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Finally this is what he was talking about a vacation, no monsters to hunt nothing, just time to sit back and relax. They had been busy for the last month killing what had to be every demon on the planet that threatened to destroy some part of the world or the other. But now they didn't have to worry they were given a freebie the angels would handle the demons. So they get to just sit back and not worry about anything for once.

"Hey Sammy we should go swimming." Dean called looking over at his brother who was sitting in front of his laptop the man really knew how to have fun. Sam looked up and stared at him. "Where did that come from?"

"In all the times we've stayed at a hotel we have never once gone swimming." He smiled at his brother they should enjoy this time and sitting around here was not classified as a good time. He got up and grabbed Sam's duffle bag off of his bed and threw it at him. "What do you say?"

Sam smiled. It would be nice to have a swim he hadn't swam in a pool since their case in Connecticut but under those circumstances that didn't really count. "Sure why not." He got up and headed to the bathroom to change once he was done he came out to find Dean already in his swim trunks. "Someone's excited." He teased.

"Shut up Sam you know you're excited too." They headed for the door when the sound of wings stopped them. They turned back to see Cas standing by Dean's duffle bag looking at them curiously or rather looking at Dean curiously. "Cas what are you doing here I thought we got a vacation." Great just when they're ready to have some fun demons have to decide to do the same thing.

"I'm not here for that I… umm." He looks down turning his gaze away from Dean. Sam notices that Castiel is blushing and trying not to stare at Dean's chest. He wondered if Dean could tell.

God he is too cute. "So, what is it?" he asked trying to get the angel to speak already Cas looked back up and his gaze fell on Deans chest again before he spoke. "Where are you going?"

Sam saw a faint glow in Dean's eyes and decided to say what Dean wouldn't. "Swimming, do you want to come with us?" He almost laughed when Dean glared at him. Come on Dean you know you want him there.

Oh god Cas in nothing but swim trunks…or nothing at all. "Come on Sam, Cas doesn't want to go." He headed for the door and silently begged Sam to follow him.

"I would like to swim." Cas said smiling.

"Whatever if you want to come then you can." Crap. He turned around and headed for his duffle bag to get trunks for Cas to wear. One of his trunks to wear, he's so caught up in his daydream that he doesn't notice Cas walking past him and heading for the door.

"Whoa." Sam called grabbing Cas by the arm before he could leave. "You have to put on swim trunks first."

Castiel looked down at his clothes and looked at what they were wearing. "But I don't have any." His head started to droop now he couldn't go.

"Here." Dean tossed his extra trunks at Cas who caught them and smiled. He started to get undressed. Oh god.

"Cas change in the bathroom." Sam said. Cas nodded once before heading in the bathroom and closing the door behind him self.

Great now I just have to stay calm we're just going to swim. That's all this is no time to get stupid and blurt something out. Calm and relaxed just stay calm and relaxed.

Sam watched what could only be Dean mentally preparing himself. He knew that Dean had been feeling something more for Cas for a while now but he was either refusing to believe it or refusing to accept it. Either way it is only a matter of time before it got too unbearable for him hopefully soon all their tension was making him tense.

When Cas came out of the bathroom Dean immediately looked down pretending to have an itch on his hand that needed all his attention. Castiel looked down too did he put them on wrong, he thought they were supposed to go this way. "Come on lets go." Sam said breaking the tension.

Once they got to the pool, which would normally be crowded if it were the weekend, Dean relaxed and smiled this is what he needed a nice long swim. He cannonballed into the deep end. That had to have been my best splash. He swam to the surface to see Sam's reaction to his awesome splash but Sams head pops up next to him. He missed it oh well he could always do it again. He notices Castiel standing poolside staring down at them.

"Umm Cas you're supposed to jump in." He called up to him and watched him nod.

"Oh okay." He jumps into the pool.

That was the cutest little splash… wait where is he? Dean looked down where Cas had just jumped in and sees bubbles coming to the surface he dives down to save him. He grabs Cas around the waist and he gets an inappropriate thought but suppresses it and swims them back to the surface. Once their heads break the surface they both gasp for air. "What the heck were you doing? You have to come back out of the water." He scolded.

"I thought you just jump in." He stared at Dean who was still holding him and tried not to blush not this close to him anyway.

After realizing that trying to teach Cas how to swim was just about impossible they gave up and stood in the five-foot area so Cas could at least stand.

They swam for a few hours and joked around Cas was shocked to find that they seemed to want to drown each other. He would be talking to one or the other when suddenly they would disappear under the water. Once they returned they looked very angry and chased the other around until they both disappeared again. After the first few times he figured that was part of the swimming process he just had to figure out how they were disappearing. He had much to learn about swimming.

They got back to their room after lying on the poolside chairs for a while to dry off. Dean had glanced over at Cas every time he wasn't looking Cas really did look good without all those clothes on.

"So who's going to shower first?" Sam asked closing the door behind him. He was dieing for a shower it's strange that even though you come from basically a giant bathtub you always want to shower after you swim. Well the chlorine is the obvious cause but still.

Cas looked over at Dean who was edging closer and closer to the bathroom. "Thanks for letting me swim with you."

Dean shrugs. "Sure no problem." Cas in the shower. "Anyway I'm taking my shower first I'll try to save you guys some hot water." He walked into the bathroom laughing and closed the door.

"You really like Dean don't you." He noticed how Castiel had been staring at Dean and trying not to stare at Dean. When Dean brought him out of the water you could have sworn he jumped in the Jacuzzi instead of the pool with how red he was. Cas looked away. "I thought so."

"It does not matter Dean doesn't feel the same way." He started to head for the bed he wanted to sit down until he could get his clothes back. He had left them in the bathroom and he couldn't leave without them. He also didn't think Dean would appreciate him waltzing into the bathroom to retrieve them.

"I wouldn't be so sure." Sam said causing him to stop in his tracks.

Castiel stared at him surprised. "What do you mean?" He asked. Did Dean want him in the bathroom?

Sam just smiled.


I wonder what Sam has up his sleeve and will Dean ever admit how he really feels, stay tuned to find out.