Part two of Chapter three

Deidre and Rachael Cullen, as they changed their last name when Dee was ten and Rachael was just a tad younger. They decided to share a room and kept that up for several years, they attended grade school and being two years apart Deidre was a junior when Rachael entered her freshman year of high school. Renesme entered with Deidre. As neither expected, they both grew to fall in love with Hardy and Nikolas, the worst of Aubrey's brothers; Hardy and Deidre flirted for several years before he made the first move and eventually just kissed her. Nikolas began holding Rachael's hand but because she was really fifteen, they kept it simple.

Both males are as protective as Edward or Emmett is towards Bella and Rosalie. Rachael, however, is extremely careful with Nikolas because she's read about him. He's told her numerous times to trust her instincts but they always lead her back into his long masculine arms for him to hold her as hard as he could. She's warned him before he'd hurt her. Her visions began getting stronger, she could even smell things, hear so much more- her comprehension of everything was bigger then Alice's and Alice only encouraged her to go into detail. Rachael even kept a journal and filled nearly ten of them by fifteen, she didn't write everything down, just important stuff.

Deidre and Rachael had lunch together with Renesme but they went home like they usually did to see the others and Esme- who they called Mother Esme and Daddy Carlisle. They arrived home and Rachael frowned when Deidre pulled into the driveway and went up to the house.

Stepping outside was their old guardian, Lilias the Protector. She was dressed in a long blue robe and her hair was pulled back. Longer then the last time they saw her, it was braided to shield her pointed ears and her eyes were blue. Her face was beautiful as it always has been; a goddess almost born into mortality. She stepped down the steps and Deidre stopped, barely breathing.

Rachael got out first, finally and dragged Deidre out of the car, Esme and Carlisle stood without speaking- looking as sad as the moment they were told she'd been burned alive. "Lily?"

She nodded, "It's time to go." She whispered, "I don't want too- I swear, but I have no choice."

"Yes you do, pretend you never found us." Deidre said and looked Esme, "Mother-."

"Do as she says Dee, it'll be easier if you do," she muttered sadly.

Rachael stepped forward, "Lily. We're almost done with school- can't we stay for just a little while. A couple weeks."

She shook her head; Hardy and Nikolas went to them and Renesme went towards Edward and Bella. "Lily, we have- we're matched. You can't take us away," Deidre said.

She sighed, "I know, I'm sorry. I don't want too, but I have- I have no choice in the matter. If I could you'd stay as long as you wished, but you are princesses and your father is sick." She told them, "Lachlan...."

"How long have you been alive?"

"I've always known you've been here but we all agreed it'd be a safest bet as anything else. Kristoff is dead," she added. "The king of the vampires is gone-."

"So you're in charge."

"And of the Valkyrie; I have a home in New Orleans, Paris, and Scotland. The Forbearers have been destroyed, even if they were good. I couldn't risk other's lives because they refused to listen to me."

"How did you survive the fire?"

"I hadn't. I regenerated as Furie has for the last sixty years under the ocean- it took almost a week, but I survived good enough. Aubrey was there and has been."

"Where did he go?"

"He took me to New Orleans- he's in Europe running our home." Hardy and Nikolas stared at her, she nodded. "Yes, we married- a couple years ago. He's led the vampires and I lead the Valkyrie, it's our deal."


"Dead, Aubrey killed her when she escaped and went after him for being my husband… after she died; Aubrey told me where you were and what happened. I came to take you home, at least to see your father."

Deidre looked back at Rachael who nodded, "Fine-."

"You have no choice." She said finally, "I have been given the right to drag you both to Scotland if I must- I wish not too, but I shall if I see no other option. I helped to raise you both, wish not to harm you. Nikolas and Hardy have been allowed to come," she said finally and the four of them eventually nodded. "Good, I have a plane ready."

Behind them a black eight-passenger pulled up and Aubrey got out, sure enough the saw the gold band around his finger. Lilias's was silver; Aubrey went to his brothers and hugged them then kissed the girls and went to his wife. "We must leave before we're late," he said and she nodded. "Five minutes for good-byes ladies," he turned to them.