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Spock scratched at Jim's hips when he softly rubbed back and fourth on top of him. His cool, silky body stroked his whole cock in a tight grip. He took in every detail – Jim's trembling fingers in the cuffs behind his head over his hair, the small beads of sweat that were forming at the back of his neck, sliding down his spine…the dimples on his lower back were deeper when he spread his legs slightly when he slid forward. He wasn't making a sound – only breathing through his mouth. Suddenly, Spock pinned Jim's hips down onto his cock, and let him simply sit on him to adjust. He bent up to lick the back of his salty neck and Jim bent back into it, as Spock lightly scratched his nails down the sides of his golden body. He waited for a minute. Spock felt drunker than he had before.

"Faster." He commanded again.

Jim began bouncing his ass on top of him.

Spock grit his teeth and hissed out a breath. He could not believe the electricity going through his cock. He bit his lip for a second when Jim leaned forward and got bearings with his feet, and really created friction by stroking him deep. Spock immediately withdrew his hands from Jim's hips and dug his fingers into his sheets. He exhaled deep in his throat.

Jim was reckless on his lap. Through his aroused daze he saw flashes of the curtains the bedroom, and the Vulcan statues in front of him. He looked up into the red darkness of the room. He heard Spock while he was fucking him, and Jim started to feel a deep throbbing pleasure in his ass. His pinched nipples and fabric on his feet began to compound the throbbing. Jim was moaning loudly and squeezed his eyes shut, looking up and thrusting his body. You could hear this sex. He was hardcore grinding on him now and Spock was absolutely losing his mind; cursing in Vulcan. He didn't expect it to feel this good. He pulled out.

Jim felt his hair being grabbed and his back slammed onto the floor of the bedroom before he could think. On top of him was a flushed green, growling Vulcan. Spock yanked his hands above his head again, and he gazed darkly into his prey.

"Spread your legs…wrap them around me." He barely breathed out. Jim did, and the Vulcan thrust deep into his ass. Spock probably had the strength of at least three men. He grabbed the back of one of Jim's knees and he crossed his ankles over Spock. He was brutal in his thrusts now and the Vulcan never got tired. Jim was hammered from the inside and he was moaning like a woman now, being fucked on his back on Spock's hard floor.

Jim needed it rough and he had never been so dominated in his life. Spock still held a faint scent of alcohol as he breathed hard all over Jim. Spock was crazy now. He was biting him on the jaw, on the lips, and he even bit his eyebrow in a sex-daze while grinding into Jim. His faint trail of dark hair on his stomach rubbed at Jim's cock and his body was stimulated. He couldn't talk if he wanted to – his while body was on fire because Spock was thoroughly pounding him.

Jim's toes began to curl and he was moaning, biting and cussing. He begged Spock to keep fucking him hard. His legs began to tremble, his stomach was tensing erratically and he knew he was close. He pleaded to Spock, completely shaking.

He exploded from his cock and tensed under the Vulcan, yelling into Spock's neck and shooting cum all over his stomach. His body pulsed, and pulsed, and kept going. His eyes rolled back and his fingers clenched in the cuffs, and he slithered his trembling body next to Spock's hard one. He saw white and felt fire.

"You're not done." Breathed Spock, who was very close after witnessing what he did. Jim was still shaking. They were absolutely bathed in thick cum.

Jim had never had a more powerful orgasm in his life. He felt like he was still coming. He did not register a word Spock had said, as he was still pulling in and out of his ass.