now replaced his heart and screamed in agony. It was a scream that was heard all over Konoha. For unknown reasons some people just began to cry at hearing the scream only imagining a fraction of the pain that the person producing the scream was in.

Naruto in the mean while began to change, he hunched over on all fours and blobs of white began pouring out from all over his body completely covering him from head to toe. His hand and feet also began to change morphing into claws and his leg bones began to crack and repair themselves to adjust to being a quadruped. At the end of his spine nine tails began to burst forth each sharply pointed at the tip and all in the same whitish hardened armor that had come out of his body. Finally the globs of white appeared over his face and began to form a mask of sorts. the mask formed pointed long pointed ears such as a certain fox demon and covered his face only leaving to eye holes and a mouth with sharpened teeth with a little swirl in the middle of the forehead. With his Hollow hole located exactly where Sasuke stabbed his first chidori.

(A/N:Basically its a white version of Naruto's Kyuubi four tailed transformation except with more tails and its white as all hollows start out, and don't worry i plan on modifying it later on but he is just a beginning hollow remember)

Completely worn out Naruto decided to check himself out and well his reaction was very predictable...

"Holy Shit What the Fuck happened to ME!"

Naruto wailed and screamed and then noticed his tails were trying to calm him down by rubbing his sides.

"Tails, oh fuck what else could happen?"

As if on Que a Garganta opened in the sky and began to drag him off to what would become his new home for many centuries to come. A place where all hollow are located, where they fight to become the top they could be and kill to feed their hunger. The place with white sands and many dangers a place named Hueco Mundo.

"Ugh my head feels like it was crushed by Gaara's Sabaku Kyuu"

Naruto lifted his head up and looked around to asses his surroundings and using all his logic he came up with one conclusion.

"I must be in some sort of desert, yep that sounds good"

Naruto proceeded to try to stand up only to fall back on his underbelly, unfortunately he wasn't all that used to being a quadruped yet without the Kyuubi controlling him or fueling his instincts. After a couple of trials and errors he finally managed to stand and began to trek his way thruogh the desert one step at a time.

"Its just one foot in front of the other, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left..."

Naruto's thoughts were interrupted as he bumped into a giant ape like creature. Upon closer look he noticed the ape like creature also had a hole in his chest and some sort of mask too. Of course Naruto had to look up at this creature as it was close to double his size. The massive gorilla like creature also had a small pair of arms on its back and some sort of pincers for longer he looked the more Naruto began to notice how good looking the ape was, no not in the physical sense but in the "Freshly cooked turkey on a platter with a cup of wine next to it while you were starving in the desert" kinda way. He also started to notice the ape was also looking at him in the same manner and so they kept staring until the ape lashed out with his right arm hoping to backhand Naruto into the sand.

On nothing but instinct Naruto leaped back a good couple yards in order to dodge the blow which brought up a bunch of sand spraying like a well. Naruto stared at the sand well until the large ape hollow lunged through the sand with his left hand open ready to grab Naruto's face and crush his head like a grape. Naruto did the only thing that came to mind and jumped onto the ape's forearm and ran down the apes arm till it reached the mask and lunged his claws forward only for the creature to block his claws with his other forearm.

Naruto using his momentum jumped off the over forearm and was aiming to get behind the creature until the second set of arms grabbed his hind legs and flung him back in front of the ape into the sand. The ape tried once again to crush our dear hollow by using both his arms with fists clenched shut and slamming them onto him but our dear fox rolled away at the last second. Quickly rising at his opportunity Naruto lunged at the beast but was quickly grabbed when the ape rose its body using its two main arms and grabbed Naruto with its pincer like foot.

"Now little hollow you die"

The ape raised its other foot so its pincers had Naruto's neck and slowly began to squeeze.

"Is this were it ends? I am going to die again?! No I will not be as weak as I was in my life I Will BE STRONGER I WILL NOT DIE HERE!"

Thinking on his feet Naruto plunged his tails into the ankle of the foot with its pincer around his neck and shredded it till it fell staining the white sands red with blood. Naruto lunged backwards once the ape hollow loosened its grip out of shock, never one to miss his opportunity Naruto sprinted forward with tails flailing behind him and with all the power he had launched him self face first into the hollows face with his tails piercing the apes chest and viciously bit away at the hollows mask tearing it to shreds and killing the hollow.

Naruto looked at the dead ape and noticed that one piece of the mask satisfied his hunger if only a minuscule amount so he figured devouring the rest of it would help the hunger. Walking over to the new corpse he started to munch on the hollows mask and worked his way down until all of the hollow was now stored into his belly slightly satisfying him. He didn't even forget the foot he severed in their battle.

"Man that's even better than ramen..I guess I might as well go on to eat some more"

"Hmmm that is very interesting perhaps I should keep tabs on that one for the future" a mysterious voice spoke aloud as it gazed upon the new hollow wondering off after defeating a fairly powerful hollow.(A/N: Just to clarify No it wasn't really that powerful compared to a menos or any higher ranking hollow, but for a hollow it was fairly powerful.)

Naruto's life eventually became a routine of hunting hollows and defeating them then eating them to decrease his hunger and that went on for at least a good century. Of course he also noticed with all the hollows he devoured he became more powerful but also the more hollows he devoured the more clustered his body became with souls of kept eating and eating until one day he came upon a sight he had never seen before it was a very tall looking hollow with a plain mask with a long pointy nose. It seemed to have a body that was just a huge black mass of putty.

"What in the fuck is that behemoth?"

Naruto was looking at the thing and just kept staring until an idea went off in his head a bright one at that in his opinion.

"I guess the only way to know is to eat it"

Naruto grinned at the thought of a challenging fight. Quickly to use surprise to his advantage he pounced upon the Gillians head and tried to pierce its head with his tails but it didn't seem to work with tails just couldn't make it deep enough to actually hurt the overly sized beast. Although the beast was absent minded it did notice that its head was itching so it shook its head ferociously about in a succeeded attempt to free it of the itch and so Naruto was sent flying into the sands leaving a cloud of dust where he hit.

"Fuck that failed,well now this bastard knows I'm here so I lost my surprise"

Much to Naruto's shock the behemoth just kept moving without ever noticing him. Now normally a hollow would be thankful that it could live but our dear fox hollow was nearly the opposite it was pissed that the Gillian didn't acknowledge his 'attack' on it. Using all of his brain power Naruto decided to yell at the beast and taunt it.

"You asshole come back here you pointy nosed freak, ya move your ass over here and stop being a cowered jeez you wuss!!"

Now a Gillian maybe absent minded but all of the hollows had one thing in common and that was they could be riled up easily so with all those thoughts angered the Gillian turned and charged at our significantly smaller fox hollow. In return Naruto charged at the Gillian only to leap in the air and climb upon the Gillians lower body and race up to the mask of the beast. The Gillian knowing that Naruto was climbing up it pointed its face downwards and gathered a large amount of spiritual energy and gathered it in the form of a ball at its mouth and promptly launched a cero at Naruto who quickly ran to the edge of the gillians body to avoid the cero.

"What the hell?!? It shot a beam of doom at me??"

Not one to lose his confidence at a mere 'beam of doom' he continued to the top of the Gillian and jabbed all nine of his tails into its face then ran up the mask tearing it to shreds. To reduce the damage from falling Naruto planted his tails into the Menos Grande's forehead and held tight as the beast collapsed into the white sands below. Eager to please his hunger Naruto chomped down on the Gillian and kept eating until the beast was completely gone but then something changed in Naruto as his body once again went under a strange pain.

Naruto looked around his surroundings and noticed it was a very dark void like space with other souls just jabbering about floating around inside the void. He noticed through the two holes in the void that he was inside his own body but his body was changing into something similar to the beast he had just defeated.


With these thoughts in mind Naruto released all of his spiritual energy and pushed all of the other souls away from his area of the void and as the mask was forming on his body its changed into the mask he wore as a hollow. This began his life as a Gillian, he had evolved and quickly Naruto decided he would he eat till he evolved again and would continue to grow strong to prove himself the best. To prove Konoha wrong to show them his power.

Again Naruto's life fell into a routine as he ate all the Menos he could find until he came across a strange looking creature it looked to be a shinigami Naruto noted but when he looked at the creature it had pieces of mask on his face. So deciding that he couldn't use sneak attacks in the sluggish and rather large form he charged at the creature unknowing that it was an Arrancar.

Noboru Ryuunosuke was a proud recent Arrancar who was to be appointed Fraccion to the Noveno Espada Aaroniero Arruruerie and was doing his first mission to locate a meal for his boss. It seemed a little underneath him to do such work but it had to be done as if it wasn't completed he might be killed by his boss. Taking a small look around he heard a rumbling in the distance and so a Gillian attempting to charge him and looked rather bored as the Menos approached. At least his boss would have some sort of meal.

Naruto kept on charging head first until he noticed he had stopped moving forward looking downwards he noticed the small shinigami thing was holding him back with but one bare hand. Next thing he knew he was flying through the air and landing very roughly on the sands below. Not wanting to waste anytime Naruto turned himself upward and launched at the Arrancar hoping to eat him in one go and still failed miserably as Noboru merely caught him with both hands and slammed him back into the sands.

"What are you!?" Naruto looked at his seemingly stronger opponent in wonder waiting for a response from the shinigami hollow thing.

"I am Noboru Ryuunosuke recently made Arrancar of the Noveno Espada, I am also the man who will serve you up as a meal for my master"

Naruto stared at Noboru in anger. This..this Arrancar was going to serve him as some meal to his master! How dare he insult him like this and treat him like something not worthy of gracing his presence unless to be served with an apple in his mouth and roasted upon a open fire! Naruto with all the anger flowing through him once again charged and tried to smash his head on the tiny whelp but was once again held back by Noboru's hands but this time Noboru lowered Naruto's head to his level and spoke to him.

"You are a rather pathetic Gillian how did you even become one you are nothing but a piece of trash."

Naruto looked at the Arrancar seething in anger at being called weak and a piece of trash and expectantly lashed out grabbing a piece of the mask on the Fraccion and ripped it off and ate it. The Arrancar in response dropped Naruto and screamed in pain from the unexpected attack and lashed about frantically clutching at his face in pain.

"Heh serves that teme right, but somethings different I feel more powerful I feel....Pain"

The Arrancar finally stopped thrashing about in time to notice the Gillian getting absorbed into a blinding light to which he used his forearm to cover his eyes lest he go blind. What came out of the light amazed and scared him to no end that little Gillian now stood differently back to being a quadruped and looked quite frightening. Naruto had at first reverted back to his hollow form except in a shade of black but suddenly he sprouted bones from his back and a skeleton covered his body. (A/N:think Chapter 438 in the magna when he goes six tails except that he has a skeletal version of that part of the body on every part including his tails which he still has nine of.)


Naruto lunged at the Espada who in response desperately charged up a cero from the palm of his hands and fired it at Naruto. Naruto quickly plunged his tails in the ground and began to swallow Noboru's cero through his mouth. After completely swallowing the cero Naruto opened his mouth and charged his own cero along with the cero he swallowed and fired it point blank at Noboru who was disintegrated in the blast by Naruto's orange cero. Or rather would have if the Arrancar didn't use Sonido to escape the blast last minute.

"Impressive to evolve in the middle of battle but still you cannot hope to kill me you pathetic Adjuchas"


Naruto lunged at the Arrancar in an attempt in slicing the head off that pretty lick neck of his but failed as the Arrancar disappeared again with the use of Sonido.

"Why Don't You JUST HOLD STILL!"

Deciding to try a different tactic planted his tails in the ground so that his body was held up vertically and once again charged up his cero and using his tails spun himself in a three hundred sixty degree motion ensuring a critical hit against his foe.

"Above you fool" Noboru fell upon Naruto intending to stab him through the mask before he caused anymore problems with his zanpaktou.

What Noboru was expecting was a slightly better meal for his master but what happened was anything but expected, the Adjuchas just up and vanished in a bust of speed right before his very eyes. His eyes widened to the fullest as that moment as he gazed at the cloud of sand left behind and only one thought went through his mind at that moment.


However his thoughts didn't last long as his chest was pierced by a black claw and a skeletal replicate of that claw. He turned his head around to see the Adjuchas he thought lower than him shooting a cero right through his head and that was the last thing he ever saw. Naruto on the other hand was ecstatic for he learned two new moves and got to evolve past his hideous Gillian form and back into this new sleek form. Not only that but he got to eat a very powerful foe and gain more power!.

Unfortunately his meal was cut short once he was two thirds of the way down when he suddenly collapsed due to being near such an immense reiatsu. He moved his head across the sand to see a brown haired shinigami walking up to him and by using all his power he lifted himself back onto his legs and glared at the man.

"My my Naruto-kun not many could withstand this much of my reiatsu, I must say it was a good choice to keep tabs on you throughout the years."

"Who...who are you shinigami?"

Aizen chuckled at Naruto's question.

"I am no longer a shinigami Naruto-kun, but as to who I am... I am the ruler of Hueco Mundo"

Naruto stared in awe at who exactly he was standing before, here was a man of immense power to be the ruler of Hueco Mundo.

"What do you want with..Me?"

"Why to offer you power dear, Naruto-kun to become an Arrancar."

"An Arrancar you say I accept Aizen-sama"

"I was hoping to hear that Naruto-kun"

Aizen led Naruto back to his palace in Hueco Mundo and they walked throughout the many twisting and wandering hallways inside of the palace till they were at a room where Aizen preformed his transformations with use of the Hogyoku. Leading Naruto to the center of the room he began to preform the necessary steps to use the Hogyoku to its fullest potential to bring out the best Arrancar Naruto could become. After a Great flash of light there stood in the center of the room a teen aged looking blond haired male with a lean look going not overly muscled but still had some standing at around 5'11 or 180.34 cm if your prefer centimeters. On his face were the remnants of his mask leaving crescent marks under his eyes, and his fox like ears attached to a strand of his old mask going across his forehead.(A/N: Skinnier than the headband.) But all you could see was white fox like ears poking out of his hair which resembled his father's and covered his headband like part of his mask.

Naruto looked up at Aizen and asked

"You got any pants?"

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