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Nene nodded in thanks to Aido as he left, for a lesser educated being, he was very well behaved, she supposed.

"Bye Aido-kun~!" the Chairman called, releasing Nene and waving at Aido as he left the room.

"So Nene-chan," He began, as Nene surveyed the man in front of her. With his shawl, fluffy slippers and ponytail, he was the furthest image from what she expected to be a Chairman, especially a school as noted as Cross Academy. "How was your journey? I'm surprised Okuni and Minamoto didn't accompany you here, but that's neither here nor there! We're just waiting for Yuuki or Zero to arrive here to show you to your dorm-" as the Chairman was babbling, the door opened behind Nene and two people entered, one, a girl with shoulder length brown hair and large amber eyes, the other, a tall boy with silver hair and lavender eyes. Nene noticed that the boy had a tattoo on his neck and several silver ear piercings, he also seemed to emit an aura of hatred and danger. They both had a white armband on their left arm. The appearance of the two people seemed to elate the Chairman, who beamed at the both of them, holding his arms out expectantly.

"Chairman, why did you call us here?" the girl asked, stepping forward, ignoring his imploring arms. Nene mentally slapped the girl. What a stupid question. She is a new student, which was made obvious by her suitcase, what other reason was there than to explain school rules to her and show her around the school and her dorm.

"Yuuki~ why won't you call me daddy~?" the Chairman cried, his eyes tearing up. Nene was worried that he would burst into tears. Why, she didn't know. But she was. Luckily, the boy with the silver hair, who Nene took to be Zero seeing as the Chairman referred to the girl as Yuuki, interrupted before the tears could fall,

"Who's she?" he asked bluntly, gesturing towards Nene. The Chairman's tears disappeared, replaced with a somewhat goofy smile, "This is Akahana Nene-chan~!" he proclaimed proudly, "She just arrived now. Kaname-kun had Aido-kun escort her here, wasn't that nice of them?" he explained, with the air of a mother praising her superior children.

He cleared his throat, "Any way," he continued, in much more business-like voice than before, "Nene-chan will be starting classes tomorrow-"

"Huh? But don't we usually give new students a day or two to get settled in before sending them to class?" Yuuki interjected, stepping forward.

"Yes, but Nene-chan here is an exception." the Chairman stated calmly, "I wanted to give her time to settle, but her parents insisted on having her start immediately." he sighed, raising his hands in defence, "Yuuki, if you could show her to her dorm now please." he finished, settling back into his chair.

"Well, if I'm not needed...I'll patrol outside, Yuuki." Zero sighed, turning to leave.

"What are Level E's?" Nene blurted before she could stop herself. Her parent's note had completely left her mind until the Chairman mentioned them. She glanced at Yuuki, who looked shocked, and at Zero, who had frozen in mid-step, Nene was uncertain as to whether or not she should have mentioned Level E's with the both of them in the room., "I mean, could you please explain the term 'Level E' to me Kaien-sama?" she rephrased her question, bowing.

The Chairman, Kaien, sighed heavily, "I shall assume they left you a letter?" he asked. Nene nodded, there was no need to explain who 'they' were. To Nene, it was obvious from the tone of his voice that he meant her parents. Kaien shook his head, "Ahh, what have you done now Okuni?" he asked, laughing softly.

He looked directly at Nene, "Are you certain that you want to know?" he asked, imploring her with his eyes to say 'no', to turn around and go to her dorm with Yuuki. Nene nodded, mentally preparing herself for whatever Kaien was going to say.

"I guess I'll have to tell you then-"

"Are you joking?" Zero snapped, striding forward and slamming his fist on Kaien's desk, "After everything, you're just going to tell the first person who asks?" he continued in a lower voice, glaring at Kaien. Nene shuddered involuntarily, just hearing the menace in his voice scared her, she didn't want to imagine his fearsome look.

"Zero, Akahana Nene-chan must have her parent's permission to know these things if she was told to ask me about them." Kaien replied, putting emphasis on Nene's family name, Zero should recognise it. It i the only family of hunters that rivalled his own, the Kiryu family.

Zero scowled, even if she was a daughter of Akahana, the fact that she didn't know what a Level E was proved that she couldn't be able to take care of herself. Otherwise she would have been a member of the Hunter's Association.

"I'm aware of her family's position. But she obviously can not take care of herself, otherwise she would know what they are already." he growled, putting his death glare on full blast. However, he made the mistake of assuming that Nene would be unable to hear his lowered voice, but due to years of straining to hear what her parents were arguing about in their low, dangerous tones, not unlike the tone Zero had used, she was able to listen in on peoples' conversations unnoticed.

"I'll have you know, Zero-san, that I can take perfectly good care of myself." she interrupted, stepping forward. How dare he question her upbringing! She treasured the hours, however seldom they were, that her parents spent with her, teaching her various self defence, although her mother always told her, "And if all else fails, kick him where the sun don't shine!"

Nene glared defiantly at Zero, furious that he had, to use a colloquialism, dissed her family. Zero turned slowly to face her, "You think you can fight?" he smirked, studying her. She was normal height and build, but it was impossible to tell if she had any muscles due to the school jacket. Her long black hair would get in her way, leaving her hair loose was the sign of a novice, but her eyes seemed to be taunting him, begging for him to test her.

Who am I to refuse such an offer? He thought viciously, starting towards her. But she was gone. Zero blinked, momentarily frozen, before having the sensation of flying followed by landing heavily on his back. Nene stood triumphantly over him, smiling sweetly down on him as he glared viciously up at her.

"You were saying?" Nene asked, raising an eyebrow at Zero. He had scoffed at her, and now he was lying face up, flipped by a girl who 'obviously can not take care of herself'.

Nene was proud of herself for being able to flip people. It was practically the only self defence she could manage, apart from dodging, but she didn't count that.

Zero got up, gave her a furious look, and stalked out of the room, "Yuuki, I'll take care of outside." he called gruffly over his shoulder, slamming the door behind him. Yuuki was standing awkwardly to the side, "Uhh...Okay...!" she called out, startled, in reply to Zero, who was long gone by then.

Kaien sighed again, "Well, I guess I can't avoid it...Level E's are vampires who were once humans. They have lost all their sanity, and prey mercilessly on humans, often on groups if they can manage." he explained, resting his chin on his clasped hands, surveying Nene over his oval glasses. Nene blinked. Vampires? And if they had to be explained as once being human, then there must be vampires by birth. She thought quickly, her brain sifting through each and every vampire story, myth and legend she had ever heard or read.

"Why do they affect my parents?" she asked quietly, an plausible answer already forming in her mind.

"Because...they are the third generation of vampire hunters in the Akahana clan." Kaien explained, his previously cheery voice sombre, close to a monotone. Nene gawped at him. Hunters. Her parents were hunters. Vampire hunters. This was too much, too weird, too soon.

"C-Could I please go to my dorm now?" she whispered, staring at Kaien, but not seeing him.

"Yes, Yuuki, go on." he smiled gently, indicating the door with his hand.

"Yosh!" Yuuki barked, saluting Kaien,then taking Nene's suitcase in one hand, she placed her other hand on Nene's shoulder, steering her gently but firmly towards the door and leading her out of the school building to her dorm. Nene only vaguely heard Yuuki when she said that she would come over before classes to show her around. Nene collapsed on her bed, only bothering to take off her boots and jacket.

And soon fell into an uncomfortable sleep.

Mama, you're hurt!

No sweetie, I'm fine.

Daddy, you're bleeding!

It's nothing my little princess, just a scratch.

Was it always them? The vampires who hurt you?

I'll never forgive them.




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