Title: Prolouge: And then that Glimmer Died
E/O Challenge: Glimmer
Not mine. But I'll share.
This is my child. I love this story to death. So this drabble, is only the first part. It's like the teaser before the opening credits. If you read this, add it to story alert, because trust me, it's going to be amazing. The end goal of this story is to somehow include EVERY genre of fanfiction out there. So if there's something you want added, comment, review and I'll consider it.

Eric set down his copy of Carver Edlund's series. A glimmer of hope had come into his life when he found the books. Watching Dean and Sam face endless challenges- He felt he connected with Sam and Dean on an emotional level, with all the angst…but he realized there was no hope.

"Hey silly!" His neighbor walked in. "I brought you pie!"

His shoulders dropped. Nobody loved him! With that, a wave of anxiety overcame him and he fell backwards. His last thought: if only fictitious Sam and Dean were here…

He never woke up again. Somewhere, a ghost laughed.

(a/n: CUE THE OPENING CREDITS, this show is about to get started)