So, I'm rewriting the first part of A Darkened Mind. This chapter is gramatically correct now.

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List of Warnings



Attempted Sexual Assault

Eating Disorder

Mention of Character Death

Sexual Themes


Chapter One: Out of Control

I saw myself in the mirror and I almost want to cry. My left eye was swollen and purple. My bottom lip was nearly split in half and a bit of blood was still leaking even after the many hours since it was opened. My left cheek was red and purple. I'm so ashamed…I mean…I wished I could have prevented this…I wished I could have done something…But I learned long ago that wishes hardly ever get granted.


I froze, I saw my eyes widened in the white trimmed mirror…Well, the left one would widen along with the right if it could. I opened the door to the bathroom and I saw her standing there. You know, even after what's she's done, I still find myself overcome with the beauty of her. She's an angel, you know…When you finally get pass that wall she puts up. She used to be so kind, so gentle, and so sweet. But I guess that things change along with the times.

"I'm sorry for what happened last night…I mean, I got so angry…" She said, looking down, "I mean, I feel like that…that you pay more attention to that…machine that me…" She was referring to my laptop. The cause of our fight.

I stared at her, annoyed by her apologies. They were always the same. I knew that I would regret it…but I didn't even think about it. I walked past her without a second glance.

She grabbed me by my wrist and slammed me against the wall. She dug her manicured nails into my skin. I looked up at her and see the animalistic rage in her eyes. She raised her hand and it formed into a fist. Before I knew it, I saw stars and I doubled over. I fell to the ground. There was an immense amount of pain going through my stomach. "You will address me whenever I speak to you," She said, as the rage slowly left her eyes.

"I-I'm sorry, Sam, I-I-" I tried to apologize, but it was too soon…

She kicked me in my ribs with all her strength, causing a sickening crack! from my stomach. I curled up to protect my stomach from any more assaults.

Sam bent down to my level. The rage in her eyes was finally gone. She stared at me as she stroked my cheek, making me wince. She grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up.

"Thank you…" I sighed as I went to sit down on the bed, "I'm sorry for not paying attention to you…It was a stupid mistake."

Sam kissed my forehead, "It's okay…You need a break from the computer, though…That stuff will hurt your eyes." She walked over to the desk where I kept my laptop. She picked it up and put it under her arm, "I'm taking this to work with me, you can have it back when you realize what's important to you…."

I looked down. That laptop was my only link to the outside world…You see, Sam…doesn't let me out of the apartment. I know, that sounds pathetic, but it's true. When I moved into her apartment, I was never given a key and Sam has those locks that you can't unlock without a key. At first, I kept asking her for one, then after I finally realized what she wanted to do…

It's not her fault though…Her dad left her and she's just a little scared that I'll leave her too…I understand. And I can do everything I need to inside. I can work from my computer. I got a job designing websites and doing technical work once I got out of high school. College wasn't in the cards for me. I had the grades to get in…Money was a problem though…Anyway, I've never had friends growing up besides Carly and Sam, so I had no reason to go out. My laptop, my gadgets, they were an escape for me. I can be in my fantasy world where nothing could hurt me…That's why I wanted it, why I needed it.

Sam kisses me as I am glazed in my thoughts; "See you at six, Fredward…" She pokes my forehead teasingly as I smiled at her, amused. Sam grabs her purse and looks at two bottles of perfume on the end table, "Hey, lavender or sugar?" I thought awhile before saying, "Sugar." She grabs the blue one and sprayed it on herself before leaving the apartment. The scent of lavender filled the room. She never really cared for my opinion.