Here is the gift fanfic, or at least the first chapter of it, for -69. She said she wanted something where one of the two was bullied and the other was bully and this was my idea, brought on by a great song by Amanda Palmer. A note about it is at the bottom. I don't own the song or Kingdom Hearts. ^^ Happy reading!

Zexion was your typical teenager, really. At least, he was if you thought the typical teenager spent most of his days locked in his room with curtains drawn, door locked, and playing the piano or reading from his outrageously big books, only venturing out to go to school only to then be shoved into any locker the bullies seemed to fancy that day. So...he wasn't your typical teenager at all, actually.

Pain shot through his knees as he hit the ground, once again tripped. This sent his books sprawling everywhere and Zexion felt the sudden urge to get up and punch whoever had done it in the face. He refrained from doing so only because it would probably result in him being punched back, which would end in a bloody or broken nose. Besides, it wasn't like his hit would do anything anyways. He grabbed his books up quickly and escaped into the nearest classroom, ignoring the snickers.

Thankfully, the next classroom was the class he needed to be in so he was spared further embarrassment. He quickly made his way to his seat in the back corner and sat down, keeping his head down and making himself as unnoticeable as possible. Of course, this didn't stop the hateful notes tossed his way complete with a few spit balls. Every class followed this basic procedure and lunch found him huddled in a corner by himself, avoiding the jokes and ignoring the hateful laughter, followed by three more classes exactly like the first two.

Welcome to the life of Zexion Collins.


Zexion, being the quiet person he was, was very observant because he spent all the time he could be talking, watching those around him. He had come to the conclusion that one of his tormentors was truly an obnoxious brat that had everything he wanted. At least the others had a reason. Well not really a reason but Zexion could understand why they bullied him the way they did. All of his other tormentors were insecure about themselves though it was only obvious to him because he studied them so carefully.

However, Demyx was another story. Demyx was confident, know cracks in his facade simply because there was no facade to be cracked. The teen really just liked to bully him because he found it amusing.

"What'cha looking at queer?" Demyx called from across the small courtyard in front of the school.
It was an hour after school had gotten out and the blond had brought his guitar to school like he did everyday. And everyday he played for his friends and came off as the cool and talented musician who they all thought was destined to become a big star when in reality, he was probably going to end up like a bum on the street.

"I happen to like girls, thank you," Zexion said under his breath.

"I'm sorry? I didn't hear you. Speak up book nerd," Demyx crowed.

Zexion kept his head down even as he heard Demyx and his crew of idiots walk towards him. He hoped that if he said nothing, they would just let it go and find someone else to torment. However, this looked extremely unlikely because he was the only other one in the courtyard and there was no one else, perfect for them. It meant they could beat him up until they were content and no one would lift a hand to stop them because there was no one there to lift a hand.

"So? What'd you say?"

"I said you suck at the guitar so you should probably go back to that stupid guitar hero."

Zexion was really wondering what had possessed him to say something so utterly idiotic when he was suddenly grabbed by the front of his hoodie and dragged to the ground so his already bruised knees from earlier in the day scraped against the ground. However, the abuse stopped there and Demyx knelt down in front of him, grabbing his chin roughly and forcing him to look up.

"So the little emo queer thinks that maybe he's more talented at music than I am? Are you stupid?" Demyx demanded.

"Yes I'm beginning to think so," Zexion said dryly. "I mean, I must be actually standing up to you after you've proven your great strength by tripping the most uncoordinated guy in school every day. Really, you could just leave me, I'd trip on my own and look, there's your amusement without any effort on your part. Great, isn't it?"

Oh god, what was possessing him to keep opening his mouth and talking? Talking was a really bad idea right now and what was that look in Demyx's eyes? It was an interested and amused look which pretty much sealed Zexion's doom of never shaking off Demyx's torments again because now he had eternally hooked the other's interest.

"You've been hiding this fiery spirit for awhile, haven't you? It'll be fun to break you," Demyx said with a smirk.

Zexion, still continuing on his track of insanity it seemed, jerked out of Demyx's grip and stood, glaring down at him with his visible lilac colored eye. "Go play guitar hero, you tone deaf idiot. You'd do a lot better just faking it."

A horn honked, signaling Zexion that his ride had arrived. The teen jolted into a run but was seized roughly by the back of his hoodie, successfully jerking him backwards.

"Alright. How about we make a little deal, hm?"

Zexion paled but nodded. Would his own idiocy never end? He was really beginning to wonder.

"Here it is. You write a song, your own song, not a cover. I'll do the same. During Battle of the Bands, we each perform. Whoever places the highest wins."
"Wins what?" Zexion asked weakly.

The horn blared obnoxiously again.

"If you win, which is unlikely because you don't even play an instrument, I'll leave you alone for the rest of your high school career. If I win...well...just hope that you win, okay?"

He gave Zexion a little push forward and the slate haired teen barely managed to catch his balance. He stumbled the rest of the way to the car that his older brother Ienzo was driving. The last sound he heard before he closed the door was Demyx cackling.


Zexion sat at his keyboard, staring at the keys with a rising anxiety. Battle of the Bands was in two weeks. Two weeks! While he was skilled at the piano he had never written a song in his life before, never really having anything to write a song about because his life was so boring, despite his tormentors. As he thought, he let his fingers drift over the keys, lightly and almost soundlessly playing a few chords here and there randomly.

And that's when it came to him. If he was going to do this stupid deal with Demyx, he might as well make it so he could win something, that something being having a chance to make fun of the other teen as much as he could through song. So maybe he wouldn't win being free from his most dangerous tormentor ever but at least he would have fun while spiraling down into a pain filled hell.
He wondered how he was alive, being so pessimistic all the time.


Zexion was in a frenzy for the next few days, writing the lyrics, erasing bits and pieces only to put them right back where they had been. Ienzo, his older brother and Guitar Hero addict, was becoming annoyed with his younger brother's questions on the game, and Zexion finally resorted to the internet, pouring over videos of people playing the game that had risen so quickly into popularity.

Demyx still tormented him daily, shoving him and locking him into lockers and bathroom stalls but these acts didn't faze Zexion in the least. He was focused only on the goal of writing an amazing song and blowing everyone in the student body out of the water. Maybe this was his chance to make everyone think more of him instead of staring at him like he was no better than the dirt on their shoes. Sure, he had never cared much for his image before but now, he wanted everyone to be impressed, he cared about everyone's opinion now. Perhaps it was because now he had the chance. He didn't really know.


"So, you ready, nerd boy?" Demyx asked, gripping Zexion's shoulder right as he had been walking into the bathroom.

"Yes, I am," Zexion said firmly, turning to look at him. "I've been playing the piano for over ten years. You really should've learned that before you challenged me to a bet like that."

Zexion was wondering where the fire within him was coming from. Perhaps the song writing was really making him come out of his shell or something a long those lines at least.

"You'll still lose," Demyx said. "Just letting you know. Big day is tomorrow after all."

"I am so glad. It means I only have one more day of your oh so entertaining tormenting," Zexion said sarcastically. "Now if you would excuse me, I don't want to be late to class."

He took a small pride in the fact that Demyx had nothing to say in response.


"Next up is Zexion Collins!"

Of course, there was no applause for him, just a stony silence as Zexion stepped out onto the brightly lit stage, making his way towards the keyboard in the center of the stage. He sat down on the bench, readying himself for his last try to shrug off the bullies forever.

"Good morning killer king, you're a star.
That's gorgeous hold it right where you are
The weather's kinda lousy today
So what oh what oh what'll we play?"

Zexion continued to let his fingers hammer out the chords on the keyboard as he got more into the song, finding that he actually enjoyed being on stage in front of all of these people.

"Stratocaster strapped to your back
It's a semi automatic like Dad's
He taught you how to pause and reset
And that's about as far as you get!"

"So what's the use in going out
It's so depressing when people die in real life
I'd rather pick up right where we left off
Making out to faces of death!"

The chords changed to something more light and peppy as he lunged eagerly into the next part of the song, a small smirk coming to his lips as he realized how much fun he was going to enjoy Demyx's reaction when he got further along in the song. It truly was his own little private revenge.

"And I could save you baby
But it isn't worth my time
And I could make you chase me
For a little price is right!"

This part was played softly but on the next verse, the volume increased with a crash of his hand on a chord similar to what he had originally written. He wanted it to sound as chaotic as he could.

"It's hit but are you actually sure!
The targets in the crowd are a blur!
The people screaming just like they should
But you don't even know if you're good

"So tie them up and feed them the sand!
Try to tell us using your hands
A picture's worth a million words
And that way nobody gets hurt!"

The chords returned to the light sound once more after this, finally leading to Zexion's favorite part, the part that he was sure would anger Demyx.

"And I could save you baby
But it isn't worth my time
And I could make you chase me
For a little price is right!

"You're my guitar hero!
You're my guitar hero!
You're my guitar hero!
You're my guitar hero!"

"X marks the box
In the hole in the ground
That goes off with a breath
So careful don't make a sound."

He was playing quiet now, nearly whispering into the microphone, his eyes seeking out Demyx's face. He couldn't wait to see his reaction when realization dawned on him of the meaning of his next words.

"X marks the box
In the hole in the ground
That you dug for yourself
Now lie in it!"

The last line was accented with another pound of chords on the keyboard. Zexion was quite thankful his school wouldn't mind the swearing in his next few lines, it was after school hours anyhow, even if it was still in the school auditorium.

"Shut up about all this negative shit!
You wanted to make it and now that you're in
You're obviously not going to die
So why not take your chances and try."

Once again, the volume rose to a high level and Zexion felt a small thrill of delight course through him as he saw Demyx's realization that Zexion's words had basically said he was worthless so it was okay if he died. Perhaps the other was smarter than he originally thought. To top it all off, the sound of people clapping along with the beat let him know that when all of this was over, people were finally going to be on his side.

"How are you going to turn this thing off!
This isn't like the ones back at home!
You shut your eyes and flip the cassette!
And that's about the time that they hit!"

The volume died again and Zexion's tone turned mournful and soft.

"What the fuck is up with this shit.
It certainly isn't worth getting upset.
His hands are gone and most of his head.
And just when he was getting so good.
Just when he was getting so good!"

He held out the last note, growing louder before lunging once more into the chorus.

"And I could save you baby!
But it isn't worth my time
And I could make you chase me
For a little slice of life!

"Woo, hoo, hoo! Whoo, hoo hoo! Whoo, hoo, whoo, hoo, whoo hoo, hoo!
You're my guitar hero
You're my guitar hero
You're my guitar hero
You're my guitar hero!"

The last chords pounded themselves out and with one last crash of the keys, he ended it, recoiling so fast from the keyboard that he almost knocked the microphone off. Zexion swallowed thickly as the loud sound of applause and cheering reached his ears and his eyes registered the amazed expression of the blond guitar player. He had enough composure left to lean up to the microphone and whisper a thank you before darting off the stage, his shyness once again seizing hold of him.

He was met almost immediately after leaving the stage by Demyx, the teen finding some way to get out into the hall and around back stage before Zexion could walk a few feet.

"Holy shit man," Demyx breathed, running a hand through his blond mullet like hair style.

"Before you ask, yes, it was about you and all of your little guitar poser friends," Zexion said in a rush. "Feel free to punch my face in now."

"No. No way. You are so freaking talented, book nerd. I want you to work with me," Demyx said, a bubbling happiness in his bright blue eyes.

"Hell no." The words were out of his mouth before Zexion could even think about them. "Just leave me alone and I'll be happy. There's no way I'm going to work with you."

"Dude, I'm sorry about that. I had no idea you were such a musician," Demyx told him seriously.

"And of course that changes everything," Zexion said sarcastically, rolling his visible eye and walking further back stage, intent on leaving the building and going home, even if he had to walk.

"It does, really," Demyx said, still following him out into the hallway and out towards the entrance. "Music is my life and when someone enjoys it as thoroughly as I do, I have to share my ideas with them."

"I don't want to share ideas with you. This was a one time thing and will probably never happen again," Zexion said, feeling annoyance creep into him.
"It has to! You're amazing! Can't you see that?"

"So I did a good job. So people might have a little more respect for me now. It makes my life a whole lot easier but that doesn't mean I'm going to keep doing it for their enjoyment," Zexion said.

"So do it for your enjoyment. You can't tell me you didn't enjoy that," Demyx said sternly.

"I only enjoyed it because it meant I could probably get away from you!" Zexion hissed.

"Whoa, down boy. Just give it a try, alright? Even if you don't win, which I think you will win, you were amazing, I'll stop being such an asshole to you. You've shown me a side I didn't know you had," Demyx said.

"And you've shown me that you're still a selfish, arrogant, asshole," Zexion shot back.

He was surprised when suddenly the blond was in front of him, down on both knees with his hands clasped together in prayer. "Please. Start a band with me. I don't wanna go solo anymore."

Zexion swallowed thickly. Well this certainly was a situation he had ever expected to be in. If anyone was to be kneeling down, it was probably him, and he'd probably be saying something along the lines of: Dear god, please don't hurt me. I don't mean anything I said in the song and I'm surprised you understood the meaning behind the lyrics at all!

Well...maybe not that last bit.

"Come on, I'm down on my freaking knees! I'm asking you, humbly, to start a band with me," Demyx said quietly, staring up at him with such sincerity that Zexion felt his mouth begin to form the words of agreement. However, he snapped back to reality quick enough.

"No. I'm not performing again."

"Hell yes you are," Demyx said determinedly, getting to his feet. "I want you with me, so you will be."

"No, you can't make me!" Zexion retorted childishly.





"Zexion? Pwease?"

Zexion raised a fine thin eyebrow when Demyx's voice grew ridiculously childish and he batted his eyes at him like a little girl. "Fine. Fine you arrogant asshole."

"What can I say? I'm your guitar hero."

"Go die in hell."

My views on the lyrics are pretty much my own. People can interpret the lyrics in anyway they want, I'm not saying mine is the right one. ^^'