School Daze

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(Chapter 2- The First Day of School, Part 2)

"Holy crap! Everyone's here for one class?"That's the reaction that seventeen-year-old Conway Ericsson has when he enters the lecture hall and notices the number of rows and that it goes back as far as his bespectacled eyes can see. If he had to take a guess, he'd say that over three hundred students have congregated here, five minutes before class actually begins, for the course, 'Pokémon Battling: Advanced Series'. Being a true aficionado for learning, he searches for empty in the front to take in as much of the lecture as he can, but to his surprise he can't find any.

"That's different," he comments as he heads for the stairs and finds that no seat is available for the first five rows. He has no choice but to take himself and his book over to the middle of the eighth row, where he'll still have a nice view of the hall and the instructions given that the whiteboard is covered by multiple projection screens in the left, right and center of the classroom.

There is a desk just in front of this setup a wooden podium with a microphone to the right of the viewing students in the audience as the clock ticks down to ten o'clock in the morning. One minute before class officially begins, a young woman dressed moderately in a blue skirt and white buttoned-down shirt with an extended collar topped off with a navy blue ascot enters the hall and stands directly behind the podium.

Without even saying a word, the crowd of students, more specifically, male students cheer and applaud the appearance of perhaps the most popular professor at the Rustboro Academy outside of the gym leader, Roxanne.

Despite what might appear to be an unruly mob of learners and pupils who came for more than just battle strategy, this professor has come prepared for such an initial response. In her right hand is a gavel, not unlike one found in a courtroom, but the idea behind its use is the same.

She bangs it on a flat surface of the podium three times before speaking into the microphone, "Order! Order, please! I want order in this classroom!" None of the hormone-charged males in the class, ranging from a prodigy at age eleven to a longtime stalwart in battles at age forty-five, want to get on the bad side of their very attractive professor. No sooner does she enter the picture and call for her class to be quiet and orderly than it happens.

Getting them to be quiet in a matter of a few seconds gives this young adult professor, Giselle, a great feeling of power and control. She gets a lot out of this aside from just teaching people many of the complex but surefire steps to being a top Pokémon trainer. Her experiences in working with beginner trainers over the years have helped her shoot up the ranks unlike any other instructor specializing in battle. Along with that, it has prepared her for trainers that have made their way through and completed at least three of the regions or have won major tournaments in their journeys as a prerequisite for being a part of this very difficult course that is half lecture, half battle.

"Thank you all for your cooperation," the instructor speaks. Now taking out a few pages, she types the keys in the keyboard provided to her, punching in her username and password to enter into the system. Just a minute later, Giselle is met with the desktop and is ready to get to work. She hits the button leading to her documents and amongst the many different items in her lesson plan, she finds one of great importance at the moment. This one leads to a PowerPoint presentation. It's nothing that's designed to set the world on fire or make people think that she's certified in the software, even though she is.

No, this software can help assist her in preparing her introduction to the class, but based on the reaction from when she came in, many might doubt if she even needs one. Opening the file to the presentation, she shows everyone the important information first. "As many of you probably know, my name is Giselle Garner. I'm an Assistant Professor here at the Rustboro Academy and I work in the council at the school of battling and sometimes substitute as the acting gym leader for Rustboro City because of that.

"I've been an instructor and senior fellow at many Pokémon technical academies over the years and decided to parlay that experience into teaching folks the great science of training that will best fit each and every one of you. This course will be very note and list-intensive. You will have to memorize a lot of information and be able to regurgitate it back to me in many different forms. They include oral exams, written exams, and Pokémon battles, as well. None of your projects will be group projects. Miss Roxanne handles all of the group courses here."

As Giselle continues to orate from her PowerPoint and most of the male population in attendance, Conway just takes everything in from his spot far out in the crowd. The class is simply a lecture. Clearly, Giselle is not going to have much access to the students as much as many of them would like, because so many people have signed up for the class. Giselle would not have time for anything else.

Conway listens to the remainder of the lecture, remembering to sign the attendance book before leaving class, getting down e-mail addresses, office hours and numbers, and jotting down what books he will need for this course. He hears about the numerous teachers' assistants that will eventually work along with her to get most of her 'dirty work' done. He got the feeling when Giselle said the syllabus was fifteen pages that he should head back over to his dorm and start cracking open his book as soon as he can to prepare for what is likely the most deceptively difficult course he'll have to take this semester.

All he can think about as Giselle continues to orate from her platform below is the kind of fun he'll have once he's face deep in a black and white book that's likely a thousand pages of facts, notes and information about Pokémon; sixty percent of which he probably already knows with the other forty percent he'll have no choice but to sift through and discern on his own time.

'And I could've gone to the Orange Islands for the fall and winter season, no less,' he laments as he, among his less well to do classmates, attempt to decipher everything professor Garner is speaking at the moment. As they feel their heads all swirling collectively about as this new information comes at the pace of a lightning bolt, Conway's biggest thought reaches his brain and gives him a sentence that can best describe this whole experience with the lovely Giselle on day one of class.

'This is…my kind of fun.' Albeit sarcastic, it summarizes his will and drive to be the best through strategy and the thought process at large.

For him, it is one class down and about forty-five more remaining that may not even reach this level of complication. For everyone else, the countdown couldn't come sooner as they've found themselves trapped like flies in a spider's web.

She's a beautiful, attractive and sexy spider, no doubt, but still a spider in the end.

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