Kira's POV

"Destination 200 kilometers" the computer of my ship old me. I opened the view screen and saw the planet humans call Pern. It was breathtaking.

"So kira what do you think they'll do when they see us?" My mate Kouga asked me. I looked up at him and smiled.

"We'll have to find out when we get there won't we?" I replied.

"Entering atmosphere now." came the computer's automated voice. I nodded and turned my attention to the view screen.

"Kira look! Are those?" Kouga asked me pointing at a large lizard looking reptile with wings.

"No it can't be. They don't look right." I said firmly. He only sighed.

We landed on a large clearing that had more of those overgrown winged lizards. I opened the hatch to the outside, swiveled around, and got up. I grabbed Kouga's hand and hauled him out. As we walked down the ramp a tall man strodu up cautiously. He had black wavy hair that reached his shoulders. He had eyes so amber they were almost gold.

"Wo are you and what is that?" the man asked suspiciously. Kouga and I looked at each other, amused.

"In out culture it is usually polite to give one's name before asking it of another. And that is my space cruiser, the dragon." I said. He glared at me. As if I would be intimidated by that.

"Bronze Rider and Weyrleader F'lar." he told me.

"What? Are those supposed to mean something? And my name is Kira and this is my mate Kouga." I said, yawning.

"I am the rider of the bronze dragon, Mnementh. I am also the leader of this weyr." he said making me laugh.

"Dragons? You're kidding right? I only see overgrown winged lizards here." I said laughing still. At about that moment a rather 'large' bronze 'dragon' landed in front of me and Kouga. I looked back at Kouga, a question in my eyes. He smiled slightly and nodded his head. I grinned and turned back to F'lar.

"I would like to show you a true dragon." I told him.

I closed my eyes and called forth the power of all the elements that would help me transform. I felt my head elongating and my teeth growing larger and sharper. Black scales coverd my body. My neck grew longer. My limbs and back elongated, my bones snapped, grew larger, and moved, muscles stretched, grew, strengthened, my nails became talons, my back sprouted wings and a tail, and my wing membrane, horns, and spikes became white as my eyes.

'Just what are you?" F'lar asked me. I had become a 100 ft long dragon with a wing span of about 50 ft.

I told you. I am a true dragon. As is my mate. I told him in his mind causing him to jump.

"You were bioengineered?" he asked me. I snorted indignantly.

No! Was your species bioengineered? No. And neither was ours. I told him angrily. He backed down a little holding his hands out. His 'dragon' came from a cave in the cliff face. I looked down at the thing. He came up to my chest. I looked down at Kouga and nodded. He sighed.

"You're sure?" he asked me and I nodded.