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Chapter 2

Accessing Memory log…


Memory#09120a0s9 accessed.

Date: 06/28/07


"Owowow-!" Sam Witwicky winced as the bandages were wrapped around his fingers, funky smelling clear white gunk oozing from the tight cloth as Mikela worked quickly and diligently. His hands weren't the only thing coated in the odd gunk as wel as the gauze- Half of his upper arms, chest, and even forehead had the gauze and revolting smell hovering around them, no doubt coming from both the gunk and burnt flesh it covered. "Can't you be an-Ouch!"

There was an exasperated sigh from the woman in front of him, kneeling in front of his sitting/slouched posture as she finally tied up the end of the cloth. She too was covered in wounds, but nothing close to the burns that Sam had. In fact they had appeared (and Smelt) bad enough to earn him an emergency trip to the hospital in an ambulance. Un-fortunately, with so much rubble from the destruction the battle had caused, people were barely able to walk around never mind drive.

"If I'm any slower, You'll start getting infected," Was Mikela's reply, finally standing up with a wince as muscles around a pair of fractured ribs throbbed. Despite the pain in her sides, she turned around, looking around the rubble for any signs of autobot or Human life other then her's and Sam's. Un-fortunately, other then a distant Bumblebee that was stuck on a parked truck, there was no such luck. "Where did Optimus and Ratchet disappear too? They was just here."

"Maybe they went to help 'Bee?" Sam flinched noticeably as he moved to stretch, immediately slouching again, stuck watching the ground as his head pounded, protesting loudly against any thought or movement. Quite frankly, other then the heavy, painful throbbing his body was doing, he felt fine. Which was defiantly saying something, seeing as half his body had its skin baked off.

Mikela sighed, dropping down onto the ground to sit cross-legged in front of Sam, careful to stretch away from the ribs as she watched Sam carefully. Sam hadn't told her what happened to him, only saying that Megatron was dead and gone, as were his decepticons. Seeing his wounds, she hadn't prodded further, instead focusing on wrapping his wounds with the few supplies Ratchet was able to supply her with. But the questions were still burning. Sam seemed to realize this, face still cast to the ground, an un-comfortable silence that was filled with wails of distant ambulance sirens and shouts taking hold. It was…bittersweet at the most. While Megatron had been defeated, half the city was rubble, and the losses while few, were heavy. Wounds would take awhile to heal, and there were no doubt countless innocent people who got caught in the cross-fire.

"…Can you help me over to 'Bee?" There was a pause from Mikela, watching Sam's legs nearly buckle underneath himself as he attempted to stand, looking a little odd as his body was still bent at the waist to form a 90 degree angle. She stood up gingerly, trying to avoid the burns as she wrapped an arm around his back. There was a low groaning hiss as she pulled his arm over her neck, standing him mostly up-right. Mikela froze, listening worriedly to the guys hissing.

"Maybe you should just rest Sam. I can try and get BumbleBee over here-,"
"No, theres too much-" A pause as he Groaned "- Rubble. Can't get through with the truck." Sam, strong wiled ad headed, pushed on ward, wobbling dangerously even with Mikela acting as a support.

There was a low sigh which could've been in worry, disgust or pain as Sam leaned on her heavily, smelt of burnt flesh and ointment, and he managed to step on her feet-twice. There was a sudden yelp of asurprise as Sam nearly brought her to the ground, legs collapsing on themselves as his eyes swam infront of him, seeing only a blur of black, grey, red, and a small smear of yellow.

"Woah...Head…Blood rush…" There was a pause, as if time froze for but an instant, before everything caught up to his brain. The pain, the weakness-The Smell. His body shook, chest heaving as the contents in his stomach dived out of his mouth.


[Skipping ahead ]


Memory#34654kj23b accessed.

Date: 08/10/07


It was deafening. That as the only thing that could be heard on the other side of the phone and his side as well. He couldn't make any noise to break it though-He could only stare at the same point in the side wall he'd been staring at the past half-hour, jaw slightly open but not gapping, with eyes glazed over from lack of blinking. It wasn't really a shock-Okay, well, it WAS, but not as big of a shock as it would've been a month previously. Infact, he could probably believe it was happening. After what had happened (Bodies everywhere, human, autobots, decepticons, bodies, bloody- Blood everywhere) just a couple weeks prior, he felt that whatever hit him in these few weeks wouldn't really bother him all that much. Save for that pain in his chest, as if buried in his heart-A pain that made him forget the fight and leave him muttering random curses while cleaning out his stomach of its morning contents.

Back to the situation at Hand.
Sam Witwicky sat on the side of his bed, legs over the edge with a blank stare at a spot in the wall that he'd been staring at the past while. Against his ear he pressed his cell phone, not wanting parents to come barging in for the cordless 'home phone' later, with akward silence hanging like an extremely heavy coat.
"Its-Its not you, Sam, its just the whole..war…fighting, business-I..I keep seeing..Bodies a-and…Destruction everywhere. I-I-its- Its hard to handle. I don't think we should…stay together for now," Sam slowly blinked, as if realizing he had eyelids, heavy, dry eyelids, to move. Yeah, he'd been having that problem too. Except most of the time it was whenever he was dozing off or sleeping-The images were so clear, the sounds so loud, everything projected into his mind as though it was happening al over again, right then and there. And nothing changed. It was as though a movie was playing, playing in snippets from the beginning of the horrid day right to the end. If this was what Mikela was going through as well, he could honestly see her point of view. Bu then…wouldn't that be his as well?

He had gone out with her now and then , laughing at dry jokes, going to the movies-anything to make him feel...well, normal. But he didn't. He felt detached from the world, giving a shrewd gaze to anyone who boasted about being a survivor of war, to anyone who said they saw hell. No one had seen hell- No one but the small ground-level humans that had been fighting with and for the Autobots. No one but the ground-level humans saw the mutilated bodies that appeared after a building had been crashed, or missiles been launched.

After all of that, Sam would have thought he would want some company. Something to make him feel normal-A hug, a small kiss, something un-demanding, sweet, simple-That's what he thought he would have wanted. But no. At least not now. Al he wanted was to curl up in a corner and wait for the images (Of bodies, bloody, Decapitated heads, rubble, blood, bodies)to go AWAY.

"-So I'm...really sorry. Sam…? You alright…? Are your legs still bothering you?"
He blinked rapidly, realizing his mind had taken him far away from the one sided conversation Mikela seemed to be having. He opened and closed his mouth rapidly and softly a couple times before coming up with a reply, that while it sounded more like metal on metal, it was quiet and un-feeling. It must've bee worse for her to hear it though-Because if he could tell that from his voice, what could She tell?
"Ah-Erh…Yeah…Yeah. Your right. Its been hard with...the…the fighting and-No, no, my legs are better."
His lips twitched with a ghost of a smile, happy for a subject change that wasn't about fighting. No, now the subject was about him, and that realization made his smile instantly drop back down. He'd tried to keep it secret, yet no matter how 'normally' or 'fluidly' he attempted to move, Mikela gave him 'the look,' one that made her appear as though she could see through his careful disguise and see the pain he was in. Afterwards, she asked what was wrong, if anything hurt. Hell yeah he hurt! Every day he woke up with his body sore and creaking, some body parts hurting worse then others one week, others hurting like hell while the rest of his body was a dull throb the next week- Today, it was his chest. His heart, to be more precise. It thudded painfully in his chest, and it hadn't started because of Mikela's words either. It started earlier this morning. It had been so hard to get up, knowing he would have to walk around with the heavy, slow, pounding in his chest. He felt out of breath- His lungs felt crushed against his swollen heart, a heart that with the wrong movement, would burst.

"I'm…I'm going to let you go Mikela. I have to.."
"Oh,, Ri…Right. Good bye Sam."
With a soft 'click' and a low buzzing sound, Sam knew she had hung up. A new silence hung over him as he quietly flipped the phone shut dropping I from numb fingers, letting it clatter to the floor. It wasn't that he was depressed over it, no. The whole month he'd been feeling out of place. This had only been another part of his 'not fitting so perfectly anymore' life. Sooner or later, it would sink in, and he was sure he might be able to atleast feel angry over something.

However, he could not. Sam felt his forehead pitch forward as if his neck couldn't hold the heavy burden, falling onto his open palms as fingers dug into his hair. If he was in a right state of mind, he would be aghast at what he saw and felt. Tears. Small, tired, weak, but non-the-less, tears were leaking from his eyes. And as it was guessed, it wasn't about Mkela. No, she had just been the final strand he had held onto-That small piece of life that made him feel somewhat normal. But now, with Mikela gone, leaving him to become lost in his own mind, in his own bedroom, in his own somehow, un-familiar house-

"Whats Wrong with me?!"
Sam could barely whisper it, pulling at his hair as his jumbled thoughts of everything and nothing plagued him, as his heavy slow, ready to burst heart tried to beat faster, and his body burned in its un-known pain.

[/End Memory Log]

System check…


Molecular structures…OK
Online Systems…OK


System Re-boot Initiated