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A/N: LOTRRanger asked for another chapter to Fireworks. The tone of this one was so different that I decided to post it on its own, but it takes place after that story. You can probably read it as a stand-alone, but it makes more sense if you know what happened in that one. And there will obviously be another chapter at some point because this has no real resolution.

Dedication: LOTRRanger and Angel of the Night Watchers

As Macy started to wake up, she realized that she was very warm and comfortable, except for her neck. Her head was at an odd angle, and she knew that if she didn't move, she would pay for it in the morning. Groggily, she reached with one hand to adjust her pillow, her body freezing as she touched something that felt suspiciously like an arm. Her heart started to pound with fear.

Why was someone in her bed?

Opening her eyes, she glanced nervously around and realized she wasn't in her room. From what she could make out in the moonlight, she was still in Kevin's room. She started to take short, panicked breathes as she realized she was currently curled up next to him with his arm firmly draped around her waist.

She gulped. She was sleeping with Kevin Lucas. Okay, so they were actually sleeping, which was totally innocent, but still. Macy Misa asleep in the same bed with Kevin Lucas. She'd never even let herself have daydreams like this because it was ridiculous.

How on earth had this happened? The last thing she remembered was lying next to him listening to Gershwin, holding his hand. She had obviously fallen asleep and someone must have removed the IPod, turned off the lights and covered her with a blanket. But was it Kevin or someone else? Had they both fallen asleep? And why on earth hadn't someone made her go back to Stella's?

Macy's mind was racing as she tried to figure out what to do. According to the digital clock on the nightstand which she could just make out if she turned her head, it was three o'clock in the morning. Since she didn't hear police searching the lake and people calling her name, she figured her mom must know where she was. Once again, she was baffled at how this happened.

Who in their right mind let's their daughter sleep with a rock star?

She was definitely going to have a talk with her mother about this. But first, she needed to figure out what to do. It was too late to walk back to the Malone's house. Maybe she could just sneak downstairs and sleep on the couch. That way she wouldn't have to deal with the awkward moment in the morning when Kevin woke up to find her in his bed. If she was lucky, he had fallen asleep too and would never know the difference.

It was a great idea, except that his arm had her pinned on her side up against him like he was cuddling a teddy bear. She tried wiggling down under his arm, but that didn't work. Next she tried to gently life his arm off of her waist, but he just gripped her tighter. She was contemplating tickling him to see if he would roll over when a sleepy voice caught her attention.

"Stop wiggling and go back to sleep, Mace."

Her eyes went wide with shock. He knew who she was.

"But I'm in your bed," she whispered.

"I know." He answered, still sounding half-asleep.

"Maybe I should go downstairs and sleep on the couch. If you just move your arm, I should be able to …"

"Macy, be quiet and go back to sleep."

She tried to do what he asked. She stopped talking and wiggling, but she couldn't fall asleep. How on earth was she supposed to fall asleep knowing that she was currently being held by Kevin of JONAS? Or just Kevin from her school even? She was totally unprepared for either option. She tried to appreciate the irony of the situation; usually when she wanted to remain conscious around the guy she couldn't. She groaned as he adjusted his hold on her and pressed his cheek against her hair.

"Go to sleep," he whispered.

"I can't," she finally whispered back desperately. Heaven knows, she wanted to go back to sleep. She was hoping that she would wake up and find that this had all been a strange, confusing dream. "I'm awake now."

"Do you want me to sing you a lullaby?"

Macy blinked. Had she heard him correctly? Was Kevin of JONAS offering to sing her to sleep? She wasn't sure if that would make her sleepy, but there was an excellent chance it might make her pass out which would work too.


She closed her eyes and tried taking deep, steady breathes. She could actually feel his chest rumbling as he began to sing, "You are my sunshine…"

Eventually she relaxed and drifted off to sleep.

When she awoke the next morning and found herself alone, her first thought was that she had had the craziest dream of her life and that she should never eat that much apple pie before bed. Except she was still in Kevin's bed.

And she had no idea what to do now.