Naruto walked through the streets of Konoha when he stopped, noticing something shiny on the ground. Curious, he crouched down and picked up a smooth, flat, shiny black stone. "Wow. What a cool rock." Naruto flipped the rock over curiously and ran his hand along the cold surface. "You know, little rock, you kinda look like someone's eyes." Naruto said, as he started to head home. "Hmm…not Kakashi's…or Sasuke's…stupid idiot…um…I know it was someone's…oh! It was that medical ninja! What was his name…? It was a Pokemon name, I know that. Hmm…let's see…Omanyte? Magnemite? Mewtwo? Pikachu? …No. Definitely not Pikachu. Oh! I know! I think it was Kabuto! Yeah, that weird rock-like Pokemon! That's who you remind me of, little rock." Naruto blinked, stopping. "…You remind me of that traitor? Hmm…" Naruto shrugged and continued. "If you remind me of him, he can't be all that bad, right, little rock?"


I'd be kinda creeped out if a rock reminded me of someone.