Chapter 1

As she walked back to her vehicle, Esme Cullen heard two persons running. She could hear the trouble they had breathing because of the distance they've already gone; she heard one telling to the other to keep running. Esme recognized little girl's panicked voice and went to meet them as they rounded the corner. Esme waved them down.

They ran to her and fell against her front, both could scarcely breathe, "My goodness. What's happened? Was there an accident?"

"They're after us- please help us. Please!" the eldest begged and Esme opened the back door of her white car and put them inside, without being told they buckled up and held hand. Esme took them home to the country mansion house they owned and once she had them at home she took them both upstairs to the bathroom and ran a warm bath for them- they asked too together when she said she'd get the other tub full. She left the bathroom to let have their privacy and she called Carlisle.

"Carlisle, something happened- I think you should come home."

"Esme dear what is it?"

"It's not good." She said and hung up, she knew he'd come home faster if he was afraid for her life. She went upstairs and tapped on the door, "Are you girls hungry?"

They were just getting out and they turned to her. The oldest has long blond hair and blue eyes, her narrow face was strong and her cheeks were pink for now. Her slender shoulders made Esme think that they weren't fed often enough; she was thinner then Esme liked but she didn't look starved nor did they act as they were. The younger girl was prettier by a little bit, her face looked like a heart and her large blue eyes stood out; her own curly blond hair was only to her shoulders and cut into tiny layers. Esme saw a scar on her forehead as her sister had one on her belly.

She stepped into the bathroom and handed each girl a shirt that were actually Emmett's because he was biggest and then his shirt would go down to their knees and they did. They both giggled when they saw each other and Esme took them downstairs to the kitchen and made them something small to eat since they said they weren't that hungry. Esme gave them crackers and the youngest nibbled while the eldest just watched Esme.

She smiled at her, "What's the matter?"

She shrugged, "I'm afraid- our guardian was-."

"Esme!" Carlisle was home.

"Mother! Mom!" two more voices, "Grandma!" Renesme was with them of course- she better be. Esme told the girls to stay there and she went to meet Carlisle and the others in the hallway. "What happened?" She pushed everyone into the living room and then she went back into the kitchen, "Come with me. It won't take long." The girls jumped down from the stools and each took her hand as they were taken back into the large living room.

Carlisle stared at Esme as she entered with the human girls behind her; Emmett smirked when he recognized his shirts and looked at Rosalie who folded her arms when she recognized them too. Edward and Bella looked at each other but it was Renesme who giggled and Rosalie glanced down at her, almost angrily. Alice and Jasper exchanged looks as well and Esme moved them to stand in front of her.

Carlisle shook his head, "Esme, where did-?"

"They were running away from something- they could hardly breathe when I got to them Carlisle."

"So you brought them here, what about the police?"

Esme rolled her eyes, "Carlisle they'd be in the care of social services right now if I had and they were frightened. That's made it worse- Bella you understand don't you?" Bella nodded, "Thank you honey."

Alice sat down with her legs under her, "They are cute."

The eldest looked at her and blushed while the youngest looked up at Esme, "That's Alice- my daughter. Bella and Rosalie, my granddaughter Renesme." She pointed to Carlisle, "That's my husband and my sons, Edward, Emmett- you're wearing his shirt."

"We are?"

Esme nodded, "That's Jasper." She touched their shoulders but they didn't even flinch or shiver as a normal person would, "Now tell me why you were running."

At once they spoke, "They came at us from all directions."

"It was scary.

"There was a gazillion… times infinitely of 'em and then we ran and I tripped and hurt my knee."

"Poor baby," Esme whispered and looked at Carlisle. "Carlisle we can't if someone is after them- or something."

"They're just children Esme. What are your names?"

"Deidre and that's Rachael, my sister- I'm eight and she's seven," she said and Rachael reached up and took her hand.

"Who are your parents?" Edward asked.

Rachael tightened her grip, "Our mommy is Emma and our daddy is Lachlan- we were brought here to keep us safe. Mom's cousin doesn't like us very much- he hates dad and wants us dead to punish momma."


They shrugged, "Only they, and our auntie knows why. She disappeared with us too keep us safe almost five days ago. They found us too easy tonight," Rachael told Esme. "They have her and they'll hurt her, I know it."

"They won't honey-."

"They will, the fire burns in almost two hours," she whispered and turned towards Carlisle. "Our guardian told us to run so we wouldn't be hurt but now she'll be killed for protecting us! It'll be our fault! I know where it is-."

Deidre and Esme grabbed Rachael to keep her from leaving, "You are staying here." Carlisle turned back to face the others, "Maybe you should go get the others." Edward nodded but Bella stood up first, "In a hurry?"

Bella nodded, "They're children Carlisle. Their aunt may be the only person to get them back home before Emma and Lachlan find them- if this bad guy hurts their parents… it'll be worse. Renesme, you stay here." She said and Edward watched Bella as she went over to Rachael and Deidre, "You'll be safe here."

"Okay," Rachael whispered and moved closer to Esme.

"I'm taking them to bed, Renesme you're getting roommates for a little while."

"Yay!" She jumped up, Edward grabbed her hand so suddenly it made her fall back onto the floor, "What?"

"Be careful, be nice- don't frighten them Nessie."

"Duh dad, go save the guardian." She smiled and ran after Rachael, Esme, and Deidre to her room. Carlisle turned to Edward, "Edward, this is dangerous and suicide… Alice?"

"About time you ask me Carlisle… the fire is set to burn a girl at midnight. I know where, I'll call Edam, he's nicest." She said and Jasper handed her his cell phone, "Thank you honey." She kissed his cheek and went into the other room and explained about Esme's new tiny guests in the house and the situation they were in. "We need your help; there are several vampires and two female werewolves."

"Christopher and Hardy already left, I can call them back." Alice said that it'd be alright. The key was Aubrey- he was going to save the girls' guardian in a way.

Edward stared at her, "So we really don't need to be there."

"Actually we do- the leader of their group, will trust Aubrey more then us- if Aubrey convinces him… we'll be momentary members of his little gang of death dealers." She clapped her hands and looked at Jasper, "Is it bizarre that I'm excited?"

He shook his head, "Not really. I understand how you feel Alice, but how will we convince these people that we're evil."

"Do not say a word." She answered and they left to pick up Aubrey, Nikolas, and Edam.

Aubrey got in the front with Emmett, "So what the hell is going on?"

"Rescue mission like thing. Alice says we're not aloud to talk, you do all the talking."

"Why me?"

"Apparently you know him or something."

Aubrey sat back and held his hand on his face with the elbow on the window of the door; they all wore dark clothing- Rosalie wore a pink skirt however and Alice warned Emmett not to get angry.