Luke is supposed to be six, but I wrote him as seven the first time through. I'm just saying this now incase I missed one in the last chapter.

Well...this is the second chapter. It's the last one, so I hope you aren't disappointed.

"Where are we going now?" Luke tried to match Anakin's long strides, staring around at everything they passed. Anaking answered something vague about a friend as he led Luke around a corner. They were doubling back toward the large, important-looking building. Anakin kept stopping and waiting for the stunned Luke to catch up. He finally grabbed the boy's hand and pulled him along so that he wouldn't get lost. Luke followed happily, clinging to the man's hand and trying to take in everything at once. "It's so big!"

"The entire planet is one big city." Anakin smiled, reminded of his own first experience with the galactic capitol. Luke's enthusiasm drew him in, and he found himself playing tour guide and pointing out some of the major buildings. "That's the Senate Building over there. The Temple District is over there. You can see the towers, see?" He pointed again, in the direction they were headed, "Those are the Senate Apartments way up there. That's where we're headed."

"How come?" Luke turned his attention to Anakin, who was still staring up at the apartments.

"That's where my friend lives. She'll look after you until we get you back to Tatooine."

"Oh..." Luke was now watching the huge building as well. It was easily one of the largest buildings, all rounded towers stacked against each other. Windows, like tiny little slits in the towers, glowed with artificial, pale blue light.

No one spared more than a glance as Anakin led Luke up the stairs to the entrance and into a turbolift. After that it was a maze of halls and turbolifts as they got off the turbolift, whent down a hall, around a corner, into another turbolift. Up several hundred floors, during which Luke spent his time pressed against the glass wall, staring at the view. Out of the lift, down more halls and around more corners, into another lift.

"We'll be there in a few minutes." Anakin's words drew Luke's attention back to him and he turned to watch the older man straightening his robes. As soon as he realized Luke's attention was on him, he stopped and cleared his throat. "My friend is a senator, from Naboo. Address her as Senator Amidala, okay?"

"Okay." Anakin's unrest was beginning to make Luke uncomfortable as he turned his attention once more to the city. They were now several thousand stories up, the view of the setting sun spectacular. Only when the turbolift slid smoothly to a stop did Luke peel himself away, grabbing on to Anakin's hand and following into the small room there. Anakin motioned for Luke to stay where he was, and hurried through the door on the far side. A woman's voice called Anakin's name excitedly, and then there was silence for a few minutes. Luke took this time to poke through the room, though there was nothing of particular interest.

"Hello, Luke." The six-year-old whipped around at the sound of a voice behind him. Anakin was standing in the door with a very pretty woman. She had dark brown hair that fell in curls around her robed shoulders. A very kind smile, one that reached all the way to her brown eyes, was directed at Luke, who shyly returned it.

"Hello, S-Senator Amidala."

"Anakin says you need a place to stay tonight. Would you like to sleep here?"

Luke glanced nervously at Anakin, who smiled encouragingly, and nodded jerkily. "Yes please, Ma'am."

"Well, come in and get something to drink." Amidala stepped aside and motioned for Luke to pass. He did so, edging around her into the lounge area on the other side. The two adults followed, talking about something Luke didn't understand, and settled onto the couches. Amidala patted the couch next to her and Luke perched on the edge, suddenly very self-conscious. Amidala smiled once more at him, "What would you like to drink?"

"D-do you have ruby bliels?"

"Yes, I think we could get some. Threepio? Would you bring three ruby bliels?" Amidala spoke over the back of the couch. A polite, metallic voice answered affirmatively and metal steps clanked away. Luke twisted around to see the droid, but caught only a flash of gold as the droid left the room. It was several minutes of more talk he didn't understand before the droid came back, carrying three glasses of thick red liquid. Luke enthusiastically accepted the glass from the golden protocol droid, settling back and taking a long drink.

"So." Amidala drew the attention of the other two, "What shall we do tonight?" Her focus seemed mostly on Anakin. Luke watched the man as well, who looked surprised at being the one suddenly expected to decide.

"I don't know. What do you want to do?"

Luke listened to them trade ideas, still sipping his bliel and staring around the room. The wall across for the door they had come through opened up on a small landing pad. Two matching statues faced each other on either side, a woman holding up a cresent moon. Luke glanced at the two adults, placed his cup on the low table, and stood up to get a better look. He didn't recognize the statues, and was quickly distracted by the flow of traffic outside. Night had fallen now, making the vehicles seem like little shooting stars against the standing starscape of the building. He grabbed hold of the statue and craned out, over the edge of the landing pad so he could look down into the depths of the city.

"Be careful." Luke jumped and Anakin caught at his tunic for the second time that day, smiling. "It's a long fall."

"What's down there?" Luke glanced down, though he was careful not to lean too far this time.

"Lots of things. Most of them aren't legal. And most are very dangerous." Anakin peered down as well. "I've raced down there before. Nearly died."

"Really?" Luke stared up at him, wide-eyed. "What happened?"

"I was...stupid." He smiled, but didn't continue. They stood side-by-side, staring down into the dark unknown until Amidala joined them. She stood close to Anakin and he wrapped an arm around her, an action that went mostly unnoticed by the six-year-old.


"Are you tired, Luke?" Amidala smiled at the little boy as he yawned widely, scrubbing at his eyes. He was beginning to sink lower and lower on the couch, his eyelids drooping. At the senator's question, he shook his head, but even that was without any real energy. Amidala attempted to hide her amusement as she spoke, "Well, I think you should go lie down in the back for a while." Luke opened his mouth to protest, and she overrode him, "You can come back out here if you can't fall asleep. Here, I'll show you which bed you can use." She stood and held out a hand to Luke, which he took, allowing her to lead him into the back.

"G'night, Mr. Anakin," Luke mumbled as he passed the older man, who returned the gesture. Amidala led him into a small, apparently unused room in the back. She gave him a too-large shirt to sleep in, a quick hug, and then left, leaving the door cracked slightly open. Luke stood holding the shirt uncertainly, staring at the little beg against the wall. After a minute, he decided he would rather sleep in his own clothes, and crawled under the blankets. The ceiling lights faded and only a thin bar came through the door, along with the soft voices of Amidala and Anakin. It wasn't long before the stress of the day pulled Luke down into sleep.


"Luke Skywalker! Where are you?" Beru's voice pushed through Luke's sleep, making him shift until he hit up against something large and hard. He opened his eyes to see the back of the workbench, the voice of his aunt repeating his name.

"Aunt Beru?" Luke scrambled ungracefully from behind the bench and found himself face to face with his worried-looking aunt. She gasped and pulled him into a tight hug, muttering repeatedly that they had "been so worried!" Luke's repeated that he had been okay, he was with a real nice man who bought him ice cream. Beru looked confused, so Luke told her excitedly about the man. When he said the man's name, she gasped and pulled back, staring at him in shock.

"Where did you hear that name?"

"It was the man's! He told me that was his name. And he took me to stay with a pretty lady name Amidala. She was a senator on Coruscant."

"Luke, listen to me. I don't want you to tell your uncle about this...this dream. Okay?" Beru took hold of Luke's shoulders, overriding the boy's complaints. "It was just a dream, Honey. Owen will be very upset if you say anything about it, okay?"

"But Mr. Anakin said he'd explain to Uncle Owen that I didn't mean to leave. I only wanted Uncle Owen to be sorry for getting so mad at me. Mr. Anakin said I wouldn't get in trouble." Luke stared earnestly at his aunt, worried now that he didn't have Anakin's assurances to hide behind.

"You won't be in trouble, Luke. I'll tell Owen the truth, that you fell asleep and didn't realize we were looking for you. Okay?" Beru hugged him once more, hiding the worry on her face. "Just don't tell him about the man."

"How come?"

"Because...there was a man named Anakin that...worked with your father." Beru tried by force of will to make Luke believe her, "It would upset Owen to hear that you had learned that name somewhere."

"Okay." Luke stared down at his feet before asking his aunt the question he had been hoping his uncle would answer. "How come Uncle Owen gets so mad about my dad?"

"You're going to have to ask him, Dear." Beru patted the boy's head and stood, holding out a hand for him to take. Luke did so, frowning unhappily. "Don't worry. I won't let Uncle Owen get mad at you about this."

Well...there you go. I hope you liked it. I don't really like the way it ended, but I can't seem to get it to end any other way.

Oh, and it isn't supposed to have been a dream that he had. He's supposed to have actually gone back and had ice cream with Anakin. Which was the whole reason I wrote this. ^^