"What do you mean it's not reversible!?" A shriek rang through the air, at a painfully high pitch.

"Now, now, Kurosaki-san. You shouldn't yell, you know, you'll get wrinkles all over your pretty face..." Urahara Kisuke waved his signature fan, looking up at the currently screaming Kurosaki Ichigo.

"MY FACE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE PRETTY!" Another inhuman shriek.

"Calm down, now. I didn't say it was permanent, I just said that I can't reverse it. Well, not yet."

"So, ya can fix it?" A deeper voice this time, accompanied by a shock of vibrant red hair.

"Given time I think so."

"You think so?" Ichigo growled, grinding his teeth together.

"I'm almost positive!" Hat-and-Clogs said cheerfully.

"Grrr..." It took an arm around his shoulders to stop the orange-head from laeping at the ex-captain and strangling him. Renji just chuckled. "C'mon, Strawberry, we'll just have t' wait. It ain't so bad."

"Speak for yourself!" Ichigo muttered. "I look like-...like-..." he couldn't say it, couldn't voice the horror of their situation.

"Like a girl?" Renji teased.

Ichigo just scowled and avoided looking at his friend, it was... awkward to look at Renji now...

Renji and Ichigo had been training all morning, until both of them were covered in sweat and dying of thirst. And therein their troubles began. For who should turn up with convienient bottles of water but Urahara Kisuke? And normally Ichigo would have been extremely suspicious of the ex-captain's "charity" but he was parched, and they drank without thinking. And as he watched his friend chug down what must've been gallons of water his eyes grew wider and wider.

First it seemed like Renji's body was shrinking, becoming slimmer, and then his face became rounder and softer, less angular. It wasn't until the other man started developing far more ... curvy attributes that Ichigo started to panic. "Renji! What the hell?"

"What?" the other had replied, and then his eyes focussed on Ichigo. "Whoa, Strawberry! Since when do ya have tits?"

"What?!" Ichigo looked down at his chest, where two very prominent mounds had formed. "What the hell is going on!?"

It wasn't until an hour later, when both "men" had checked and discovered that they had, in fact, become female. Entirely female. That Urahara decided to explain himself.

Apparently he'd needed guinea pigs for his new process, and the two shinigami boys were the perfect test subjects. The way Kisuke put it, "it could be a very useful tool for people undercover to be able to change their gender whenever they want."

So there they were, Kurosaki Ichigo and Abarai Renji. Women.

And, unfortunately for Ichigo, Renji made an extremely attractive woman...

"She" was still tall, and leanly muscular, but the skin remained its tight, lustrous tan, and the deep black of Renji's tattoos continued to ripple sinewously across her chest and stomach. And that long, silky hair was left down to wave around strong, slender shoulders. In short, Renji was hot. Really hot. And Ichigo found it increasingly difficult to remember that Renji was an irritating, loud-mouthed bastard.

Renji had been attractive anough as a male, but as a female she seemed to ooze sexuality.

And Ichigo was more than a little attracted.

Not that Ichigo himself was unattractive as a girl, but he was what one would call 'pretty', not sexy as Renji was. His short hair was pulled back from his face with a beret he'd borrowed from his sister ( she hadn't seen him, thank Kami) and his body had become softer and curved sweetly into gentle curves. He noted, with some displeasure, that even as a woman Renji still managed to outshine him in the looks department. Ichigo looked down at "her" small b-cup breasts with a scowl, glaring up at Renji, whose d-cups were nearly busting out of one of her form fitting t-shirts.

Renji had opted for one of the t-shirts she'd favoured as a man, tight and clingy across the chest and shoulders, and a pair of ridiculously short cutoffs that showed off a pair of sleek, gorgeous legs. Ichigo had chosen the more conservative coverage of a plain t-shirt and loose jeans.

"You look like a slut." she muttered darkly, continuing to glare.

Renji grinned, "Yeah. I know."

Ichigo rolled her eyes. "It's a good thing you won't be a girl much longer. Otherwise you'd probably seduce the entire neighbourhood!"

Renji pouted, pulling off the teasingly sexy look far too well, "Ya say that like it's a bad thing..." she purred with a smug grin.

Ichigo buried her face in her hands, cursing the wretched scientist who'd done this to him. The next few days were going to be complete Hell.