Jack gazed at herself hard in the mirror, unsatisfied with the person reflected back. Dressing quickly that morning, she'd thrown on a dark green top and her favourite black jeans, which flared slightly over her thick soled boots. Finally she'd slipped on a chunky tan leather belt which artfully hid the shiv she wore down her back. In this ensemble she almost looked like any other girl. So why was it, she thought, that none of what she saw; the wavy brown hair, green eyes and clear skin, seemed to do justice to everything she'd experienced so far in life?

Ok, so maybe there was a little shadow in the eyes, a murkiness to the depths that were otherwise crystal clear, but it was nothing to the shadows that haunted her sleep. They were places of absolute blackness, where creatures hunted to devour and destroy, just waiting for that one fateful mistake............The one that never came, ending always in a flash of burning silver. She would wake then, grateful always for the bright, white, light of New Mecca flooding through her window. It was always a comfort to know that that place was behind her, far away in the lonely darkness of space. Unfortunately loneliness was something she too had come to know. At first it had been part of her defence mechanism, to not let people in, to keep her distance. People you called friends could just as easily become enemies and family? Blood ran like water in hers. Scowling she turned away from the mirror, crossing the room to grab her bag and head out.

You couldn't count on anyone except yourself, she thought, no matter what anybody ever said.