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Nine months after the events of Destiny's Shadow.

"Harry, it's time," Ginny said to Harry, her voice soft and melodious.

"What's that, Gin?" Harry replied without really paying attention, his nose in a spell book.

"I said it's time, Harry. My water just broke."

Harry's head whipped up, a panicked expression on his face. He looked around, lost in his chaotic thoughts, his emotions so plainly written on his face that Ginny couldn't help but laugh.

"Just call the midwife, Harry. I'll be okay," she said with a chuckle.

He dashed out of the living room and into his study, grabbing a pinch of floo powder as he ran, his thoughts all jumbled up. Ginny was going to have her baby. Ginny was going to have their baby. It was going to be right now, right here. He pitched the powder into the fireplace and called the midwife.


"Aargh! What's keeping that midwife!" Hermione screeched at Ron, grasping her elongated tummy. "This baby's gonna come whether she's here or not!"

"I had to get her partner sweetheart, she's at Harry and Ginny's place."

"Well, whoever it is, she had better get here quickly! He's coming, and he's wanting out fast!" Hermione was starting to sound desperate.

"She'll be here any minute now 'Mione. Don't worry." He gently caressed her hair, hoping beyond hope that the healer was on her way.


"Neville, sweetie," Luna said.

"Yes dearest?"

"I just experienced the strangest thing."

"Oh? And what was that, my love?"

"Well, I was sitting here, and then there was this strange cramping feeling in belly, and then I got all wet down there, like something gushed out of me. I think it might be time to get the midwife over here."

"Wha… wha… wha?"

"Oh Neville, you really are sweet when you stutter. My water just broke, silly. I just wanted to see what you would do, but you really might want to see if you can get the midwife here."

"S… s… sure… midwife… okay… what was I supposed to do?"

"Just floo the midwife, dear, I'll take care of the rest."


"And now, push Mrs. Potter. That's it. Almost there. Just a little bit more now. One more push, and we'll be there," the midwife gently led Ginny through the birth. "And, good, congratulations, Mrs. Potter, you've just given birth to a baby boy."


"Now, Mrs. Weasley, you really do need to calm down. We're going to get through this."

"Don't you give me that crap! There's something wrong, I can feel it! Just get my baby out of me! I don't care what happens to me, just get my baby out! Please save the baby!" Hermione sobbed as the pains ripped through her.

Ron stood there helplessly as he watched his wife and the healer battle with whatever was going on inside of her. He prayed a silent prayer to whatever gods there might be that his wife and baby be granted continued life this night.

At last Hermione gave a shuddering gasp, while at the same time the healer lifted a baby boy into the air. With a slap on the rump, she set him to crying. "Mr. Weasley, grab your wife's hand, quickly."

Ron moved and took Hermione's hand. She seemed so cold all of a sudden. He vaguely heard the healer mutter a spell, and then he felt most of his strength flowing out of him and into Hermione. He felt like he was going to either pass out or throw up, he didn't know which. He looked down at Hermione, and saw her eyes flutter open. She looked quite surprised to be alive. He simply knew that he was feeling positively giddy at the moment. Just seeing her back with them was enough to make him feel like walking on air.


The midwife stood up. "Well," she said, "that was probably the easiest delivery I've ever seen. That was, let's see, fifteen minutes from the time that I got the call, to the time you delivered. That, plus the fact that you never experienced any real pain, tells me that you just had the smoothest delivery in the history of mankind. Congratulations, you and your husband are now the proud parents of a pretty little baby girl.

Neville and Luna beamed as the midwife placed the girl on Luna's chest. She laid there contentedly for a moment before falling blissfully asleep.


"I need you to push again, Mrs. Potter. Just a little bit more, that's it. I know you're tired, but a little bit more. Good job." The midwife brought up a second baby, this one a girl with a brilliant shock of red hair.

"I certainly hope," said Ginny in between gasps of air, "that there's no more up in there."

"No, Mrs. Potter, that seems to be all," the midwife said with a chuckle.

Harry just seemed to be in heaven, holding a son in one arm and a daughter in the other. He kept looking from one to the other and back again, grinning from ear to ear.


"You made it 'Mione," Ron whispered to his wife as she slept, thanks in part to the sleeping draught the healer had given her. He looked down at the bassinet beside the bed, and at his newborn son. He had his son and his wife, and he was never so glad in all his life that he was in the wizarding world as he was at this moment. If this had been a Muggle birth, he probably would have lost them both.

He laid his head down on Hermione's shoulder and cried, letting out for the first time all the heartache and mind numbing fear he had felt as he watched the delivery. The healer had explained that Hermione had hemorrhaged badly during the delivery, but his strength had been added to hers as the healer went to work repairing the damage. He cried for a very long time after, until he was completely spent.

He was awoken by a firm hand on his shoulder. He raised his head, and found himself staring into his best friends warm green eyes. "Harry," he said, pushing himself up off the bed.

"Ron, what happened?" Harry said as his horror-struck eyes took in the blood stained sheets, and Hermione's pale form lying on the bed.

"There were complications, but she's okay now. We've got a baby boy, Harry, a baby boy." He smiled for the first time since Hermione went into labor.

"You sure do, mate. That's funny, I came here to tell you something, and you beat me to the punch."


"Ginny gave birth to twins today, Ron." He watched as Ron's smile grew even wider.

"Oh man, you're never gonna sleep again, mate," he said, clasping Harry's arm. "I mourn your sleeping habits."

"Tell me about it," Harry replied with at grin.

There was a loud crack outside the room and Neville ran in.

"You guys will never guess…" Neville started.

"Luna had a baby," Ron and Harry said together.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, she did."

"Well, imagine that. Our women get pregnant on the same day, and then give birth on the same day. What are the odds?" Ron said.

"Just another day in the life of Harry Potter," laughed Neville.

"Too true," said Harry, turning around quickly and feigning concern over Hermione so the other two wouldn't see the troubled look on his face. "So, have you guys picked out names yet?"

"Morgan Arthur Weasley" Ron said proudly.

"Diana Artemis Longbottom."

"What about you Harry?" Ron asked.

"What? Oh, Sirius Brian and Serenity Lynn Potter," he replied with a smile. "I think we need to tell the folks, don't you think, Ron?"

"Yeah, I think we should. You want to tag along, Neville? Mum will be thrilled."

"Sure, but then I've got to get back. Oh, I've got one more thing to tell you. Luna and I are moving out of Longbottom Manor for a while. Luna's dad gave us a plot of land nearby here, so we're going to be moving in about a month. We'll be your neighbors, Ron."

"That's cool Neville," said Ron, beaming.

"And since Gin and I only live about ten miles away, it'll be great, the six of us together again," said Harry, smiling now.

Together, once Ron had picked up Morgan, they made their way across the open field that separated Ron's house from the Burrow, each anxious to share the news with the family.

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