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Summary: Phillip and Lee have a bonding experience. Written in response to the July Wicklow Challenge: Use the words: FIREWORKS, BIKINI, SAND, HEAT, and LOTION.

Season 4 – Married but still a secret.

Genre: fluff

Rating: General

Title: Suntan Lotion

"Hey, Mom!"

"Be quiet, doofus!"

"No way. You're in big trouble now. Hey, Mom! Mom!"

Lee wandered into the back yard. "Your mom's getting dressed, Jamie. What do you need?"

"Phillip's looking at a girlie magazine." Jamie smirked at his brother,

"No, I'm not. It's a car magazine."

"Yeah but you only look at the girlie pictures."

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

Lee decided to put an end to the accusations. "Jamie, be quiet. Now Phillip, what's this all about?"

"Nothin' Lee."


"Oh alright – here." He reluctantly handed Lee the magazine, his face turning red with the HEAT of embarrassment.

Lee glanced down and saw an ad featuring a BIKINI clad girl lying on the SAND, a bottle of suntan LOTION in her hand. He suppressed a grin and spoke in a conversational tone. "So Phillip, you need to buy some lotion do you?"

"Yeah..," The boy stared at the ground scuffing the grass with his toe.

"Looks like a good brand, to me. You'll have to ask your mom to pick you up some next time she's out."

"Lee! He's not looking at the lotion—. " Jaime sputtered.

"Never mind Jamie." Lee gave his stepson a warning glance. "You two go get your homework done."

"Alright..." Jaime shuffled inside obviously disappointed at having failed to get his brother in trouble.

Phillip hung back for a moment biting his lip, then looked at Lee out of the corner of his eye. "Thanks Lee."

"For what?"

"For not getting all uptight like Mom would've done."

"Hey I was fourteen once too."

Phillip gave a half smile. "You taking Mom out on another date?"

"Uh huh. Is that okay with you?"

Phillip shrugged. "You know, sometimes it's nice having you around. Mom and Grandma, they try but...well, they're girls."

Lee tapped Phillip lightly on the head with the magazine. "I know what you mean." He hesitated, unsure of the ground he was about to step on. "Ah...Phillip, if you ever need to... you know...talk or ask something and you don't feel comfortable telling one of them, you can always ask me."

Phillip gave him a quick smile. "Thanks!" He turned to go, then paused. "Can I have my magazine back?"

Lee looked from the boy to the ad, then shrugged and tossed it to him.

Phillip caught it, folded it in half, turned and walked into his mother.

"Phillip King, watch where you're going!"

"Sorry, Mom. Bye, Lee and thanks again!" He hurried inside.

"Hi!" She gave Lee a quick kiss. "What was that all about?"

"Nothing. Just some guy stuff."

"Guy stuff, huh?"


"Can a mom know about this guy stuff?"

"Maybe, if she gives the step-dad sufficient incentive."

"You mean like this? Amanda slid her arms up around his neck, pressed her body against his and gave him a slow lingering kiss. Lee wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in tighter.

"Mmm...'" He sighed when they finally parted. "That kiss certainly caused some FIREWORKS. I guess it warrants the exchange of information."

"So, what were you guys talking about?"

Lee put his arm around Amanda's waist and led her down the driveway to his car, chuckling to himself. "Phillip needs suntan lotion."


"Let me explain..."