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Every King Needs a Queen

Chapter 1: Fairy Tales are for People with Free Access to Food

Once upon a time…

There lived a childish teen in a run-down shack on the west shore of a loud and boring town. Said shack was unusually surrounded by untold amounts of dead grass, plants, and trees- withered away to a gray color. Awaiting restlessly for the day for her dream to come true, and facing starvation and dehydration day in and day out in order to achieve said dream. Not including the aching feeling in her heart that could only be described as longing for a friend, or at least someone that would accept her.

A beginning like 'once upon a time' is complete and utter bullshit in her sad and sorry life.

When the girl was still barely eight, she had enough knowledge of the city in which she resided beside to know exactly who and where to steal from. Though, on one unusual day, she peeked out of a dark alley, watching as pirates were chased around town by angry civilians- the leader clutching a small chest securely to his front-side. Seeing how close they were getting, the abandoned eight year-old ran to the back of the alley, hiding behind a particularly foul-smelling barrel.

She watched in shocked silence as the sole pirate leader turned abruptly into her alley, tripped over his own feet, and watched in horror as his precious chest landed unceremoniously on the ground- bouncing once before cracking open . The sound of splitting wood echoed noisily off the walls of the shadowed passageway- and the contents of the chest was revealed.

The pre-teen frowned, watching the mysterious fruit roll harmlessly towards her. But looked back at the pirate, as his voice rung out loudly in a petrified shriek.

"No! Put me down! Down I say! Let go of me, filthy fools! I'll kill you all! P-put me down!"

The man was dragged by his ankles- nails clawing at the dirty ground- eyes staring fixedly at the small portion of food. Eyes wide and full of desperation- he continued crying out blind insults and thrashing his lower body around violently in an attempt to escape the two large men's clutches. With no such luck, he disappeared completely around the corner of the alley- but his futile yells were still heard when he had long disappeared from the girl's eyes.

Blinking twice- the girl took the incentive to move again, venturing slowly to the still fruit. Picking it up and examining it- she wondered what harm a small piece of food such as this could do to a person. And with one fleeting look at a place where scratch marks trailed the ground in a thin line toward the entrance- she brought back her arm to launch the troublesome fruit far from her person.

Her mind changed completely as her stomach growled.

And that was all the encouragement she needed to sit down and start devouring the fruit eagerly.

Which is where her adventure initially took off.

Upon discovering her abilities- thievery seemed mere child's play to a person who could easily fit under the space between door and floor.

Also- she no longer had a problem with dehydration.

But she knew, having a strange ability wasn't going to always save her- which is why she trained with it. To learn more about this gift- and to control it to be unstoppable, invincible, if you will.

Which is where the 'training' bit of her life came in. Knocking out civilians came easily to the teen now- almost as easy as stealing. The number of opponents that challenged her had thinned now- to a small drizzle (excuse the pun). Her infamy had finally spread to the opposite ends of Ioay Town- meaning harsher battles now- but this did not faze the fast-growing girl- only strengthened her greatly. She was almost grateful to the brave souls that dared challenge her now, but it was mixed with pity.

Though lately, there had been absolutely no opponents whatsoever- which is why she was itching for a tough fight- which was abnormal since she normally hated fighting- but she definitely needed something to get her mind off food. The townsfolk had finally gotten smart- and set sponges out on their doormats.

'Damn heartless people- do they even care if an orphan starves to death anymore?' thought our brave yet agitated adventurer one dry morning- after trying and failing to snag a bite to eat from town.

Her stomach growled hungrily- loud enough to put a small dog to shame.

"I'm so hungry!" She groaned audibly.

Not too far off, another hero of our story was having almost the exact troubles as our previous young teen.

'Flying through the air for two days with no food can take a toll on anyone's stomach.' Thought a certain dark chocolate-haired boy bitterly with an irritated eyebrow twitch.

"Ossu," he mumbled softly, sitting up from the paw-shaped ditch that he had mysteriously landed himself in not three seconds before.

The young teen took in his surroundings carefully, down to the last dead plant next to the deteriorating and dejected-looking wooden shack.

"That stupid cyborg would send me to a dead island. Where in the hell am I?" spat the boy in complete agitation.

His stomach moaned noisily, and he looked down at disapprovingly.

"And why am I so damn hungry?" he paused and frowned, glancing one more around the area, before spotting what he was looking for.

"A little meditation will help to keep my mind off things for awhile. I'll think about food later, ossu" said the boy, standing with yet another "ossu" as he sauntered over to some large rocks situated not too far away on a small patch of sand.

The teen made her way begrudgingly 'home.' 'If that piece of shit could be considered a home.' Her head drooped noticeably as she continued to drag herself toward her shack on the beach.

She froze in her tracks- her eyes trailing to a place above the boulders near her abode. They came to rest on a boy, whose legs were crossed in a meditative manner, hands resting in his lap, and eyes closed. A new face near her shelter- a new opponent. Her eyes narrowed suspiciously, what was he doing here?

A smirk played on the lips of the masked teen- and she decided to play a trick on the unsuspecting boy. Slowly, very slowly, she crept onto the boulder he was resting on. The boy detected no signs of another human presence, and before her breathing became too noticeable, her bandaged hands launched out from under the poncho and pushed the poor soul into the crashing waves of the ocean.

The sombrero-bearing girl laughed as the boy landed in the depths below, a shocked look plastered to his pale face. She sat cross-legged in his place, before grinning at him from her perch.

Her face was immediately painted over with surprise as she looked on to the flailing boy in the water.

"YOU," there was a pause as his face submerged, before reappearing at the surface of the water, "BASTARD!"

At that statement, the surprise morphed into that of complete awe. She had never met another Devil's fruit user before!

So, without a second thought, she held out her arm, turned the palm upwards, and lifted it up. An unusual action, to the untrained eye.

But had that eye turned to the sea, it would have widened in awe as a bubble of water arose from the ocean, with a trapped and shirtless boy floating motionlessly inside.

The girl's eyes narrowed again, the smile disappearing completely from her face as her wrist jerked suddenly, causing the bubble of water to launch toward the shore and explode, sending the dark-haired boy tumbling across the hot sands of the beach.

The water Devil's fruit user rested her chin neatly in the palm of her hand, her elbow sitting on the side of her knee. She watched with a small smirk as the boy coughed and choked up water, before looking around wildly until their eyes met.

"You nearly drowned me!" He said in a high octave, pointing an accusing finger at the person staring at him from his recent perch on the rock.

"Correction: I saved your sorry drowning ass," she said smoothly, in a noticeably low-enough-to-be-mistaken-for-a-male's voice.

"That doesn't change the fact that you pushed me in there in the first place, OSSU," he fumed angrily.

"Hey, you were the one on my rock," the girl said with an obvious chuckle.

"I don't see your name on it, ossu" said the boy, crossing his arms and sticking his tongue out.

The humor from her previous statement forgotten, she cocked an eyebrow. Of course, he didn't see, it was a habit.

There was a short pause, one in which the boy seemed to be mulling things over in his head, and not noticing that the other person had opened their mouth to speak, he pointed another accusing finger at the water user and exclaimed:


At this, the female teen face-palmed.

"Are you seriously that slow," she started, facing him again, "or are you just that stu…" pausing in her insult, the girl examined the boy's face. The air between them had noticeably tensed. The other teen's bangs obscured his eyes from view, and from his now standing position with finger still pointed at the shocked girl- she studied his mouth for any sign of emotion. And found none. Frowning at his sudden change of mood, she crossed her arms and huffed.

"If you're trying to scare me, that's not going t-"

She cut herself off- realizing that her still crossed legs had left solid rock. Eyes widening in shock- she spun around wildly in midair- turning to see the boulder she had just been sitting upon getting farther away from her as she soared involuntarily through the air.

Stopping suddenly with a jolt- she cursed under her breath, making a mad grab for the sombrero that was now floating delicately toward to ground- landing right at the other male's feet. She paused in her struggle to break free, watching the boy now, warily.

The shirtless male slowly raised his head- menacingly, threateningly- with a look that could only be described as, well, emotionless. To someone else, he may have seemed bored with the situation, to a certain water user- he looked void of emotion. He continued lifting up his head- until eventually their eyes met. Only faltering a second after seeing she had long, red hair that was now dangling around her in curtains- the boy examined her face.

Arms crossed and chin jutted out defiantly, she wanted nothing but to kick his ass.

"This is my Devil's fruit power- the 'psychic' fr-"

A large amount of water splashed him in the face mid-speech, and he was left with a fish flailing its tail with its head in his mouth.

"Don't care."

He spat out the fish and glared daggers at the floating girl- whose eyes were now closed.

"Put me down."

It was a simple request- one that he refused to meet.

"Are you not listening?! I said put me-"

At that moment- she was slammed unceremoniously into the ground before being brought back to her original position.


"That's what you get."

"You're acting like a child!"


She rubbed her temples in frustration. And then got an idea.

"If anyone is being childish here, it's you."

"If anyone is being childish here, it's you."

The boy mocked her.

Another huge wave hit him- only this time it stayed around him- and he was left in the bubble again.

"Behave," she said, "or I'll have to drown you."

His arm moved inside the water- causing her to drop onto the ground with a winded "oof." Which-in turn- caused the bubble of water to dissipate and the boy inside to fall on his back on the ground.

After a silence in which the boy panted and coughed and the girl stayed frowning on her back- an odd sound erupted from the both of them. And in the same simultaneousness- two voices cried out wearily.

"I'm so hungry!"

After a quick robbing of a few choice stores- courtesy of the psychic boy- they were set out on the beach once again- munching loudly on their finds.

A short pause filled with the crunching and chewing of various foods was cut off by the cautious voice of the boy.

"Where am I?"

She glanced up at him suspiciously.

"Don't you know?"


"There's no harm in telling you, I guess… This is Ioay Town."


She gave him a strange look.

"Don't you know?"


She sighed, mumbled 'weirdo,' but told him anyway.

"East Blue."

He choked on the pickle he was eating.

She raised her eyebrows at him, and wondered why on Earth her hunger just had to get the better of her.

"So," she attempted after a short silence in which the male recovered and was now working on a piece of bread, "what's your name?"

The other boy looked up from the buttering of his bread to look at the female across from him.

"Andei, ossu," he answered before turning back to his bread.

"An… day?"

He nodded in reply.



"Anyway, considering you already know I'm a girl," she stuffed a forkful of tomato in her mouth, "I guessh I'll tell ywoo."

"Tell me after you chew and swallow, ossu," Andei said, making a disgusted face.

She did what she was told, and opened her mouth to speak again.

"The name's Rose."



"So, you have the power of the water fruit, ossu?"

"Obviously. And the psychic fruit for you?"


"That is not obvious."

"Yes it is, ossu."

"No, it's not. You had me twirling around in the air, it could have been the wind fruit for all I know."

"Well water is a stupid power, ossu."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, rea…"

He got a mouthful of sea water.

"Andei, I believe this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship," Rose said, laughing for the first time in years.

A short time later, the pair found themselves walking down the beach together.

"So," Rose tried again, hating the silence, "you aren't the talkative type, are ya?"

"I talk when I want to talk."

"Yeah, that's a normal response."

"Says the girl that's hiding her gender, ossu."

"Says the boy who keeps saying 'ossu.' And I have good reason to hide my gender!"

"Yeah, what?"

"To become a pirate."

Andei glanced at her, to make sure she wasn't kidding, and found she was dead serious. He sighed and turned his face back forward.

"What is that, your dream?"




After a surprisingly short amount of time- the two had considerably warmed up to each other- laughing and making jokes. This was the most open both of them felt for a long time.

"Ya know," said Rose, smiling, "you're the first person to gain my trust."

"This quickly?"

"No, at all. I have trust problems."

"Hm… I guess you could say I do, but I think it's just because I have trouble warming up to strangers, ossu."

"You warmed up to me pretty well!"

"Yeah, well that's because we were both starving, you couldn't get food yourself, and you knew exactly where to steal food from, ossu."

"Well, if you put it like that…"

Still laughing from something Andei had said- Rose hadn't yet noticed the silence that had washed over her companion.


At this, she silenced, and looked over at the boy sitting next to her.

He looked at her shortly, before turning back to the ocean, and pointing at the horizon.

Following his finger, she looked where he was looking, and immediately jumped up.

"Andei! Do you see that!"

Jumping up and down on the small dock they had settled on, Rose felt the need to hug something. So, she did.

"Get off."

"Feel special. I haven't hugged anyone in ten years."

"I feel special. Now get off."

"Fine! But only since you found that ship!"

She danced up and down in pure glee, not believing her luck.


She bent over and picked up her sombrero, placing it on her head and stuffing up her hair.

"This is just so… EE!"

The reason she said 'ee' was because she had fallen ever so ungracefully from the side of the pier.

Sighing, clearly irritated at his new friend's antics, he held up a finger and stopped her in midair.

"Thanks," she said happily, smiling at him.


He dropped her back on the dock, and she kept her standing position.

Andei stood up as well, and stretched.

"It's a shame, but I don't think I'll be joining you on your little pirate adventure, ossu."

Rose's face fell. In such a short period of time, the boy had grown on her. And it was weird, but it felt like they had been best friends for a long time.


"Uh, what do you mean 'no?'"

"No means no. You're coming with me."

"Rose," he sighed in an agitated way, "it's your dream not mine, ossu. And besides, what good am I to a pirate crew?"

"It doesn't matter. They won't ask!"

"So, they'll just let us join. No questions asked, ossu."


"I don't believe that, ossu," he said defiantly- crossing his arms.

"I find it hard to believe, too. But we have to stay optimistic."

"That's impossible for me."

"Well, don't ruin my mood."

"Well, sorry."

"No harm done," she said smiling. Letting go of the argument, she was in a fantastic mood after all, "so it's settled, you're going?"

"I never said I was, ossu."

"Oh, come on! You have nothing better to do!"

There was a pause.

"It's still a no."



"Ugh. You're impossible."

There was another pause.

"Look, they're really close now," said Rose, practically exploding with excitement.

"Rose," then he paused, thought about something, and looked at her meaningfully, "what are you going to say your name is?"

Her face fell, yet again.

"Uh… um…. Well- er… R..oy?"

She glanced at him hopefully, and he laughed.


"Well if it's such a bad name, you could just say so!"

"No no no no no no," he said, waving his hands comically in front of his face, "it's fine."

She scowled at her friend, before turning back to the ocean, eyes wide in anticipation.

And then, it all came crashing down.

No, not the pier.

Her excitement, anticipation, all replaced by a different emotion.

The silence of his female friend startled the young teen, and he looked over at her- and froze.

Her eyes- all that you could see from her face- were widened in true terror, shock, and something Andei couldn't place. But to say the least- he was worried.

"Rose…" he started cautiously, "what is it?"

Without answering, she closed her eyes, turned around, and started running.


He stopped her in her tracks.

"Put me down! Please! I can't… I.. can't…"

"You can't what?! I thought you wanted to be a pirate, ossu!"

"I do! Just not that ship… Not that ship…"

"Rose, what's wrong with that ship, ossu?"

There was a pause.

"Andei, put me down."

The ship was close now, very close.

Andei sighed. Still concerned, he brought her back to where he was.

The water user was starting to panic.

"If you don't want to tell me, you don't have to, ossu."

Rose turned her head to look at the male, who was now standing in front of her.

"And you obviously don't want to. But, if I were to board the ship with you, would you go?"

There was a second in which she seemed to think about the choice.

"…Fine. But don't expect me to forget this."

"Wouldn't dream of it," said the boy, hiding his smile, "now get ready, here they come."

End of Chapter 1.

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