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"Coraline, what in the world are you doing down here at 3 o'clock in the morning?"

Mel Jones had walked downstairs because she couldn't sleep, only to find that her blue haired daughter was munching on some Doritos and watching TV.

Coraline's answer was muffled as she stuffed more Doritos in her mouth, looking bored and not at all tired.

"Please answer me, Coraline, in a voice that I can actually understand."

Coraline gulped, rolled her eyes and changed the channel. "I couldn't sleep, just like you. I feel as though it's pointless to lay in bed all night when you can't sleep. I could be doing better things like... eating and watching TV." She gestured over to the show she was watching. "Example A."

Mel let out a tired sigh, and started towards the direction of the kitchen. "Please be in bed in the next five minutes. You know how your father is if he hears a bunch of noise while he's trying to sleep."

"He makes enough noise when he sleep to block out anything else," Coraline said, a disappointed look crossing her face as she finished the Doritos. "I swear, I can hear him snore all the way from my room."

"Now isn't the time to argue about pointless things, Coraline." Her mother's voice came loudly from the kitchen, the loud clanks of plates being put down.

"You're making just as much noise as I am, mom."

"Go back to bed." Mel's tone was serious this time, and Coraline decided what she was doing was boring, anyway.

She sighed loudly, left the Doritos on the couch and turned off the TV. She almost crashed into Mel at the stairs, and paused to let her go first.

Before Mel walked up, she said, "Tomorrow's the first day of summer, and also the first day of your father and I's vacation. As you know, Miss Spink and Miss--"

Coraline groaned. "Yes, mom, I know they're going to be watching over me for five days. Those are also going to be the last five days of my life."

"You exaggerate too much. I thought the two old ladies downstairs were nice?"

"They are in a... creepy sort of way," Coraline mumbled, tapping her fingernails on the railing. "But really, mom, I'll die from boredom! I don't think I can take another tea leaves reading or a long story about their multiple love lives."

Mel looked confused for a moment, then shook her head. "I'm sure you'll be able to handle it. Now, lets go to bed." She gave one last look at her daughter, and then headed upstairs.

Coraline was right behind her, but something stopped her.

A noise.

No, not just a noise, a voice. A barely audible voice, and Coraline just managed to hear it.

'I'll be waiting, Coraline.'

The voice was silky sweet, and Coraline could recognize it anywhere. She hadn't moved an inch since the voice was heard, and now she wasn't sure if she was able to breathe.

Soft music followed after the voice, and it didn't speak again.

'No!' Coraline's thoughts shouted at her, allowing her to realize that she hadn't moved at all. Refusing to scream, the blue haired girl sprinted upstairs, almost knocking her mother over.

"Coraline! What are you doing?" Mel asked, trying to keep her voice low.

Coraline shook her head, trying to remember how to breathe properly again. Before her mother could ask what was wrong, she ran to her room and locked the door behind her.


It had been three months since it happened. Coraline had been paranoid ever since, keeping various weapons under her pillow and making sure her door and window were locked at night. Phobias of buttons, spiders, and any form of needle or sharp thing had developed after escaping the Other World. The blue haired girl, who was now 12 years old, couldn't sleep well at night, and found comfort in watching TV at strange hours and making noise whenever possible.

Coraline would still wince at the memory of her mother trying to sew a button back onto her school uniform. She ended up running away in the end, hiding until her mother finally gave up and decided it wasn't worth the effort.

Coraline hated to be alone. If she were to be in a room by herself, she'd make sure there was some light or something making noise.

And now that Coraline had heard her voice again, she knew the five days with Miss Spink and Forcible weren't going to be enjoyable ones. Somehow her worst nightmare had found about her parents vacationing, and was going to use it for advantage.

Advantage to get Coraline back.


"Now remember, Coraline, I gave you the code to our alarm system just in case you want to set it at night. Do you know where it is?"

"Yes, mom, on the counter in the kitchen," Coraline replied, settling herself on the couch. Not that an alarm system could help me, anyway, she added silently, refusing to look at the small door in the corner.

Mel and Charlie Jones were about to leave on a buisness trip for five days, and they were making sure everything was in order. Their daughter had a reputation for trouble, at school and in the neighborhood. Three months of school and it was summer again, and Coraline's parents did not believe she had learned much in that time.

Mel glanced worriedly at her husband, then made her way to the door. "Miss Spink and Forcible will arrive in ten minutes tops, and they'll be staying here with you."

"Better here than with all the dead dogs," Coraline said, trying to look normal.

"Just please be nice to them. They're taking their own time to watch over you."

Charlie Jones walked over to the couch to give his daughter a kiss on the head, followed by Mel. Afterward, both parents said their goodbyes and left.

Coraline immediately got up and removed her 'supplies' from under all the pillows. These supplies included a flashlight, rope, a couple of neat rocks she had found with Wybie, sissors, a couple of snacks, and a pocket knife. She wasn't sure where she got the knife, but she knew it would come in handy.

"I'm not taking any chances," Coraline said out loud, attaching a tool belt that was also with the supplies to her waist. She stuffed everything in the belt and left the snacks out. "If that old hag thinks she can outsmart me, so be it."

The blue haired girl jumped at the doorbell, and the quiet voices that followed. She gave herself a mental smack for being so jumpy, then went to answer the door.

Miss Spink, Miss Forcible, and Wybie stood at the door. Both ladies were in another one of their arguments, looking totally oblivious to everything around them. Wybie's expression read nervousness, and he seemed uncomfortable in his position.

"I'm telling you Mariem, that dress was for me, not you!"

"Oh please, April, be realistic. He was obviously in love with me."

"Nonsense! I--" Miss Spink stopped in mid sentence, and turned to look at Coraline. "Oh, yes, hello Caroline, dear!"

Coraline gave a small wave. "Hey, Miss Spink and Forcible." Miss Forcible smiled in acknowledgment, and the blue haired girl turned to Wybie. "What are you doing here, Why-Were-You-Born?"

Wybie's face brightened despite the nickname. "H-hey Jonsey! I heard your parents were leaving for five days, s-so I decided to come by for a visit." He gave Coraline a small smile.

"That's nice, but I'd like to discuss something with you, in private," Coraline said, glancing at both the old ladies who had surprisingly stopped arguing.

Miss Forcible turned to Miss Spink, an amused look crossing her face.

"Discuss something? O-kay." Wybie scratched his head, looking slightly confused.

Miss Forcible waved her hand in the air. "Yes, yes, go discuss. We'll be over here." Miss Spink agreed, and they both went over in the direction of the kitchen.

"I swear, if they think I'm going to admit my undying love for you, I don't think I'll be able to survive these next five days," Coraline muttered, grabbing Wybie by the arm. "C'mon."

"They think that?" Wybie asked, stumbling as Coraline dragged him up the stairs.

"Um, yeah, it's kinda obvious."

"I d-didn't get the hint."

Coraline sighed as though she were tired as they made it to the top of the stairs. "Of course you didn't. Men are clueless." She paused, then continued, "I don't think I can spend much more time with those crazy ladies. Now I'm starting to think like them." She shook her head, and lead Wybie to her room.

"I think they're k-kinda nice," Wybie added, as Coraline flopped on her bed.

Coraline put a finger to her chin. "Hm. Once you get past the creepy conversations and clothes, yes." She sat up, and looked at her friend, serious. "Remember when I told you about the Other World, and it took you forever to believe me? Well, I had to show you the key and everything, and I still don't think you believe me that much."

Wybie seemed nervous again. "Oh yeah, about the Other Mother and stuff."

"Please don't say her name," Coraline said, a scowl on her face. "That's not even her real name, and now I'm not even sure she has a name. It's best just to call her the psycho spider witch hag that almost sewed freaking buttons into my eyes."

"Um, y-yeah, Jonsey, about that... Are you sure you didn't dream that?"

Coraline tried to prevent herself from blowing up again. Wybie should know by now that when he questions the nightmare of a world, Coraline gives him a loud lecture and ends up kicking him out. Some shoe throwing is involved often.

"No, Wybie, I didn't dream the crap. We've been over this more times then I can remember. And I'm telling you this because..." Coraline paused, looking to the floor. "She's back."

"What do y-you mean... she's back?" Wybie asked, on the verge of leaving. When Coraline began talking about buttons and evil spider ladies, he knew it was time to go.

"Just what I said. She's back. The Beldam--or psycho spider witch hag--has somehow found out that my parents are leaving for a few days and decided to use it to her advantage." Coraline looked straight into Wybie's eyes. "I'm serious, Wybie. She's getting her power back, and now she's planning on how to drag me back there."

"Don't you think you should forget about a dream after a while? Or a-at least go to therapy?"

Coraline decided it was time to blow up. "Ugh! You're never any help! Can't you just believe me? I'm slowly going insane everyday and I have no one to talk about it to. You know a therapist won't believe me, my parents think I'm crazy, and now so do you!"

Wybie was quiet for a moment, then said, "I'll come see you everyday, if you'd like. If this... Other World is real and like you say it is, we're in big trouble."

"Uh, yeah, that's what I've been trying to tell you." Coraline rubbed her head, suddenly exhausted. "Look, if you don't believe me or want to leave, go ahead," she pointed to her tool belt, "I've got all the help I need without you."

Wybie rubbed the back of his neck, glanced at the tool belt, then back up at Coraline. "I'll help you."

Coraline seemed slightly relieved. "Just promise me that--"

"On one condition," Wybie interrupted, holding one finger up.

"And what's that?"

"You show me the Other World and everything that's in it."