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Chapter 1

Bella POV

Ever have a day when you are so damn aroused it's not funny? Yeah I was definitely having one of those days. Please GOD don't let Charlie come upstairs. Edward had just left for the evening, and I was as horny as a teenage boy finding his older brothers porn collection. I felt the heat creep up my cheeks as the thought crossed my mind.

Today had been simple enough, Edward had come over to "hang out" around noon, and Charlie was still away at work. We had watched a movie together, and ended up in each other's arms. More engrossed in the each other than the movie. What was it called again? Hah.

It started innocently enough, as usual. Me, lying in front of Edward on the couch, and him tracing lazy circles around on my side, occasionally placing soft cold kisses on my hair or my neck. Whispering in my ear. That's how it always started.

I unsuspiciously (at least I hoped) rolled over, and pressed my lips softly to his cold ones. His tongue slid across my bottom lip, and I graciously allowed him entrance to my mouth. The feeling of him never ceased to make my heart flutter erratically. I loved the feeling of his cold, hard anatomy pressed so closely to my warm, soft body.

When he sensed that I was forgetting to breathe, he pulled away, kissing my cheek instead, and down to my jaw, and my neck. He never seemed to lose his composure anymore. He ran his nose along my neck, "appreciating the bouquet" as he liked to call it. I leaned back, and looked into his lust darkened gold eyes. My heart skipped a beat, and I pushed myself closer into his cold body, feeling my nipples bead up at the cold sensation, and knowing he too would feel them through the thin fabric of my bra.

I slammed my lips into his, and for once he didn't hesitate and push me away, instead he held me there, a low growl sounding out from his chest. I entangled my hands into his hair and kissed him with all the force I could muster. I thought maybe this time, maybe just once, he'd slip, and let me go further. My hopes were crushed as he went rigid. Knowing I pushed the boundaries far enough for today, I felt him slowly pull my body away. Kissing me softer now. I wanted to roll my eyes. Or at least stick my tongue out at him. So I did. He chuckled.

I had three weeks left. Three more agonizingly painfully slow weeks left. Then, I could have him. Then he wouldn't be allowed to protest anymore. Thank GOD! We finished the movie we were watching, and he decided that it was time for me to eat lunch.

I reluctantly got up from his marble embrace, and made myself a turkey sandwich. He watched me eat, with a smirk on his face. "Edward, what's so funny?" I asked him.

"Nothing really… It's just that I was picturing you, after… well... after the wedding. After you've changed. Picturing you hunting with me. And I was wondering if your lips will still curl around your teeth in the incredibly sexy way they do now." He looked down, as if in embarrassment.

I almost choked. That definitely wasn't what I had expected to hear. I burst into a fit of giggles. I finished eating in silence, and I put my plate in the sink. We discussed college plans, and wedding plans until Charlie got home. Edward excused himself to the living room with Charlie, while I fixed him dinner.

While I was preparing the food, my mind wandered around aimlessly. Floating from Edward on our wedding night, to my worries of becoming a vampire, to how close the wedding was to being here. When the food was done, I rounded up Charlie, and we ate in a comfortable silence.

When we finished, Edward helped me clean up, and kissed me good night. Telling Charlie goodbye, he left to take his car home. Little did Charlie know, Edward would be back in my bedroom soon. I sat on the couch for a few minutes, before Charlie looked over and tried to make small talk. I walked over to him, hugged him and placed a kiss on his cheek. "Uhhhm, good night dad." I said weakly, unable to think of any answers for his stab at normalcy.

I sauntered off to my bedroom, exhaling when I saw Edward stretched out before me in the middle of my bed. I bit my lip as I walked over and practically pounced on him. He chuckled, and pulled me close. He kissed me softly once more. Pulling away and looking at me like he often did, with love and adoration pouring from his eyes into mine. "I love you, Bella Swan. I can't wait for you to be my wife." He took my left hand in his, and placed a simple, adoring kiss on the engagement ring enveloped around my finger.

I blushed, and replied, "I love you too Mr. Cullen. I can't wait for you to be mine either." The kissing started again, progressing from the soft, loving kisses; to the fast, lust filled kisses that left me breathless. By the time he said good-bye I was literally soaked. My center ached for his touch. This had to end!

The things that man would do to me, and then there were his RULES. Damned rules anyway. Clothes stayed on, no touching below the waist. Blahdee, blahdee, frickin blah! Damn him! Despite his rules, he would turn me on in every other way possible. And then LEAVE.

Well the dishes were done, laundry was done, and Edward was gone.

Guess it's time for a shower. I gathered my towel, and my ratty shirt and sweats, along with some underwear, and headed into the bathroom. I locked the door, and set my things on the counter beside the sink. I reached into the shower, and turned on the water, stepping away to let it heat up.

I looked myself over in the mirror, pushing my hair behind my ear. I pulled my shirt off, over my head. Reached around and unhooked my bra, and slid it off my arms, and onto the floor. I unbuttoned my jeans, bending down, and kicking them off. Next came the panties, then the socks.

I ran my hands up my legs, I needed a shave. I reached underneath the bathroom sink, to collect my razor and my shaving crème. I put them on the side of the shower, and tested the water with my hand, and climbed in.

The hot water felt nice against my skin, and I felt my muscles relax as the drops of wetness ran over my skin. I turned my back to the showerhead, letting my hands run through my hair as the water drenched it. I picked up my favorite strawberry scented shampoo and lathered it in my hands before gathering my hair, and washing it.

After rinsing my hair, I applied a good amount of conditioner in it, and sort of did a swirly wrap to put my hair on top of my head, out of the way.

I moved to the opposite side of the shower, and picked up my shaving crème, pushing the top to let some creep its way out. I rubbed my hands together, and ran my hands up and down and around my right leg. I rinsed my hands off, and then started to shave the hair away. Working diligently to make sure I got every spot, and every hair.

I repeated the process to my left leg, and an idea popped into my head. I had hair between my legs, not much, but I had never shaved it. I wanted to. So I once again lathered up, and started shaving my center. It was such a weird sensation for me. A blush crept up my cheeks as I thought about my hands being so close. So close to where I wanted Edward's hands.

I finished shaving, and was pleased to see that I liked the way it looked, silently wondering how Edward would like it if only he could touch me. I decided that I would be doing this more often. I rinsed my hair, trying to push the notion of… touching myself away. Could I do that? Could I get away with it? The heat became more prominent in my cheeks, and I was surprised to notice that my cheeks weren't the only thing that were heating up at the thought.

I slowly inched my hands down my body, stopping when I got to my core. What was I doing? "You can do this Bella. Relax." Horny Bella was running an intervention. I ran my fingers outside my sensitive lips, and a traitorous gasp escaped my mouth. If I was going to do this, I needed to be quiet, so Charlie didn't come up to investigate.

I continued rubbing, and I put one leg atop the side of my tub. Feeling the hot water run across my heated folds was excruciating. In a good way. I fought back another gasp, this one louder, deeper. I let my fingers slowly rub across my swollen nub. I was wet with arousal from Edwards kisses, and also from the shower. A mixture of which was making this…. this whatever I was doing, very slippery, and very, very pleasurable.

I couldn't bring myself to put my own fingers inside of me. I wanted too badly for Edward to be the only man inside of me, ever. So I stuck to playing with my throbbing clit. I tried different speeds, going slow at first, and sort of testing myself. My body was heating up, and beads of perspiration mixed into the water falling from the spout. That started to feel the same, so I added a little more pressure and speed to myself, my knees threatening to buckle by the amount of pleasure that followed. My stomach muscles tightened up, as the speed of my fingers increased.

The hot water felt so good, an idea struck me. We had a detachable shower head…. What was I thinking?!?! "Shut up, Bella, you can do this," replied horny Bella over that part of my brain that wanted to stop.

I hesitantly reached up and unhooked the showerhead from its perch, bringing it lower over my body, stopping once again in hesitation.

Horny Bella reached out of me and shoved the concentration of water right where I wanted it most. I almost screamed at the sensation. Feeling the heat of the water, the pressure of it, literally sent me over the edge three heavenly seconds later. Holding on to the shower head for dear life, trying with every ounce of strength inside me to keep it aimed at my core.

Dear God, my muscles were having spasms uncontrollably. I could feel this intense build up of pleasure in the center of my body. I held on a few seconds longer, as another wave of ecstasy rolled through my body. Trying desperately to keep the stream of water focused on my swollen bud, for one more moment of pleasure. My body had different ideas, writhing away, the pleasure I was feeling was almost too much. I toppled over to the dark side.

This was absolute bliss. I heard the phone ring downstairs, so I turned the water off, and sat down on the edge of the tub, breathing heavily. I suddenly heard Charlie's footsteps ascending the stairs, and I scrambled to put the showerhead back where it belonged, my heart racing frantically.

In my haste, I tripped over my own feet, and almost fell, giving thanks that my arms caught the wall of the shower, before I totally fell. Charlie then knocked on the door, and I held back a small scream.

"Bella, Alice is on the phone for you. I told her you were in the shower" I groaned.

"Dad, seriously, you told her I was in the shower?!" I whined.

"Listen Bells, she said it's urgent and that she wouldn't take 'I'll have her call you back' for an answer. So hurry up."

I quickly toweled off, throwing my clothes on and wrenching the door open to stare angrily at the phone.

Charlie handed it over, laughing at the expression on my face and shaking his head as he stalked back down the stairs. The TV was playing loudly, he was watching the game.

I walked into my bedroom, closing the door and launching myself across my bed, taking a breath and making sure I didn't sound like I'd just been doing what I was doing, before I put the phone to my ear.

"Hello, Alice. What is so damned important?" I mumbled, irritated with her.

"Well hello to you to Bella." She said in her sing song voice. As she began to speak, I could practically see her jumping up and down with excitement. With that tone of voice, there could only be one of two things exciting her so much. One: shopping, or two: a party. I was praying for neither. I got lucky in that sense.

"Oh Bella, Bella. I want you to come over this weekend, for a sleep-over. I won't take no for an answer." She paused and a number of things ran through my head. First was that a sleep-over with Alice usually entailed me being dragged into her bathroom and becoming Barbie Bella, as Alice vicariously lived out her childhood through me.

Second was that this would be the perfect time to talk to her about some things, which then made the blush creep back up my face once more.

Third, this would be a great opportunity to attack Edward, and tease him the way he was teasing me. And HOPEFULLY get something more out of the deal.

A wicked grin lit up the features on my face, as I replied to Alice, "I don't know what you've got planned Ali, but I would LOVE to come over this weekend. I'll ask Charlie." I replied in my most sarcastic voice. As I was getting up off the bed, she said "No need, He's already said yes."

I heard her giggling, and for a split second, I knew she had something planned. Something that would probably have me blushing all night about. And for once, I didn't care.

"Okay pixie, what is it your planning?" I knew she wouldn't tell me, but it was worth a shot. As much as I loved her, she knew just how to push my irritated button. Horny Bella agreed, but jumped for joy at the thought of the Edward attack.

"Hah, good try Bells. I'll pick you up in the morning. No need to bring anything." Of course not, I thought.

My face was puzzled, but I knew it was no good to question her. Alice was stubborn, beyond Edward even, and she didn't sway until she got what she wanted.

"Alright Ali, I'll see you in the morning." And with that, I hung up the phone, and walked back downstairs to hang it on the receiver. As much as I wanted to be irritated and mad at Alice, I couldn't be. Her plans almost always worked out for the best. No need to freak out, Horny Bella threw at me. Hhmph.

I walked past the living room and Charlie had a smug look on his face. Apparently he was in on the something as well. Well I guess that ruled out anything sexually oriented. Well maybe, maybe not. Alice had told him something though. But she had him so wrapped around that little finger of hers, it was no use asking him either.

I bid him goodnight, and sauntered up to my room, thinking of all the possibilities the following weekend could reveal.

As my head hit the pillow, I was rehearsing my favorite fantasy with Edward. I slept soundly.

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