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Several years later

Zexion tested the cord hooking his keyboard to the amp one final time before moving back stage to where Demyx was tuning his guitar. What had started as a two person band in high school had turned into one of the most popular bands in the country and they had been signed almost immediately after they graduated. Zexion was thankful for the amazing stroke of luck that put him in a career that he enjoyed with the man he loved. The two were still together and Zexion could not imagine living his life a different way.

"Hey, is Namine coming?" Zexion asked, sitting down on the ground beside the blond.

"Yep, and she's bringing her girlfriend," Demyx answered, looking up at him. His blond hair was longer now, and a total mess around his face, something else he would have to fix before the show started.

"Oh? When did this happen?" Zexion asked, raising a thin eyebrow.

"A week ago," Demyx told him. "Mom didn't take it to well but I think Dad's submitted to his fate that the family line probably won't continue." It was true; when Demyx had come out, their father had freaked out, thinking that the family name would die out.

"So who is it?" Zexion asked. "And isn't Nami about sixteen now?"

"Yep," Demyx answered. "It's some girl named Kairi, I've never seen her before but Namine says she's great. I told her we'll see after I meet her."

Zexion snickered. "So what, you're the one all of Namine's girl friends have to go through first?"

"Of course! I'm the older brother, it's my job!" Demyx said.

Zexion just rolled his eyes. "Hurry up with that, we've only got an hour before the show and your hair takes forty five minutes to put into that weird thing that looks like a mullet."

"It isn't a mullet! It's a mullhawk!" Demyx protested.

"Well whatever it is, it takes way too long to style," Zexion said.

Demyx stuck out his tongue but quickly finished what he was doing and followed his boyfriend back to the dressing room. Zexion locked the door behind them and then grabbed Demyx, kissing him firmly. Demyx snickered into the kiss but let Zexion have his way for a few moments before pulling away.

"So that's why you really wanted to come in here," Demyx teased.

"No, I do want to do your hair, this just seemed like a good bonus," Zexion told him. "Now sit on that stool and let me work."

"Yes, sir," Demyx snickered, sitting down on one of the stools and looking into the mirror as Zexion scurried around looking for Demyx's supply of hair gel that he carted around while they were on tour. "You know what today is?"

"Um, a show day?" Zexion replied distractedly, making a small noise of triumph upon finding the hair gel.

"Nope. This is the day of the Battle of the Bands where you showed me how amazing you were," Demyx said quietly. "You should play that song."

"There isn't a guitar part though," Zexion said, squirting some of the sticky gel into his hands and setting to work on Demyx's hair. "And I don't want to play without you."

"Oh there's a guitar part," Demyx told him. "I wrote it."

Zexion stared him in the eye through his reflection. "When?"

"Right after you played it, when you went home. I made up a guitar part to play with it."

"And you never told me?" Zexion demanded.

"I thought you'd get mad," Demyx said with a shrug. "But now I know you won't. So I think we should play it."

Zexion shrugged. "Fine, we'll just add it to the beginning of the set list."

"No, the end, I want it at the end," Demyx told him.

Zexion laughed. "Alright, whatever you want."

Demyx beamed happily.


"You guys have been unbelievably great tonight," Zexion said into the microphone, adjusting it as he did so. "And we have a special treat for all of you to wrap it up. It's the first song I ever wrote and it's the song that started this whole thing."

A cheer erupted and Demyx grinned at Zexion, giving him a thumbs up.

"So we hope you enjoy," Zexion finished.

He waited for the crowd to quiet before he started the first chords, chords he had not played in years but were still memorized in the back of his mind and Demyx, to his surprise, was harmonizing with him perfectly on his guitar. As the song progressed, Zexion realized how perfectly the guitar fit in with the song, and upon seeing Demyx's great enjoyment from playing it, found that he would prefer to play it more often.

"And I could save you baby
But it isn't worth my time
And I could make you chase me
For a little price is right!"

"You're my guitar hero!
You're my guitar hero!
You're my guitar hero!
You're my guitar hero!"

Zexion glanced over at Demyx, realizing how true the lyrics were. Once used for negativity, the lyrics now had a whole new meaning to him. Demyx really was his guitar hero, saving him from a deep and lonesome part of his life, teaching him how to love again and making him feel cherished.

The last crashing chords were accompanied by loud cheering as Zexion pulled his fingers off the keys, letting the chord ring and then glancing at Demyx once more. Demyx grinned and mouthed a 'thank you'. Zexion smiled softly.


"So did Kairi meet your standards?" Zexion asked as he emerged from the shower, stepping into the hotel bedroom.

"I suppose so," Demyx sighed, already showered though his hair was still damp from the water. He was reclined on the bed with his shirt off and Zexion let his eyes roam over the smooth, tan skin before meeting Demyx's eyes.

"You suppose?" Zexion asked.

Demyx snickered. "Nah, she's great. So, did you like playing that song again?"

Zexion nodded, crawling into the bed beside Demyx and snuggling up against his chest. "Yes, I did. Your chords fit perfectly. You should've told me earlier."

Demyx kissed his nose. "Nah, it's better to play it on the day that you made me fall even more in love with you than I already was."

Zexion moved to kiss his lips, enjoying the taste of the man as he lightly stroked the bare chest, brushing over Demyx's nipples briefly to make him gasp. Over the years, physical intimacy had gotten easier and easier for Zexion, and eventually Demyx had taken him, every action so full of love that Zexion was sure the nightmares would vanish forever. It also helped that he spent every night in Demyx's bed, held protectively to the warm body.

"Mmm, Zexy," Demyx cooed against his lips. "We have to wake up early tomorrow morning, I don't think this is the time."

Zexion nipped his chin, gazing up at the blond with one cool, lilac eye. "I won't keep you up all night."

Demyx smiled and suddenly rolled them over, straddling Zexion's waist and gazing down at him, head cocked to the side like a curious puppy, though an anything but innocent expression was on his face. "Oh but you know that once you get me going I can never seem to stop." He leaned down, lips caressing Zexion's ear. "You're just so good Zexion."

Zexion pulled Demyx into another kiss, dominating his mouth for only a few moments before Demyx took control, pressing him firmly into the mattress. The slate haired man gasped as Demyx moved to his neck, nibbling and licking, smirking at Zexion's small whimpers. It didn't take long for them both to shed their cloths and soon they were pressed together tightly, hands roaming over one another's bodies and lips locked in a fierce dance. They had long ago memorized one another's pleasure spots and it only heightened their pleasure as they moved against one another.

Eventually, Demyx trailed a careful hand down, fondling Zexion's arousal before lightly pressing at his entrance with one finger, smirking into the other's neck when he gasped. He slowly slid the first finger in, letting Zexion feel every bit of it as he pumped it in an out, carefully preparing him. He moved to the side a little, keeping up the steady rhythm as he tongued one of the smaller's nipples, delighting in the soft whimpers and breathy moans his actions evoked. After a little while, he slipped in the second finger, stretching Zexion and searching for the little bundle of nerves he knew would send his lover into a fit of moans and pleasurable feelings. Once he found it, he brought his lips to Zexion's for a kiss, successfully muffling the cries of passion as he assaulted the spot relentlessly, all the while keeping up the steady pumping and stretching.

He slowed both the kiss and his fingers, using his free hand to brush the slate colored hair out of his lilac eyes so he could stare into them as he spoke.

"You ready for me Zexion?" he asked softly.

Zexion nodded, trying to catch his breath. Demyx certainly knew how to drive him crazy with pleasure, knowing just the way to move to get just the right spots within him, and he was always left exhausted after the blond was finally through with him. The guitar player kissed him softly as he lined himself up with Zexion's entrance. Watching Zexion's face intently, he pushed in, watching his eyes as they widened and his throat emitted a soft, pleasure laced whimper.

"So beautiful," he murmured, cupping Zexion's face, kissing his lips once more before drawing out and pushing back into the delicious heat.

"So are you," Zexion replied, moving to meet Demyx's next thrust, gasping as it hit his pleasure spot right on. "How do you do that?"

"Do what?" Demyx asked as he began a slow and steady pace, bumping that spot within Zexion every time.

"Ah...oh Dem..." Zexion gasped, unable to form a coherent answer, instead choosing to undulate beneath Demyx.

Demyx chuckled and kissed his lover languidly, speeding up a little as Zexion clenched around his cock, muscles rippling as pleasure filled him. He groaned softly in Zexion's ear. Sure, Zexion claimed that Demyx knew exactly what it was that turned him on the most, but Demyx thought Zexion knew just what to do to drive Demyx just as crazy. He was almost certain that the well timed clenching wasn't just instinct.

"Harder," Zexion moaned, spreading his legs a little farther. "Harder Demyx!"

"Good Zexy," Demyx cooed softly. "Tell me just what you want."

He grabbed Zexion's hips and plunged into him a little harder, knowing he was doing it right when Zexion let loose a loud moan followed by a helpless whimper. The smaller was unbelievably sexy when in the throes of passion, head tossing from side to side. It didn't take much longer after that before Zexion came without Demyx ever laying a hand on his hard arousal. He splattered their chests as he come, a long drawn out moan of Demyx's name escaping past his lips. The sound undid Demyx and with one last thrust he came as well, collapsing on top of his lover, though being careful not to crush his smaller form.

Eventually, he rolled off of Zexion and the bed, padding into the bathroom for a washcloth. He wiped Zexion's chest down with tender care, kissing him softly on the lips before dropping the cloth on the floor and crawling into the bed beside him. Zexion rolled to face him, tangling their legs together as he did so.

"You know, if someone told me I would end up with you back in high school, I would've kicked them in the face," he said quietly. "But now, I can't imagine my life without you."

"I feel the same way," Demyx said, kissing the tip of Zexion's nose, loving the way the other blushed softly and the tender action. "So, do I live up to your standards? Am I your beloved guitar hero?"

Zexion laughed lightly. "You're much more than that Demyx. You're my everything."