Kabuto looked at the light blue water in front of him. The gentle liquid reminded him of a Konoha ninja. But he felt the color wasn't quite right. The ninja that he was thinking about had azure eyes, not sea blue eyes.

"Where is it?" Kabuto searched through a drawer, searching for something. "Ah. Here it is." He picked up a small azure marble and placed it on the table he was sitting at. He played with the marble by rolling it back and forth with his index finger. He laid his chin on the table, watching in awe at how the color of the marble lightened or darkened depending on how the rays of the sun caught it. Interested, he decided to do something. He looked around his lab and eventually found a small drill. Carefully, he drilled a hole in the small marble, then slipped a piece of string through it, and then tied it around his neck. Curiously, he shifted it back and forth and saw that is still changed from light to dark. Kabuto smiled and decided to keep the marble around his neck to remind him of his most favorite enemy.