Chapter 1

It was…Dark. That was all he could make out currently. His mind felt heavy and slow, as if a huge pressure was holding it down. There was also a sense of numb-ness, one that he couldn't place. He knew he was laying down on something hard, but that was it for the left half of his body. The right half was almost…it felt like...throbbing, and yet he could feel the soft but thin blanket beneath his right arm, shoulder and leg. Next was his chest. It felt almost lop-sided, as though only one lung was slowly pumping air in and out of his body. It was an odd sensation, one that should have lead him to start freaking out.

But then again, there were other details to worry about. Questions slowly and sluggishly began sloughing through his mind as he tried to piece together what exactly happened. As he tried to think, his thoughts seemed almost...alien to him. Organized, smooth, instead of jumbled like he thought they would be. Only the questions remained jumbled in a mess, which as a rather big one.

He went back to struggling to open his eyes, eyes that felt heavy and un-used. The same could be said for his throat, feeling the same heaviness, but also dry and scratchy. Or…the…right half, anyways. It felt oddly numb and still, even as he attempted to swallow-apparently, even that was a slow, painful, and heavy task.


'Was…Someone there? Who would be there? Was it all in his head?' his mind rolled over the huge ball of questions, trying to find answers. He knew one thing-Someone was speaking to him. Pushing through the dreary black, through the want to slip back into a comfortable state of un-consciousness, he needed to know. He needed to know who was there, what was going on, and what had happened. Because through the comforting dark, there was a horrid feeling, one that told him something bad had happened and he had been in the middle of it. He was sure of it...infact, there was memories of...something…But before he could dwell on it, try to figure it out, the whispers of odd words that sounded so welcome and yet frightening echoed yet again.


What was that? The odd…noises…was there more then one person? GodDamnit, if only he could open his eyes!
Again and again, he pressed through the heavy darkness. It was so enveloping, so welcoming for sleep, so…controlling. It felt as though he had been where ever here was for months, possibly years. He had to get out-He had to wake up!


The words were coherent now. The fact that SOMETHING made sense was a relief for him, yet he still felt rather un-nerved, scared. Seeing as he was still stuck behind a veil of black, he attempted speaking. The swelled and numbness of his throat didn't help, and it remained still as he tried to move it. It took several tries before he stopped attempting it, ready to try even screaming just to do SOMETHING that returned a sense of normalcy.
There seemed to be a sudden alarming beep that echoed around him. They were painfully loud, showing that atleast his hearing was still working alright.
"Sam…? Samuel!"
There was almost what seemed to be scrambling, screeching of meal against stone. Was…someone touching his shoulder..? It was hard to tell. Everything felt so…numb.

As the lost thought seemed to fade from his sluggish mind, he realized he was staring up at a dark ceiling. Only his right eye anyways, which felt rather heavy and stung as if it was un-used to the sudden airflow.

"Sa- Primus, don't do that again…"

He could only blink the one eye slowly, body un-willing to move, and granted only his eye movement. The beeping had (thankfully) stopped, leaving a faint ringing that echoed about in his inner ear. Now, who was speaking?

His question was answered as a large head peered over him, bright optics darting about with the tiny machines that made the Autobot run whirring away. He disappeared quickly though, stepping back and away from his field of view.

"You gave us a scare there for quite sometime there young Samuel. We weren't sure if you would ever wake up."

For now, Sam didn't respond. Alright, so he had finally escaped the darkness that had been behind his eyelids, but now he wasn't sure about...anything. Un-fortunately, he lacked a functioning throat to ask anything. It didn't seem he would need it though, as the autobot moving around him in the huge area seemed to be answering un-asked questions as he moved about around him.

"You won't be able to move for awhile yet, and I have a feeling that you'll be slipping into another coma quite soon. Before that, I'll tell you that everyone is alright. I've completely fixed Bumblebee's lower half, Mikela's been healthy for a number of months, and your parents are back at home," It almost sounded like a ramble to Sam who could only blink his one eye slowly, looking around at whatever he could without actually moving his head. What the autobot said-It sounded like Ratchet- slowly, oh so slowly, went through his mind, before the sentences clicked and he realized what the autobot said.

His throat clenched and un-clenched as if swallowing, but that only made it hurt more. Again, Sam attempted to speak, forming several words with his mouth but giving only small whirring groans instead of coherent Sentences. Ratchet (He was pretty sure it was Ratchet) seemed to realize this, and Sam could feel a large hand lightly lay on his chest.

"Please stay still Samuel. The change is only half-way through, and if you try to force your body to work, it might lead to un-known consequences," The hand was removed as Sams single eye rolled up. No, he still couldn't see the autobot, but he could see the top of several machines. What exactly was he hooked up to? What had happened? Were the Decepticons gone? Where as bumblebee? Mikela? What was going on?!


It seemed to finally click that when he 'groaned' instead of formed words, he had… whirred. How was that possible?
Instead of answers, the heavy black was settling on him again. The words were fading as well as Ratchet finally came into view, looming over him as he looked at him oddly-as if worried- his words fading rapidly. There was a high pitched noise in the back ground too Was that a heart moniter?

"Sam.? Sam! SAM!…..S…..a…."