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He held her in his arms. His muscular arms. While her head was landing on his broad chest. It was funny, how her head, was perfectly shaped to land on his chest. Never did they thought they will shared a moment like this. Alone, on the rooftop, gazing the September sunset and as it majestic orange ray started to fade away.

"Heyy.. my lollipop.. Misa-chan don't left me anything. You finished it all by yourself." Said the man, with his mouth slightly pouted.

"don't heyy me. You the one who gave it to me at the first place. I don't know you wanted to share.." she cant continue her words, as some fine crimson shades started to creep all over her face.

Ahh!! I ate his lollipop!! His lollipop!! in what state of mind when I accept it?? plus, it was from his mouth. Those tantalizing sweet pouted.. damn, don't start Misaki..

"Err sorry.. I.. well.. umm.." don't blame her. She was on her poorest state of mind. Well, its hard to think when you have someone's lollipop in your mouth. and that someone was smiling, no, grinning when he saw the girl in his hands with all the shade. He tried to memorize it. Not every time you can see her in this way. Blushing seven folds of crimson shades.

"You can make up for that."


"Let me taste what left.."

"There nothing left. Just a single stick.."

Her words was cut short, as his lips met her already strawberry-flavoured lips.

"Who said I want those stick. I want to taste what's left on your lips (or your mouth). Judging from that, its strawberry. And here I thought my lollipop was orange-flavoured."

"Perverted space alien.." she mumbled under her breath. Though, she cant denied it. She missed him, big time..

"Don't worry pres.. I'm your perverted space alien.."

Soon, he was all over her. Lost in her captivating lips, and how good his 'strawberry flavoured lollipop'. how lucky this guy can be. He can taste a lollipop that has two flavour. Orange and strawberry. At that moment, he swore to himself, to never let anyone taste 'his lollipop', not even that president guy…

As the thought of that guy crossed his mind, he stopped, and the already flustered misaki look at him. Before she can ask him what's wrong, the said man grinned.

"and here I thought Misaki-chan don't wear any makeup. But you do wear some strawberry-flavoured lip gloss.."

"baka usui.. shut up!!!!"

and that was how their make-up session end. Still, not many know, the man who can taste the 'presidents' lollipop' was this man. The very the one, Usui Takumi.

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